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Jali partition designs ideas

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Nov 22, 2022
Modern jali partition design for homes - Beautiful Homes

Modern open plan homes often need innovative ways to enhance privacy, create the illusion of flow and separation, or just add aesthetic personality. These jali partition ideas might be exactly what your home needs

A well designed jali partition can truly transform a space, serving practical value and improving privacy while adding character and personal style. Additionally, modern jali partition design improves the utilisation of open plan spaces, demarcating areas without blocking light or the free flow of air. There are a tonne of different designer and material options to suit your particular preference – from traditional wood and stone, to contemporary acrylic, MDF and more. Picking a decorative MDF jali design for partition of a living room or foyer will add texture, dimension, and colour, while a stone or wood jali partition might give your room gravitas and a traditional rustic tone. So how do you choose and what are your options? We go into detail below.



8 Creative Jali Partition Ideas

1. Traditional Texture: Versatile Wooden Jali Partition Designs

Any room seems more appealing with the addition of wooden interiors – true for a wooden jali partition too! That said, this is a material better suited to living rooms, bedrooms or study areas than bathrooms or kitchens as wood is susceptible to both heat and moisture. The creation of a living room partition jali design made of wood might be composed of intricate ethnic designs or relatively simple shapes. The finished product can then shine in a traditional setting or add a touch of warmth to a more modern home.

2. Biophilic Forms: Intriguing MDF Jali Partition Patterns

For a contemporary living room, MDF jali design for partition builds will give you many innovative and versatile options. The current nature inspired trends can be catered to in an MDF jali partition with organic web shaped cutouts, layered leaves, branches and more. If you are looking for a jali partition for kitchen and dining area demarcation, leaning into dynamic botanic patterns will add freshness and vitality to your space.



3. Lively Abstracts: CNC Jali Partition Solutions

CNC (computer numerically controlled) designs are a computerised way of crafting intricate patterns onto various materials. Because the CNC jali partition process is so customisable, it is the ideal way to make a PVC jali design for partition of unusually shaped areas. It is also a great way to make a statement in an area that sees a lot of visitors, like your foyer or living room. Partition jali design screens can be custom built to complement your space, from attractive metal, or warm wood, to coloured to match your colour scheme.

Creative MDF jali partition design for home - Beautiful Homes

4. Creative Colour: Coated MDF Jali Partition Styles

Speaking of finishes, a wide range of available veneers and coatings suit MDF jali design, for partition styles that serve a wide variety of needs and décor schemes. Although the most popular colours tend to be white or wood tones, you can get your MDF jali partition panels in a range of matte or glossy colours or even metallic finishes.

CNC jali partition design ideas for kitchen - Beautiful Homes

5. Delicately Decorative: Floral CNC Jali Partition Designs

Fresh flowers and attractive nature patterns are the ideal jali partition for kitchen and dining spaces, lending grace and charm to the room. Whether as subtle and intricate blossoms or as large botanic borders, with CNC jali partition cutting you can get your jali partition design tailor-made to your room for maximum effect.


6. Geometric Patterns: Modern Jali Partition Design

If your home has a more minimalist décor scheme, a geometric modern jali pattern design might be the best fit. In a contemporary open-plan home, an intricate mathematical pattern could even work as a sophisticated jali partition for pooja room areas as well. By subtly harmonising with the rest of your décor, a gorgeous geometric partition could seamlessly blend modern looks with a traditional ethos. 


7. Adjustable Space: Foldable Jali Partition Design Styles

If your front door opens directly into your living room, define an entryway with a smart folding screen. Choose a lightweight, easy to move solution – a folding MDF jali design – for partition of the space into a smaller, private area to welcome visitors into your home. You can even create a cosy entrance seating area, enhanced by the textural interest of the jali partition and distinct from the larger living space.

Foldable MDF jali partition designs for living room - Beautiful Homes
Faux wooden jali partition design for home - Beautiful Homes

8. Outdoor Ornamentation:  Faux Wooden Jali Partition and More

When it comes to outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces a WPC (wood plastic composite) jali partition is an excellent option. Made from a recyclable combination of timber fibres and plastic this kind of faux wooden jali partition is waterproof and excellent for external décor on terraces or patios. Architectural solutions include stone, brick or steel, for a stronger and durable finished product. For a small balcony or sit-out you could explore PVC jali design for partition solutions that are lighter weight and affordable.

Jali Partition Design FAQs

1. Where Can You Use Jali Designs?

As décor, room dividers, or privacy shutters, contemporary jali partition design can be used as ornamentation and to improve functional purpose.


2. Which is the Best Material for Jali?

The most affordable and customisable materials for jali partition are MDF and PVC.


3. Which Jali Colour Suits a Modern Home Best?

White and neutral wood tones are the most popular, however matte metallics and frosted glass looks are a popular choice of jali partition for pooja room doors.


4. How Much Does a Designer Jali Cost?

The final cost of your jali will depend on the size, design and material used for the partition; MDF jali design solutions would still generally be the most affordable.



We hope this has given you a quick introduction to jali partition design! To explore further, visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, glance through our expertly curated magazine or browse our finished projects for further inspiration. From choosing your favourite decorative jali partitions, to quick home interior design tips, our team of experienced professionals at Beautiful Homes are here to help. To learn more about our services or products, you could book a 3D consultation call, or walk into any of our stores across India.

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