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Kitchen false ceiling design ideas

  • Ceiling Design
Oct 25, 2022
Kitchen POP design with ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

Choose the best kitchen false ceilings for your home with beautiful homes in no time

Kitchen is often quoted as the powerhouse of the home. These days kitchens are not just restricted to homes and apartments but also office spaces and more. As the A&D industry (Architectural and Design) has progressed over the last many decades, each element of any architectural and design structure has been taken care of with utmost innovation and precision. The kitchen has evolved in multiple folds over the decades and has now become an integral aspect of various designs and creativity with efficiency and performance kept at a high interim.


With the advancement in kitchen design ideas and structure, there have been a lot of changes that have been taken to the forefront with the intention to achieve an advanced, and easy-to-function space.


As a part of the design innovation and progression, false ceiling designs are a concept and innovative creation brought into the industry and been in active use in recent past years. These false ceilings are definitely beneficial for the tenants of the home/ apartments for the additional thermal insulation it provides and for the compact nature of the same. Adding to it, these false ceilings provide space for housing electric wires, pipes, and air conditioner ducts and still wrap up them all by maintaining the cozy feeling of the homely interior. Facilitating diffusion of lighting and thereby completely avoiding the requirement of artificial lights has been noted as another major advantage of false ceilings.


Kitchen is one space where false ceilings are majorly put into good use and the progress in the industry has further also made us go wow by giving us a wide choice of materials to choose from for the false ceilings.


Be it for small false ceiling kitchen designs or small pop designs, there are a lot of materials and designs left for us to choose from. In this article let us have a look at some of the brilliant kitchen false ceiling design ideas thoughtfully curated by our design enthusiasts just for you.

Kitchen False Ceiling Ideas


1. PVC Ceiling Design for Kitchen

The strong yet lightweight plastic material PVC is one of the most popular materials used for false ceiling designs due to its amazing durability and overall performance. Each panel of PVC is comprised of a smooth shiny surface and a hollow core. PVC pipes are absolutely waterproof and the installation is indeed a hassle-free process. PVC ceilings are available in numerous colors and designs as per the client's requirement. Its easy-to-maintain nature and resistance to dampness have made kitchen PVC ceiling design always on the high-demand list.

2. Gypsum Kitchen Ceiling

Kitchen false ceiling designs made of Gypsum are almost said to last for a lifetime if vouched for good quality gypsum freshly cut from the factory. Gypsum is undoubtedly an ideal material for kitchen pop designs and here is why. Starting with their high heat resistance to anti-rusting properties, sturdiness, flexibility, and eco-conscious, gypsums are widely recommended by interior designers and also used by many for their clean and sleek appearance.

Small kitchen POP design with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes
Fall ceiling design for kitchen with kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

3. Wooden Kitchen Ceiling

Wooden simple kitchen ceiling designs and modular kitchen false ceiling designs on wooden bases are yet another popular combination of today's kitchen extravaganza. By adding the right amounts of traditional and contemporary idea inputs to the design, the wooden base lets you give that classy finish to your ever-stylish and neat kitchen of your designs. False ceilings are so popular these days to an extent that it has indeed become the new necessity of the new age kitchen and kitchen pop setting. With numerous plus points, wood is undeniably the safest and yet classy go-to option in your mission for finding the best material for kitchen false ceiling designs.

4. Contemporary Kitchen False Ceiling Design

From bringing that kitchen design you admired while visiting Paris to getting that back in your dream home and incorporating every other thing you wished, isn't that a top-notch deal?


Yes, in contemporary kitchen false ceiling designs, you are left with numerous options to design your kitchen with that pop design or any other element that you always wanted to bring into your home kitchen.

Brick POP design for kitchen without ceiling - Beautiful Homes
Simple kitchen false ceiling with brick wall paneling - Beautiful Homes

5. Brick Design for Kitchen Ceiling

From creating that fresh-from-the-oven feel to running back to the age of history, brick designs for kitchen ceilings are classy and beautiful from any angle. Old things are indeed gold and brick design hasn't gone out of trend even for a bit. If you wish to bring the British colonial look to the very own powerhouse of your home, then brick design for kitchen ceilings are nothing less than a brilliant idea.

We at Beautiful Homes, with our magnificent creativity and wide exposure with the ability to source materials of any kind under our clients' budget, promise to bring that extra shine to your kitchen. We find our perfect joy from ideating your desirable design to creating them in physical reality and giving life to your wish. With our wide range of services and provisions to customize our client's needs and wishes, we are just one call away from creating your ideal kitchen ceiling design and interior.


Our stores are all around India with tailor-cut services as per needs. From creating and designing your entire interior space to specializing in different cornered niches, we aspire to provide super-notch services.Check out our online store to find the perfect ideas for your home. We offer interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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