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Industrial living room style guide & design inspirations

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Apr 26, 2022
Modern industrial style home design & décor - Beautiful Homes

How do you ace an industrial-style décor for your home? When it comes to designing industrial houses, consider these tips to ensure that you’ll get the look spot-on

Industrial design for home interiors takes inspiration from industry factories built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Establishments that were composed of brick, concrete, iron, and steel, designed to last for years. Such big, orderly areas were focused on accommodating more personnel to accomplish more work. However, as time went by and workplaces shifted, these enduring infrastructures required a new purpose. For decades now, these sturdy structures have transformed into stunning and practical living spaces. This major step of transformation, produced an entirely novel and unique interior design style, continuing to inspire designers today.

What is Industrial Style Décor?

Industrial design interior comprises architectural elements within a space. Other interior décor designs hide the piping and ductwork of the house, however, industrial style interior design cherishes those elements, making them a centre of attention. Modern industrial interior design is raw, without finishing touches, offering a relaxed and casual vibe that's calming to live in. By keeping the space purposeful and spacious, industrial style décor is inviting and relaxed. Since imperfections are a quality to embrace, industrial style interiors can be easily recreated, even on a budget. With our 10 best design tips for mastering your industrial home design, you will know everything you need.

Industrial style décor in this living room - Beautiful Homes

Modern Industrial Living Room Designs: Tips & Inspirations

Use metallic table lamp for an industrial style décor - Beautiful Homes

1. Introduce Metal Accents for Industrial Design Interior

In an industrial style interior design, metal elements are frequently used to bring in an industrial accent. Thus, shades of black are undoubtedly the best colours to pick for your metals. Working with metals offers you plenty of room to play with the finish. To be precise, polished metal will look elegant and modern, whereas brushed and rusted metal will add to the rustic side of your interior décor.

2. Bring In Distressed Wood for an Industrial Living Room

A distressed finish offers a rustic look to your furniture. Having such a décor element in your industrial style living room elevates the essence of the 90s décor. When choosing wood for industrial interior design, the texture is key. The best choice you can make is distressed wood with visible knots and a little rugged finish. It is also not necessary to perfectly match the colour of all your furniture. It’s a blessing if it doesn’t match perfectly! As the pieces will bring in a variety of colours and bring the relaxed feel of the space while making it simpler for you to handle!


3. Make the Most of Colours and Textures for Industrial Home Design

One of the most pivotal elements of an industrial style living room design is indeed a rich colour palette that incorporates neutral browns, white and black. To start with, you can opt to pair different shades of brown and tan to make the room feel relaxed. You can also add white elements to give the room a neat look. And last but not least, you can conclude with black accents to form a contrast and add character.


4. Combine Industrial Fixtures with Vintage Inspired Looks

Vintage-inspired looks also pair fantastically with industrial fixtures - the two elements incorporate flawlessly to create a space widening character. Vintage industrial lighting is one of the best ways to incorporate the industrial style in your home or business in a way that is as practical as it is decorative.


5. Statement Industrial Lighting for Modern Industrial Interior Design

Every modern industrial interior design has its own choice of lighting options. And if you look for industrial house lighting you’ll find a bunch of options too. But the one thing that makes an industrial living room interior design unique is its capability to turn the most uncomplicated light bulbs into statement lighting! Since this style has become so widespread, you can now find a lot of diverse and beautiful light bulbs on the market out there. The shape of the bulb itself is the first choice to be made: sleek, large, small or huge, there’s something for every preference! The filament inside has also become a decorative element and you can find a lot of options for that too. Last but not least is the cable, which can be hung elegantly from the ceiling or used to draw more intricate shapes, creating a real statement chandelier within a restricted budget.


6. Structural Building Elements: Leave it Exposed

If you have a desire to add character to a rustic industrial living room interior then leaving finishes and structural elements exposed is a way to go. Concrete floorings and bricks of the walls are an absolute classic in this style! Considering that they’re both industrial elements, you can leave them completely exposed or keep only a small part of it to create a focal point. Moreover, an additional advantage of not having to cover all surfaces with a fresh finish, is that you can stay within your budget and save some bucks for your vacation.


Apart from wall and floor finishes, all types of structural elements also look wonderful when left exposed in a countrified industrial style! Wooden beams, pillars and columns, pipes and ductwork. If you have any of these elements in your space, don’t conceal them! On the contrary, attempt painting them in a contrasting colour and let them radiate! Besides being characteristic features of an industrial style living room, these elements are distinctive to your space and will give your home a unique character!


7. Industrial Style Décor: Fake it, Till you Make it!

All interior designs are different and special in their own ways. And if you’re trying to have a rustic industrial house décor in a space that has entirely different structural elements, the possibilities are that you’ll have no finish or structural element to leave exposed. Should you then abandon the concept of a rustic industrial style? Not happening! All of these elements can be faked! For brick walls there exist wallpapers that play the pattern to an astonishing level of detail. Or, you can go for 3D adherent tiles that will look natural and also have a real feel! For concrete floors, you can lodge floor tiles or vinyl floorings that reflect the face of the concrete. Pipes, ducts and beams can be added as decorative elements. Precisely, they will no longer be structural elements, but they will still bring that industrial essence to your space! And that’s all we want!


These “look alike” alternatives are also excellent if you’re renting and you can’t make permanent changes to the layout of your house. In particular, wallpaper and vinyl flooring are the easiest to clear when you move out. And components like ornamental pipes, ducts and beams can all be installed with techniques that are as effortless to remove as nails in the wall!

8. Loft Style Windows for an Industrial Living Room

If you are looking for industrial living room ideas, you will find a lot of diverse décor designs with one thing in common: huge loft-type windows. And actually, those windows are a characteristic sign of rustic industrial décor. Big loft-type windows let a lot of sunlight in and their structure makes them an embellishment element in the space. So if your house redo incorporates some work on the windows, this is certainly the style to opt for. Even if you can’t make them huge, altering the structure to loft-type (awesome if the frame is tan or black) will already make your space look way more industrial and chic.

Loft style windows for an industrial home design & décor - Beautiful Homes

9. Get Going with Some Plants

Scrolling over the simplest inspirations and industrial living room ideas? While an industrial living room design is often linked with the absence of colour, all that black and grey can start to feel nippy in an open space. A simple way to introduce some colour into industrial spaces is by bringing some plants.Plants will bring both greenery and a sense of life to your space but won’t overdo the space with colour – it’s a win-win situation. This is a fantastic way to revitalise an industrial space while still maintaining the goodness of the style in place.

Industrial accessories for an industrial style interior design - Beautiful Homes

10. Style it Up with Industrial Accessories

The secret behind acing stylish industrial living room designs is in making it feel like you’re inside an enchanting and chic factory setting. Using additions and accessories is the best way to achieve this. Style with salvaged factory pieces and machinery along with vintage photos and distressed leather discovers.

Ace the Industrial Style Home Décor with Beautiful Homes

Industrial home design & décor is contemporary, raw and adaptable. Although it looks easy, it represents understated refinement and can be personalised to fit personal design preferences. Whether in a comfy cute studio apartment, a little flat or a standard, spacious house, it is effortless to play with an industrial look that is a reflection of your taste. Industrial living room ideas are all about having furniture and accessories in a raw, incomplete state. 


Plain, straight-lined furniture, metal and exposed wall fixtures, bare wooden furniture and basic mono-tone furnishings are what underlines industrial style décor. If industrial décor seems something that is appealing to you, then it’s time to reach out to the professional experts at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes.


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