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The ultimate guide to planning your kitchen layout

  • Kitchen Design
Jan 15, 2023
Get inspired by this modern kitchen plan for your space - Beautiful Homes

A stylish and functional kitchen needs a well thought out and effective kitchen layout. Here are some factors that need to be taken into account when designing a kitchen floor plan

Introduction to Kitchen Layout

Kitchens are no more only functional spaces, but areas where the family congregates and friends are entertained. Creating a kitchen space that is multi-functional, easy to use and looks stylish demands a well-designed kitchen layout.


A successful kitchen floor plan is more than the placement of cabinetry, appliances, and furnishings; an efficient kitchen design layout should factor in ease of flow, form and functionality. Incorporating all these requirements in the kitchen plan can make the space a joy to work in.


Kitchen Floor Plan with Dimensions

A cleverly designed modern kitchen plan will ensure that space and function is maximized. Some factors to be considered when planning a modular kitchen plan, include:


1. The Work Triangle for Kitchen Floor Plan with Dimensions

The work triangle in a kitchen floor plan connects the stove, sink, and refrigerator and promotes efficiency during food prep and cooking.  Each leg of the triangle should measure between 4-9 feet. The sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 13–26 feet. The optimum work triangle allows for ease of movement between cooking, cleaning, and food storage areas.


2. Consider the Changes you Require When you Plan Kitchen Layout

What do you like about your current kitchen plan and what needs to change? Take away what didn’t work or was inconvenient in the old kitchen and include what you and your family require from your new modern kitchen plan. This can help you plan kitchen layout that is upgraded, easy to use and efficient.


3. Think of Safety When Designing a Kitchen Layout

Kitchen safety includes everything from appliance placement to overhead lighting to flooring, and a kitchen remodel provides an opportunity to create a safe kitchen space. When designing a kitchen layout, consider all the different safety hazards, for instance, keeping stoves out of reach of children, or providing adequate distance between prep and work space to avoid splashes and spills. This can help you create a safer workspace.

4. Incorporate Usable Counter Space in Kitchen Design Layout

The usable area of a kitchen countertop is calculated by measuring the counter space in the kitchen layout plan with dimensions, and deducting dimensions of sinks, appliances and corners. Ensure that you have enough countertop space left over for meal preparation and cooking.


5. Reclaim Space with these Clever Tips in Small Kitchen Floor Plans

If your kitchen is small and you have limited countertop space, every square inch is precious. Some ways to reclaim counter space include:

  • Using wall shelves for appliances.
  • Installing cabinets for storage.
  • Making the most of corners.
  • Adding a drop-down peninsula for extra space.
Simple modular kitchen plan for your space - Beautiful Homes
Sleek kitchen floor plan layout for your space - Beautiful Homes

5. Make the Most of Vertical Space When Designing a Kitchen Layout

One of the most efficient ways to free up floor space in a modern kitchen plan is with well-designed cabinets. Efficient use of vertical wall space for cabinets can make a kitchen plan more functional while adding to its aesthetic appeal.

6. Organise Space By Zones in Kitchen Floor Plan Design

Dividing kitchen layout into zones can make your kitchen design layout more efficient. Include food preparation zone, cooking zone, storage zone, entertaining zone and a cleaning zone into the kitchen floor plan. This will help streamline movement and workflow.

Wooden finish kitchen design layout for your space - Beautiful Homes
Compact & small kitchen floor plans for your space - Beautiful Homes

7. Be Careful with Appliance Placement in Modern Kitchen Plan

When planning kitchen layout, make sure that you factor in appliance placement. For instance, ensure that shelves for appliances are at an optimum level, so that you can reach for and use them easily, and appliance placement is created close to power outlets.

8. Consider the ‘Flow' in Kitchen Floor Plan

A kitchen layout should effectively streamline workflow, by ensuring-

  • Easy flow of foot traffic.
  • Ample space for food prep and cooking.
  • Easy access to the sink.
  • Easy access to cabinets and doors.


9. Do you Need a Kitchen Island in your Kitchen Plan?

If you are blessed with a large kitchen, install a kitchen island. It is very beneficial as it can provide additional prep, cooking, cleaning and storage space. It also makes a lovely entertaining area, a delightful breakfast spot and can even double as a study or work table when needed. 

Get inspired by this kitchen floor plan design for your space - Beautiful Homes

Learn how to plan your kitchen effectively with our comprehensive guide, covering everything from layout and storage to style and function.



1. What are the Basic Kitchen Layouts with Dimensions?

When planning kitchen layouts with dimensions, you can select between the following types of kitchen design layout, depending on the size of your space.

  • U shaped kitchen floor plan layout – Works for an area of around 107 sq ft.
  • L shaped kitchen floor plan design – Ideal for an area of around 111 sq ft.
  • Galley small kitchen floor plans – Is a good choice for smaller areas of around 108 sq ft.
  • One wall kitchen design layout – Ideal for a small kitchen of around 75 sq ft.
  • Peninsular kitchen floor plan – Ideal for an area of around 136 sq ft.
  • Island kitchen layout – Needs clear space of 3’6” on all four sides.


2. How to Plan Kitchen Layout?

Tips on how to plan kitchen layout:

  • Measure walls and surfaces and note it down to scale.
  • Plan layout in a clockwise direction.
  • Number all openings, like doors and windows.
  • Measure the size of openings.
  • Measure distances, from floor to window, window to ceiling, etc.
  • Plan the work triangle with convenient measurements.
  • Mark spots for outlets, ducts, etc.
  • Measure countertop.
  • Mark spots for stove, fridge and other appliances.


3. Do’s and Don'ts in Kitchen Design Layout

Do’s in Kitchen Layout

  • Incorporate an efficient work triangle.
  • Streamline workflow.
  • Make practical upgrades.
  • Provide floor space for foot traffic.
  • Provide ample counter space.
  • Install cabinets for storage.
  • Incorporate cabinet lights.
  • Design for the family.


Don’ts in Kitchen Floor Plan

  • Don’t opt for cheap materials.
  • Don’t have poor indoor circulation.
  • Don’t use a layout that won’t fit.
  • Don’t have inadequate lighting.
  • Don’t forget the optimum work triangle.
  • Don’t overcrowd the space with storage solutions.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Kitchen Design Layout?

When you hand over the designing of your kitchen layout to our Beautiful Homes modern kitchen plan specialists, we will handle all the details from conception to completion, so you don’t have to. We will take care of everything, from kitchen layout, design, material guidance to sourcing, to make your kitchen design layout a success. Check out our beautiful kitchen plan designs and services at our online store. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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