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10 kitchen island lighting ideas for your home

  • Kitchen Design
Apr 11, 2022
Wooden kitchen design with pendant for the kitchen island lighting - Beautiful Homes

Stunning lights over an island can work wonders and adds style to your space. Perk your creativity with these 10 kitchen island lighting ideas for your home

Kitchens have so much more to them than simply cooking. It’s where the family spends time for conversations, laughs and of course - meals. A good mood always fetches good outcomes, particularly when it is in the heart of the house– the kitchen. When the kitchen is spacious and functional, it is perfectly natural that you will enjoy cooking here, resulting in some outstanding delicacies for the entire family.

Like all stunning Kitchen design ideas, there are so many options when it comes to kitchen lighting. Yet selecting the perfect kitchen island light needs more attention than you may think. If you've opted for a kitchen island, then you have brought a timeless yet very on-trend element that deserves the utmost consideration of excellent lighting.

Why do you Need a Kitchen Island Light?

Optimal kitchen island lighting modern makes food prep, cocktail preparation or even the morning's first cup of coffee much simpler and there are so many lighting Kitchen Island Design modern ideas around so you are sure to find the ideal fit. Depending on your kitchen size and design, the island may be the showpiece of the room, and the lighting above it can enrich the design accordingly. While much of the kitchen lighting might concentrate on function, the island area is an area where you can bridge that function with a form that speaks to you. Find below 10 modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas for your house:

1. Bring a Royal Touch with Statement Kitchen Island Chandeliers

To devise a powerful visual focal point above your kitchen island, a statement chandelier adds the wow factor and magnificence. There’s so much choice on the market from artistic décor styles, rustic and metal finishes, and antique brass to contemporary lustrous nickel.

But rather than getting confused about the vast array, tie it in with the aesthetic of your kitchen design and focus on a certain finishing touch, such as a golden metal splashback, matte black faucet, or rustic brass grips? Kitchen island chandeliers naturally lean themselves to country-style kitchens. However, you could get innovative and think outside the box with a large futuristic design with scenic white globe lamps.

2. Simple Lantern Style Kitchen Island Light

Lantern style lights for kitchen counters add texture to any themed kitchen. Anyone who is looking to achieve a boho aesthetic for their kitchen will tie in the theme flawlessly. Lanterns suit those with lower ceilings and make a neat and open feel with the birdcage design. They’re mainly in natural hemp colour or whites and blacks for a more contemporary variation, which makes them appropriately versatile for modular kitchens or ultra-stylish Handleless variants.


Lantern lights come in all shapes and sizes such as teardrop, fishbowl and lattice, so it’s wonderful to use a mix above your island. It will immediately revamp your kitchen décor, and once lit, will create a stunning mosaic impact.

Lantern style modern kitchen island lighting - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Ceiling lighting for the kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

3. A Bulb Cluster for the Grandeur

We are swooning over clusters as there are so many thrilling designs on the market. From geometric beauties to smart waterfall styles and lively bubble types, these gorgeous hanging light kitchen island hanging lights are playfully impactful above an island.


Flawlessly placed above the seating area or cooking space on your kitchen island, these island lights are the greatest showstopper and make a pool of light. You can either go compact for less space such as three clusters, or over-the-top with several to clad large islands.

You can add a hint of playful colour and coordinate them with soothing furnishings, walls or kitchen tall units. Remember, these lights can have a long drop so be certain to measure your ceiling dimensions to island ratio.


4. Go All Out with Retro Style Kitchen Island Modern Pendant Lighting

Sometimes the most uncomplicated ideas make the most significant impact, and that’s clearly the case with these retro-style pendant lighting for kitchen islands. These lights are enormous and feature a frosted globe and brass finish. The pendants are big enough to provide ample lighting even in the darkest of kitchens. You can use these with modern, glam, or retro-style interior décor. One would be perfect for small kitchen island lighting.

