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Japanese inspired home interior design

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Sep 09, 2022
Japanese style home interior design - Beautiful Homes

Japanese interior design uses clean lines, natural textures and a neutral palette and is grounded in simplicity, functionality and comfort. Here are gorgeous Japanese home interior design ideas to inspire you and enhance your home décor

Have you ever entered a home and felt that every item in the interior from the furniture, the accessories, the paint colour and patterns fit together cohesively as well as embody the personality of the homeowner perfectly? That is good interior design at work. It is quite easy to design an interior that looks gorgeous but not every style will suit someone’s personality and taste.


A good place to start figuring out what your tastes and preferences are is by looking at what you already have. This could help you decide what kind of interior design you want for your home, be it traditional, contemporary or Japanese inspired.


What is Japanese Home Interior Design?

Japanese design interior is grounded in simplicity and forges a connection to nature with clean lines, rough-hewn textures, a neutral palette, and minimal styling. Line, form, space, light and material are a few of the essential elements central to Japanese interior design.

Japanese designs abide by the rule that less is more. The beauty of Japanese design can be incorporated in Indian interiors in the following ways:

  • Open spaces and large windows with tons of light.
  • Minimalist interiors.
  • Neutral colours.
  • Light wooden furniture with neat lines.
  • Floor seating.
  • Shoji doors to separate spaces.
  • Indoor plants to connect with nature.
  • Functional furniture.
  • Tatami mats.


These ideas help capture the serenity of a Japanese space in your interior design.

Japanese interior design with wooden interiors - Beautiful Homes


Elements of Japanese Design Interior

Japanese interior design is inspired by neutral colour palettes - Beautiful Homes

1. Japan Color Palette for a Relaxing Interior

A neutral colour palette is common in Japanese interior design as it is quiet, restful looking and visually simple. Block colours like cream, black, white, taupe and tan are popular choices. The subdued Japan color palette conveys a feeling of minimalism. Incorporate these neutral hued colours and combinations throughout the home for unity and introduce bolder colours as accents.


2. Lighting Ideas for a Traditional Japanese House Interior

The Japanese style is one of unique refinement pushed to the extreme, nobility of materials and purity of lines. Simple and unadorned fixtures in metal and wood are perfect lighting accents for a Japanese style interior. Traditional Japanese lanterns made of rice paper can add a touch of whimsy.

3. Japanese Furniture Design for Your Japanese Living Room

Minimalist Japanese inspired homes typically don’t have a lot of furniture but when they do, it’s simple yet stunning. Whether it is a Japanese sofa, Japan tatami bed design or Japan chairs, Japanese furniture is timeless and will add a classy touch to your interiors.


4. Genkan Entryway for Your Japanese Home Interior Design

In Japanese interior design, the Genkan entrance to the house has a dedicated porch-like area lined with doormats for footwear. This is a great idea for an Indian foyer as many Indian homes expect visitors to remove their footwear at the door.

Tatami furniture concept for the Japanese home interiors - Beautiful Homes
Stunning shoji doors for Japanese style interior design for living room - Beautiful Homes

5. Stunning Shoji doors for a Striking Japanese House Interior

Shoji doors are sheer screens made of wood and rice paper. These sliding doors create a translucent wall that can be opened from the sides or from the centre. Shoji doors with beautifully painted designs will make an exotic addition to your Japanese inspired living room.


6. Flooring Ideas for Japanese Home Interior Design

Tatami mats are synonymous with Japanese flooring. Traditional tatami mats were made of rush grass woven around a rice straw core but mats made of wood chips or foam are now available. Bamboo or light wood flooring is also a great option

7. Floor Sofa Japanese Style for Japanese Living Room

Japanese floor chairs are good for health as it aids good posture. A popular floor chair Japanese that will look amazing in your home is the “Zaisu” which is a chair with no legs but a normal chair back. Pair them with tatami mats and kotatsu tables for a very traditional Japanese look.


8. Complete Your Japan Minimalist Interior Design with Glass Screens

Resonating with the lightness of Japanese interiors, glass sliding panels or screens are designed to act as dividers between rooms to give an appearance of wide, open interiors, and at the same time, delineate spaces and create cosy, welcoming environments.

