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Elegant Janmashtami Decorations: Tips & Ideas

  • Janmashtami Décor
Jul 12, 2022
Janmastami decoration ideas at home - Beautiful Homes

Looking to spruce up your home décor this festive season? You've come to the right place- here are ten marvellous ideas for janmashtami decoration at home

With the festive season coming up, it is the perfect excuse to change up your home décor. After all, who doesn't love the vibrancy and joyfulness it brings? The festival of Janmashtami is right around the corner, and we've compiled some unique Janmashtami decoration ideas at home.


Here is a little bit about the festival first. Janmashtami is believed to be the day the much-beloved Lord Krishna was born. All over the country, people celebrate it in different ways, dahi handi competitions, Raas Leela re-enactments, performances depicting the god's life and so on. As much as it is a communal celebration, it is also a personal one where families come together to worship Lord Krishna in his various forms. Below are 10 ideas for you to explore janmashtami decoration at home.


10 Decoration Ideas For Janmashtami In Your Home

Vrindavan, Mathura and Dwarka are places where the god lived at different points in his life and, therefore, see massive celebrations. Bring the same extravaganza to your home with these brilliant and unique janmashtami decoration ideas at home.


1.    Choose the Right Statue for Janmashtami Decoration

The festival of Janmashtami is centred around celebrating and worshipping Lord Krishna. And so you will find an image of the god in households, generally, in the form of a statue. If this is your first time celebrating, start with getting an idol.


There's a wide selection to choose from— marble statues, bronze idols, and even eco-conscious materials such as clay. You can even choose the form of Lord Krishna's idol depicting various stages in his life. Bal gopal and Krishna playing the flute are two popular choices.


Now comes the fun part, the shringaar. The idols and statues are adorned in gorgeous, colourful clothing, crown, flute and necklaces. You can easily match the adornments with themed décor and let the statue take centre stage.

2.    Set a Theme for Janmashtami Decoration Ideas At Home

Lord Krishna's life was colourful, to say the least. We're familiar with many of these narratives— the makhan chor Krishna getting an earful from Yashodha maiyya, the Raas Leela with gopis, his friendship with Radha and so on. Use these much-loved stories as the theme for your Janmashtami decoration at home.


Along with the statue of Lord Krishna, you can get those of the other characters to set the scene. Adorn them all in colourful garb for a joyous set. Mimic the setting of Vrindavan (Lord Krishna's birthplace) with Janmashtami jhanki decoration at home. Include lots of grass and other greens, huts, etc. You can also opt for folk and traditional art representing these scenes, such as Madhubani paintings. Along with the statue of Lord Krishna and other characters, you can create a vibrant and immersive home decor. Adorn them all in colourful garb for a joyous set that captures the essence of Janmashtami celebrations.

Decoration ideas for janmashtami at home - Beautiful Homes
Krishna janmashtami home decoration - Beautiful Homes

3.    Make a Stage/Stand/Base for the idol for janmashtami decoration ideas at home

During Janmashtami, Lord Krishna takes centre stage, and one way to do it is to place the idol on a pedestal. If you have a mandir in your home, you can set the idol up front for Janmashtami home temple decoration.


If you're going to set up the Janmashtami decoration in a dedicated area of the house or a pooja room, you can opt for makeshift stages. Small stools, cardboard boxes, crates, etc., all work just as well. You can cover these bases with beautiful silk cloths with patterns and embroidery. You can also cover them up with flower garlands.


In case you're going to set up a scene of Janmashtami jhanki decoration at home with multiple statues or décor itemsensure that the base can withstand the weight. Chaurangs are a great option.

4.    Ready the Parat To Wash the Statue for Janmashtami Decoration

A large ornate parat or plate is a staple in both elaborate and simple Janmashtami decorations. Lord Krishna's idol is ritualistically bathed before it is adorned with the shringaar. Even otherwise, you may need a bunch of plates to set up all the offerings to the god. You can easily incorporate these into the home Janmashtami decorations.


For a traditional approach, opt for brass or silver coated parats. You can also find colourful decorative ones, carved wooden parats, etc. 

Unique janmashtami decoration ideas at home - Beautiful Homes

A more budget-friendly option might be to give a makeover to the ones you already have. You can hand paint them or spray paint them. Attach flowers, beads and other decorative items for extravagant Janmashtami decoration at home.

5.    Decorate the Palna/Jhula for Your Bal Krishna

The god's idol as bal or baby Krishna, is often seated in a jhula or a swing. It is lined with plush clothes such as satin, silk and velvet to make it more comfortable for him. You also have two tiny bolster cushions along the side. When it comes to the actual jhulas, you can find one in many designs and materials. The options are endless, from intricately carved wooden ones to bejewelled metal ones.


Decorating the jhula is another fun DIY that everyone in the home can participate in. Here are some Janmashtami jhula decoration ideas at home: deck it up with fancy laces, beads and sequins, LED lights and much more. Match it to your overall theme for a cohesive look.

6.    Decoration ideas for Janmashtami at home using peacock feathers

The peacock feather is a motif distinctly associated with Lord Krishna. All of his imagery involves a small feather attached to his mukat or crown. But there are other ways you can incorporate it into your Janmashtami decoration in the home.

  • Use it to put the finishing touches to your janmashtami jhula decoration ideas at home
  • Get a bunch of feathers and place them in vases on either side of the set-up
  • Create a 3D collage using peacock feathers and use it as a backdrop to the idol
  • For minimalistwall décor, simply opt for decals or paint it on.
  • Use textiles with peacock feather motifs around the house to extend Janmashtami decoration in the home
Dahi handi preparation for janmashtami jhanki decoration at home - Beautiful Homes

7.    Matki decoration for Janmashtami at home

Lord Krishna is notorious for his love for makhan. And so no Krishna Janmashtami home decoration is complete without at least a few matkis and handis peppered around. Pile them up for a pillar-like effect and place them by the idol. Create simple patterns with white paint for a rustic look, or you can turn them into colourful pieces. Hang them up for dynamic visuals and to recreate dahi handi scenes.

8.    Enhance your Janmashtami decoration ideas with flowers

Flowers are fundamental elements in festive décor. Freshen up your krishna Janmashtami home decoration with flowers. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate:

  • Create a festive ambience all over the house with torans or flower garlands. Hang them on your balcony design, at your door, patio, railings, etc
  • Use thalis, vases or even matkis to create beautiful floral centrepieces.

  •  Flower walls would also make for unique Janmashtami decoration ideas at home.

  • Use marigolds, roses, chrysanthemums and mango leaves for a traditional look.

Home janmashtami decoration with flowers - Beautiful Homes
Janmashtami decoration in home with rangoli & diya - Beautiful Homes

9.    Janmashtami decoration ideas for rangolis

Extend the theme of home Janmashtami decoration to the rangoli as well. Peacock feather designs, a Krishna-Radha on a swing, and designs with flute, matkis and diyas are excellent options. You can even try colourful and vibrant mandala patterns.

10.    Accentuate the decoration for Janmashtami at home with lighting

Use these wall lighting ideas to add an ethereal glow to your Janmashtami decorations:

  • Keep it traditional with earthen diyas and ornate metal oil lamps.
  • Pendant lights, hanging lanterns and chandeliers are great options for overhead lighting. Use patterned lampshades so that the light will cast interesting shadows all over the room.
  • LED string lights are the safest but also quite an enchanting option to illuminate your Janmashtami decoration in the home.
  • Use them as a backdrop or as accents to flower decorations
  • Give the idol an otherworldly radiance with back lights or spotlights.


How can Beautiful Homes help you with the best Janmashtami home décor?

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