Pendant lighting for kitchen island comes in many formations, and different decorative styles can achieve similar practical effects. For this reason, it’s intelligent to start by assessing what functional type of lighting you want to accomplish, rather than the type or aesthetic style of fixture you want.


5. For a Modular Contemporary Style, Go with Gold

For trendy or contemporary glam, gold is forever a safe bet. Gold pendants look fantastic in kitchens with white or dark-coloured cabinets.


These pendants, if you can find them in black, will work well if you need classic and modern kitchen island lighting.

6. Linear Lighting for a Chic and Trendy Appeal

An amazing and chic way to achieve a modern scheme in your kitchen is linear kitchen island light type. The linear style is particularly effective above a rather narrow island, as it keeps proportions feeling even, and introduces a sleek look to any kitchen counter or breakfast bar ideas you were mulling over.

This scheme of linear lighting includes a diffused LED light, indicating not only will the bulbs last forever, but the light will be distributed evenly. While this option is available in black and aluminium, opting for a brass finish will bring warmth to a modern space to give it a trendy appeal.

Black & gold pendant kitchen island lighting - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

7. Symmetry is the Key to Magnificence

It's a traditional statement look, low hanging pendants that sit symmetrically above a kitchen island. Pendant lights are one of the most favoured choices for a kitchen island as they describe the area from the rest of the area, lending it more texture and depth. There's something gorgeous about being able to just build a pool of light around the kitchen island, like a glow in the centre of the kitchen that's perfect for when it's used as a sociable area.

And it's a sensible option too as it will furnish all the task lighting you need to prep and work by. You can have even more flexibility and switch the mood if you have your pendants on a dimmer switch. Also, remember not to hang the pendants too low, as a rule of thumb they should never come lower than 36 inches from the work counter.


8. Don’t be Afraid to go Overboard with the Size

While shopping for your hanging lights for the breakfast counter, always regard the size of your kitchen island. Your lighting should fit well with the surface space. Of course there are exceptions, but in general, if you have a bigger kitchen island, you don't want some more small pendants floating above your head. And similarly, if your island is on the smaller side going big could overwhelm the entire kitchen area.  If you have a huge and spacious kitchen island that needs a considerable size of lighting in order to balance the space, be inspired by large pendants with a simple design that matches the scale but doesn’t swamp the room or add too much visual prevalence.

Steel kitchen chimney with lighting for island - Beautiful Homes

9. Take the Style Statement Few Notches Above with Steel Kitchen Island Lighting

Try steel suspended pendant lights that match the beauty of the elegant steel appliances in the kitchen. You can add as many units over the height of the countertop but if the size of these suspended bulbs is more than usual, a couple of these suspended lights would be more than adequate. As mentioned before, pendant lights come in various sizes, shapes, colours, materials and patterns to functionally suit the lighting necessities of any and every kitchen!

10. Introduce a Pop of Colours to a Neutral Scheme

Want to get a little playful when it comes to adding a pop of colour to your kitchen? Lighting is a really effortless way to add a splash of a bold hue without excessively interrupting a neutral plan. And since lighting is one of the most uncomplicated things in your kitchen to switch up you don't have to worry too much about committing to a rather neutral kitchen. It warms up the cooler tones in the dark cabinetry and makes you really catch in the unusual colour-toned veining of the splashback and countertops.

Perk your Kitchen Island Lighting Creativity with Beautiful Homes

We all desire to shed light on the spots of our homes that are the most important—and the kitchen is no exception. Though a stunning backsplash, gorgeous countertops, and a practical footprint can often beat pleasing lighting and glow, the right fixture can upgrade your space and enhance the look of the entire kitchen. If you like to take your cooking quarters’ style up a few notches, with Interior Design get started with professionals at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes.

We culled the libraries for the most eye-catching island lighting inspiration to add to your kitchen space. From pendant lights to grand chandeliers and everything in between, you’re bound to find a bright idea with our experts.


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