Japanese style floor sofa for a Japanese living room design - Beautiful Homes
Japanese style furniture design for small spaces - Beautiful Homes

9. Classic and Elegant Japanese Furniture for Your Interiors

Japanese furniture design uses natural materials, such as bamboo, fine woods, silk, rice straw mats, and paper. Modern elements are combined with traditional Japanese design in an artful manner to create furniture that is simple, comfortable, and flexible. Some classic Japanese furniture pieces that you could include in your home are the Japanese bed futon, the zaisu, shoji screens, kotatsu tables, the tansu, and the platform bed.


10. Japanese Modern Interior Design for Small Spaces

Japanese modern interior design is perfect for small apartments as this interior design style is all about open spaces and lots of light, both of which help small spaces look larger. Use large glass sliding doors to separate spaces, low seating in living and dining areas, and steel and glass minimalist furniture for an uncluttered and fuss free interior design.

11. Dining Room Ideas for Japanese Design Interior

A Japan style dining table with cushions scattered around it for seating is all that a Japanese inspired dining room needs. In an open floor concept, use raised wooden platforms instead of screens to differentiate the different living areas for a functional and pleasing look.


12. Streamlined Japanese Cabinets for Japanese Kitchen

The most important principle in Japanese interior design is functionality. Japanese inspired kitchens are small, neat and highly organized. Japanese cabinets are made of light wood, are very streamlined and there is an orderliness that makes it easy to manage. Shoji sliding cabinet doors are a good choice as they are more space saving and efficient.


13. An engaging Japan Bedroom Design

A Japan bedroom design is simple and functional. Stick to pieces with sleek, clean lines as opposed to heavy, oversized furniture. A Japanese floor mattress, a solitary, slim tall table, painted Japanese silk tapestry on the wall and a shoji screen in front of the bathroom are simple but unique pieces which will blend together to create an exquisite bedroom.

Small japanese inspired kitchen design with storage cabinets for organisation - Beautiful Homes

14. Japanese Bathroom Décor Ideas

Japanese bathrooms are elegant, soothing rooms often featuring elements of traditional Japanese architecture, art and design. Natural wood and stone are common materials that can be used interchangeably for surfaces like sink tops and flooring. Use gorgeous accents like a living wall, pebbled flooring, bamboo screens and other natural elements to further enhance the Japanese influence.


15. Plants to Enhance Your Japanese Home Décor

Japanese homes are designed according to Feng-Shui and plants are a big part of this belief. Paired with contemporary or modern Japanese home décor, they can create a luxurious and relaxing space. Plants like bonsais, ferns, weeping willow, and bamboo in varying sizes are all great choices.

Japanese inspired home interior design - Beautiful Homes

16. Functional Furniture for a Snazzy Japanese Home Interior Design

One of the essential principles of Japanese furniture is function. This means it has to look good and serve a purpose. For instance, using a sofa bed in the living room interior design is an excellent idea, especially in small living spaces as it serves as seating space when entertaining and becomes a neat bed at night.


17. Japanese Bedroom Décor Ideas

Japanese sleeping areas have this unique warmth, follow simple lines, and are genuinely minimalist. For an enchanting Japanese bedroom, choose a neat and stylish Japanese platform bed with low side tables on either side. Tatami mats for the floor, and a couple of cushions as window seats to complete this serene space.


18. Indulge Your Senses in an Ofuro, a Japanese Bath Tub

A Japanese bathroom usually has an Ofuro Japanese bath tub. This is a small but deep bathtub that is comfortable to sit in and is ideal for small bathroom spaces. Some Ofuros have built in benches so that you can sit in a comfortable position and enjoy your bath.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Japanese House Interior Design?

Not everyone can create a beautiful interior design, but most people have ideas on how they want their home to look. It takes a practiced hand to make your vision a reality and at Beautiful Homes, we do just that. We use a holistic approach and come up with a design concept that speaks to you. We learn about you and your lifestyle preferences, and present creative concepts and solutions to help you live the way you want to live.


Whether you want a Japanese inspired home interior design or a couple of Shoji screens for your living room, we can guide you. Browse through our beautiful online collection of curated furniture, furnishings and home décor. Our interior design services are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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