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Apr 08, 2021

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the space where everything we need to thrive and survive is made. But, unlike many rooms in the rest of the house, this is the one area that isn’t always built to be an extension of our décor tastes and preferences. With these latest kitchen furniture designs and ideas, you can create a space that echos your design aesthetic to create a room that’s more personal to you. 

A Sunny And Vibrant Island Kitchen
There’s nothing more inviting (and delicious) than a sunny Sunday morning brunch. And, if you’re a family or someone who lives in a home that loves to celebrate food, then it might be interesting to make your kitchen the happiest, livest room in the house that will evoke the charm and festivities of this weekend meal everyday. To create a vibrant mood in a modular kitchen, the easiest starting point will choosing kitchen furniture designs that immediately open up the room with a burst of colour.

Style Tip: When choosing a bright colour for your kitchen room design, yo could either pick your favourite colour or shade that makes you happy, or get inspired by your favourite foods! In this kitchen, for example, the lemons have been used as a clever decorative accessory on the kitchen counter and are complemented with the citrus-hues island chairs to enhance the entire look.

Sunny & vibrant kitchen island ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Open & industrial style kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Fritzfryer

An Open And Industrial-Style Kitchen Room Design
An open kitchen design that extends into a living room helps bring an entire family together in a singular space. With the contemporary living room paired with an open modular kitchen, everyone in the family can go about with whatever they’re doing independently while also being together in the same room. With lesser walls, an open kitchen also adds its additional space to the surface area paired with the added ventilation that benefits both the rooms. So, in you plan on an open kitchen room design keep in mind that the décor you choose or kitchen furniture design you implement in it will extend to the living room as well. If you’d like to keep your furniture neutral, industrial or sleek but would like a bit of warmth, consider an exposed brick wall for one side of your kitchen to add a hint of charm to the entire space.

How To Make A Sleek Modular Kitchen Cosy As Well?
Today’s kitchen design are sleek, stylish and decked out with all the modern accessories and technology to make life as simple and streamlined as possible. While this extremely convenient and appealing to any home owner, there’s always an element of warmth and cosiness that’s required in every room of a house to make it feel like a home. While your countertops and fittings are meant to be utilitarian and functional and you wouldn’t want to tamper around with their designs, you can control the other aspects of the kitchen such as the walls and the kitchen furniture design to bring in to you. 

Sleek modular kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nest

 In this matte black kitchen room design, the light brown raw wood walls often the aesthetic of the space and are complemented with cabinetry under the island and the kitchen table in the same material and finish.


Style Tip: Another way to soften the look of any room or open up a space is by including plants or greenery in an empty corner or tabletop. You could go all out and add a vase of freshly cut flowers to freshen up the room with its fragrance or add a single branch of leaves in a bowl or glass.

Latest colours for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

Does An All-White Kitchen Work In An Indian Home?
We’ve seen it for years, while browsing through our favourite brand catalogues, magazines or mood boards online—the quintessential white kitchen. With it’s pristine white countertop, cabinetry, fittings and walls, everything looks squeaky clean and perfect. But with Indian kitchens and food comprising rich, vibrant spices and condiments that add an abundance of flavour and so much colour, how long would a clean white modular kitchen countertop stay spotless? Probably not very long.

However, if you still dream about echoing this aesthetic in your Indian kitchen room design, there are easy tricks you can use to get the best of both worlds. Since your walls and cabinetry won’t serve as surfaces for food, they can be  made or painted white; while your countertop—the main problem surface—can be in a darker granite or durable stone that’s stain resistant and won’t absorb colours over time.


Expert Tip: While the rest of your kitchen is safer in a lighter white palette, fittings such as your drawers and cabinetry will be used often. To resist or avoid stains, make sure they’re coated with an easy-wipe or mark-resistant coating to make clean ups simple and hassle-free.

Injecting Colour Into Your Modular Kitchen

If you feel like your kitchen lacks any personality or warmth, a burst of colour will immediately solve the problem. And, there are many ways to go about this. If you’re one to change your mind often when it comes to your décor choices or like to change the colours in the room through the year as the seasons change, you could work on your moveable accessories such as crockery, jars and storage containers which can be displayed or put away as per your mood.

Sleek modular kitchen ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, AVG Architecture en Interiors

 If you’re looking for something more permanent, consider changing the fronts of your drawers and cabinetry or retiling the backsplash behind your countertop. You could either deck out your entire kitchen in a particular design or choose a row of drawers, cabinets or a strip of the backsplash to recolour (which will serve as an accent point in the kitchen room design).

Kitchen furniture colour ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek

Incorporating Your Favourite Colour In The Kitchen Furniture Design
In more privates spaces in the home, such as the bedroom, it is easy to incorporate your favourite colour through your linens, accessories and even the colour you choose for your walls. But what if you want to add it in your kitchen furniture design as well? It doesn’t have be as daunting as it sounds, as you can blend in hints of your preferred hue through accent points or with subtle objets here and there. In this kitchen room design, while the overarching colour is white, we still notice a blue palette at first. 

With the chimney hood and china cabinet in baby blue and the walls in a deeper azure the rest of the modular kitchen’s muted design serves as a blank canvas to enhance it.

A Kitchen That Opens Into The Dining Room Makes Entertaining Easier
The first thing to think about when entertaining guests? The food you’re going to serve, of course! And, if you’re a hands-on host who likes to whip up a feast yourself in the kitchen it can be tricky to balance paying attention to guests while cooking. However, an open-style kitchen like this brings the dining room into a single space allowing everyone to be closer together. This sort of kitchen design also works well for large families that like to gather around for breakfast before starting their day or share weekend brunches together. In addition to an open-style kitchen, another important aspect to consider when entertaining guests is the interior design of your home. A well-designed interior can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the perfect mood for a dinner party or brunch with friends and family

All white kitchen interior design for indian homes - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

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