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Effortless organization: The power of kitchen corner cabinets

  • Kitchen Design
Sep 20, 2023
Tall green kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

No more unnecessary wastage of kitchen space with these functional corner cabinets

Believe it or not, there’s a whole lot of space in your kitchen that often remains underutilised. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, these are those pesky kitchen corners that cause unnecessary pain due to low functionality, particularly in L-shaped kitchens. Not only are these awkward corners hard to reach due to inadequate lighting, it is equally hard to access anything that’s stored here. That’s why it is a good idea to invest in kitchen corner cabinets, especially if you are looking to remodel your kitchen or planning a new one altogether.


Blending functionality and design in the right measure, kitchen corner cabinets are a great addition to a modern kitchen design. Apart from the striking aesthetics, kitchen corner units offer enough space to store your kitchen essentials – from masalas, glassware, crockery and cutlery, and cookware. All in all, a well-planned kitchen corner design can help you access your whole cabinet and utilise all the wasted space in the best way possible. 


A corner cabinet storage can be termed efficient if it blends with your interiors and at the same time, offers convenience. Before you decide to zero in on the idea of kitchen corner cabinets, you must account for certain factors, including the cabinet material and finish, ease of cleaning and the style of the door. When exploring kitchen cabinet ideas, remember that a well-designed corner cabinet storage solution can maximize both style and functionality in your kitchen space.


Read on to know about the different types of kitchen corner cabinets that can be a part of your home.


Types of Kitchen Corner Cabinets

While there are various kitchen corner cabinets available today, choose one that caters to your needs and preferences.


1. Corner Sink Kitchen Cabinet for Compact Spaces

If you have a small kitchen and are wondering how to integrate corner cabinets, your best bet is to get a corner sink kitchen cabinet. In this kitchen corner unit, the drawer under the sink can be used to store all the cleaning essentials including soap, detergent and scrubbers. It’s also a great way to minimise countertop space, and at the same time, the design looks sleek and aesthetic.

Wooden finish kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Nirvana

2. Open Kitchen Corner Cabinet for Additional Storage

This corner cabinet must be installed in your kitchen if you want additional storage space. This type of corner cabinet storage has L-shaped wall- mounted corner shelves that fit in between existing cabinets. Interestingly, this kitchen corner cabinet doesn’t have a door, so you can access everything you need in an instant. Plus, it looks super stylish. In a nutshell, it is the perfect solution for corner kitchen cabinets.

Stylish white kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Designed by Amoeba Designs; Photography by Kuber Shah

Warm kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Designed by Sunita Yogesh

3. Wooden Kitchen Corner Cabinet for a Rustic Appeal

Once again, wood takes centre stage as the choice of material for kitchen corner cabinets. This kitchen corner shelf unit is sure to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen in an instant, lending it a rustic appeal. What’s more, the use of this material also creates a sense of dimension. Plus, the corner cabinet design with woodwork exudes grace and splendour, which is sure to garner compliments from visitors to your home. It’s a great space to store cookbooks, small utensils or kitchen essentials.

4. Contemporary Kitchen Corner Cabinet for a Modern Touch

If you are looking for a corner kitchen cabinet storage that is perfect for modern homes, go for a kitchen corner solution that is designed with a contemporary lens. While it should look sleek and classy, it must also have abundant storage. A modular kitchen corner unit like this is all you need to add freshness to your space. Here’s a bonus – it will also make your kitchen look more spacious.

Simple open kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Girivan La Quinta by Garodia Group, designed by Sanjay Puri Architects; Image courtesy, Anuja Kambli

Chic kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Walls and Things

5. Pull-Out Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinets for Greater Accessibilty

On the hunt for a solution for corner kitchen cabinets to enjoy greater accessibility and adequate storage? This is certainly the perfect choice. This corner kitchen pantry unit serves well to enhance storage capabilities in your existing kitchen. Interestingly, this kitchen corner shelf unit has a framework that gets activated when you open the cabinet door, which then shows up another set of shelves for additional storage. This design looks striking and makes sure all your kitchen essentials are within reach.

Rustic kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dash Square

6. Kitchen Corner Cabinet with an Angular Door for a Warm Aesthetic

Most of us know the addition of anything wooden can elevate the look of any space! That’s exactly what will happen when you invest in this kitchen corner cabinet with an angular door. The kitchen corner cabinet design is versatile and can blend beautifully with your interiors, thanks to its earthy tone. The angular opening is an added advantage – it helps open the cabinet with much ease without trying too hard! All in all, a must-have for your kitchen corner design.

7. Tall Corner Kitchen Cabinet for Timeless Charm

A tall corner kitchen cabinet works well to meet your storage needs and exudes old-world charm like no other! These vertical storage units come in different designs and sizes and are best to keep appliances like microwaves or OTG ovens. They come with multiple drawers that can be used to store kitchen essentials including utensils or even bottles of masala. All in all, a corner tall kitchen unit is a great idea to free up space!

Tall green kitchen cabinets design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Temple Town

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