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Inspirational middle class Indian bedroom designs

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Nov 09, 2021

Introduction To Middle Class Indian Bedroom Designs

Your bedroom is your sanctum, the space where you can retreat to at the end of a long day, put up your feet and be at peace. It is important to make this space as comfortable as possible.


In earlier times, in a middle class house in India, rooms were shared by middle class families and served a purpose. Not much importance was given to the décor of the bedroom in a middle class house. But middle class families are no longer satisfied with functional spaces. Access to social media, TV shows and magazines has given them a peep into stylish homes and bedrooms and that is what they want.


Even now, many middle class bedrooms are still not very large but designers have become increasingly innovative in stylish and functional middle class bedroom design in India. Every element is chosen wisely, from fabrics and furniture to panelling and flooring to give a feeling of style, space and beauty.

Middle Class Bedroom Designs & Décor


Modern middle class Indian bedroom design

Modern middle class homes are leaning more towards a decluttered look with simple lines. A simple but luxurious combination of a brass bed with railings on a wooden floor is a perfect foundation for a room. Pastel coloured furnishings, and a couple of sleek lamps to light up the space allows you to add layers of texture and pattern in other ways. Paired with earth toned walls and wooden floors this bedroom can support vibrant Indian designs in the form of rugs, cushions, bed linen and art on the walls to make a space that is modern and stylish.

Curtains for your middle-class bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

A bold black and white Indian middle class bedroom

Another classic way to keep lines simple but make a bold statement is to have a bedroom middle class house interior design in black and white. Invest in a wooden bed with a classical headboard and make that the focal point of the room. Black and white tiled floors, creamy white walls and dark ebony furniture will make this bedroom stand out. Go crazy with textures and layers – be it with the flooring or the furnishings. Thick linen with black and white patterns in rough textures will add to the look of the room. Some free-standing Indian metal figurines and well-chosen metallic Indian art on the wall will give you a bedroom worth noticing.


Contemporary simple middle class bedroom

For a small middle class bedroom, a minimalistic design may be the best choice. An offbeat headboard with unique accents can be the defining feature of the room. Use hidden storage space and neutral colours to make this space neat, clean and more spacious. A large mirror on one wall can make the room look bigger. Add warm coloured lights and a carpet or a throw with bright Indian patterns to add a little colour. Wooden accent furniture will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to an otherwise minimal space.

Side tables for your Indian simple middle-class bedrooms - Beautiful Homes

Indian style simple middle class bedroom interior design

For an Indian style simple middle class bedroom interior design, use bold colours on the walls and rustic wooden furniture reminiscent of Indian villages. A headboard repurposed from an old wooden door is the main feature of this design and will draw the eye. Fill the room with art, ornamental woodwork on the cabinets and nightstands, and use Indian designs generously on the throws and cushions. The Indian theme can even extend to jalli windows, Tanjore paintings on the wall and a repurposed dhaba bench as an accent piece.

Rustic Indian middle class bedroom

Some of us just like to go the whole hog and make a space as vibrant and Indian as possible. It is especially true of young Indians who are decorating their first bedroom in a middle class house interior design. They are reaching back to their roots and want to bring the essence of their culture into their homes. Be it block-printed curtains, exquisite woodwork on the headboard design of the four-poster bed, or wallpaper with Indian motifs, they don’t hold anything back. Linen with Bagru prints of lotuses, leaves and peacocks from Rajasthan, quilts sprinkled with Bandhej dots, and chamki cushions make this a vibrant, rustic Indian bedroom. 

Subtle and sleek middle class Indian bedroom design

One of the great ways in which designers bring the Indian design into the bedroom in a middle class house interior design is by repurposing old furniture in exciting new ways. In this simple but exquisite design, red terracotta tiles reflect a lovely, wooden bed with an exquisite Mughal enamel work panel that has been attached to the centre. Sprinkled through the understated room are recycled old dhabba furniture, finished with patterned Indian upholstery. The Indian motif on the upholstery is reflected in the framed pictures on the walls and the glass insets on the wardrobes to gently bring this elegant and sophisticated room together.


Tips And Tricks For Middle Class Bedroom Designs

Middle class bedrooms tend to be small and so it is important to use simple middle class bedroom interior design tricks to make it look bigger and more spacious. Let’s take a look at some of the basic elements that go into a bedroom and how to make it work for yours.

1. Colour – Picking the right colour for the small middle class bedroom is important. Pale colours, creams and whites, and neutral shades can make a space look much larger. If you want to be bold, you can add an accent wall in a bright colour.


2. Light – The smaller the bedroom, the more lighting it needs. If you have a way to bring in natural light into the bedroom, all the better. Large windows, bay windows, and French windows leading to a balcony will make your space seem airier and larger. If you do not have the space for a window, a skylight could work. In the evening, recessed lighting, lamps, and muted lights could make the room a cosy space to snuggle up in.

Lighting ideas for your middle-class bedroom designs  - Beautiful Homes

3. Bed – The most important furniture for a simple bedroom design in a middle-class home is the bed and it has to be chosen wisely as the rest of the room is arranged around it. It is important to choose a bed that fits your lifestyle and sleeping preferences. Your bed can be the focal point of the room and can be as decorative and as ornamental as you want. Or it can be a more subtle piece which is comfortable and acts more as an accent to the rest of the room.


4. Storage – A middle class simple bedroom interior design needs to incorporate storage space for clothes, shoes, and accessories. The kind of storage in your room will depend on the space available. There are a number of choices when it comes to storage space in a bedroom. You could opt for freestanding pieces like armoires, dressers and free-standing cabinets if you have the space or you could go in for space-saving, built-in closets.


5. Accent furniture – Some essential accent furniture in a middle class simple bedroom interior design includes night stands and side tables. Other accent furniture that will enhance the look or function of the bedroom are settees, lounge chairs, armchairs, side tables, footstools, benches and TV cabinets.


6. Furnishings – This is the fun part of decorating where you get to change your bedroom from a functional space to a reflection of your taste and personality. With a rug here, some cushions there, art on the wall, a framed mirror, assorted bric-a-brac and potted plants, you can completely personalise your bedroom to your taste.

Wall decoration ideas for your Indian middle class bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

How Can Beautiful Homes Help You Create Your Personalised Bedroom Design?

Most of the time you have a vision in your mind about how you want your personal space to look. At Beautiful Homes, our job is to bring your vision to life, one carefully selected detail at a time. We design classic, timeless middle class bedroom designs that will enchant your hearts. We approach every design project with a blank slate and without preconceived notions. We believe that the vision for your ideal space has to come from you, inspired by what you love, how you live your life, and what brings you joy.


Our design experts will hone in on a style and design that best reflects you and the way you live. We establish a rapport with our clients that lets us see their home through their eyes. This helps us create timeless middle class bedroom designs where every detail is masterfully and purposefully selected. Our goal is to help you enjoy the process of designing your space as much as you enjoy the results.

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