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Best kitchen organization ideas

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Jan 28, 2023
Kitchen organization ideas with drawer storage - Beautiful Homes

An organized kitchen space is easier to work in and maintain. Here are clever kitchen organization tips that will make your kitchen a joy to work in

How often have you started cooking and stopped in frustration because you couldn’t find a pan or an ingredient? An organized workspace can make kitchen activities smoother, from preparation to cooking to plating. Spending a little time and money to organize your kitchen will make it look nicer, be easier to maintain and a pleasure to work in.

There’s no two ways about it – an organised kitchen design is key for fuss-free cooking. We tell you how you can make the most of your kitchen space in 8 easy-to-follow steps. Smart storage is the key to an organised kitchen.

Organizing Different Parts of a Kitchen

A kitchen has various storage areas, like cabinets, drawers, and shelves. The way each storage area is organized will depend on the size of your kitchen, what activities it is used for, the dynamics of your family and your cooking style.

Here, we take a look at the different kinds of storage spaces that a typical kitchen has and small kitchen organization ideas to make your space optimally functional.


1. Drawer Organizer Tips

The best way to go from a cluttered kitchen to a clean one is to organize your kitchen drawers. Here are some simple ways to keep your drawers neat and tidy.

  • Cutlery trays – These are useful to divide things in a drawer, whether it is fancy cutlery, or everyday spoons. They can be used to divide other small items too, like spice jars or masalas.

  • Drawer dividers – Slightly deeper and bigger than cutlery trays, these dividers can be mixed and matched to suit the size of your drawer and the items that you need to store.

2. Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Kitchen cupboard organisation ideas can help streamline cooking and storage. Maximize storage space with these cupboard organization ideas.

  • Place heavier items, like pans, mixing bowls and ironware in base cabinet shelves. Store lighter items, like spice racks or pot lids, on top.

  • Group similar things together, for instance, plates in one cabinet and glasses in another.

  • Maximize the capacity of cabinets by using adjustable shelves.
Kitchen cabinet organization ideas for storage - Beautiful Homes
  • A lazy susan or turntables are a great way to maximize corner cabinet space.

  • Use cabinet risers to make the space more efficient and increase vertical space.

  • Vertical cabinet dividers are effective to separate different items.

  • Use the outside of cabinets to hang cutlery, cutting boards, and other kitchen tools in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.
Kitchen counter storage organization ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Kitchen countertops can quickly become messy with cooking paraphernalia. Keep clutter to a minimum with clever kitchen countertop organization ideas.

  • Use trays to group items, for instance, oils or teas together.

  • Use different sized colourful baskets to display foodstuff prettily, for instance, fruits and breads.

  • Use jars, jugs or containers in charming shapes and colours to organize cooking spoons, stirrers and beaters.
  • Use vertical space above counters efficiently by installing shelves to arrange cookbooks, spices, dishes or even potted herbs, thereby keeping the countertop free.

  • A solid knife block is perfect to arrange your knives neatly and looks good on the countertop.

4. Pantry Organization

Organizing the pantry needs patience and a keen eye to sort through all of the cartons, cereal boxes, cans and bottles that have piled up. Here are some clever pantry organisation tips.

  • While matte black or glazed ivory canisters look lovely in magazines, clear bins are better as the transparent sides allow you to keep track of your supplies.

  • Every inch of space counts in a pantry. Square or rectangular containers with flat lids stack easily and will allow you to fit more items on the same shelf.

  • Place like items together, using a lazy Susan or a basket, for instance, baking essentials in one place so you can quickly find what you need.
Use kitchen pantry for organization purposes - Beautiful Homes
  • Label bins, containers and shelves so every member of your household knows where items are located.

  • Extra wall space can be a game-changer for organizing a pantry. Install racks or hooks that can hold non-food items like aprons, brooms and reusable grocery bags.
L-shaped kitchen with shelf organization for storage purposes - Beautiful Homes

5. Kitchen Shelf Organization Ideas

Open kitchen shelves are a great way to blend functionality with aesthetics and to use vertical space efficiently. Here are aesthetically pleasing kitchen shelf organization ideas.

  • A rack of floating shelves can be used to display glasses, mugs, ceramics and plants.

  • A right-angle shelf in a corner space is ideal for less attractive kitchen appliances and gadgets or items that aren't used as often.

  • Beautifully designed open glass or wooden shelves are the perfect way to display coveted dinnerware.
  • Install a set of shelves for a specific purpose, for instance, create a coffee bar in the corner of your kitchen by adding a couple of shelves over the coffeemaker and filling it with coffee blends and grounds, cups and other accessories.

  • Shelves over the sink can be an ideal storage space for dish soaps and anything you don't mind being exposed to moisture from the sink.


Kitchen Organization Ideas

There are a million kitchen organization ideas available every way you turn. But you must choose the kitchen organization ideas that fit your kitchen and your cooking style. Here are clever small kitchen organization ideas.


1. Kitchen Organization Tip – Measure and Match

When buying containers or dabbas for your small kitchen, take measurements or use an old container to check the size. It would be a waste if you bring home containers that don’t fit in your cupboards.


2. Buy Quality Products for Kitchen Organization

It is wise to spend some money and invest in quality organizational aids for the kitchen, like dividers, risers, turntables, racks, shelves or modular kitchen cabinets.

3. Kitchen Counter Organisation – Clean and Clutter-Free

An organized modular kitchen where there is a place for everything helps you find what you need when you need it, and keeps countertops clean and clutter-free.


4. Novel Kitchen Organization Ideas - Kitchen Zones

Divide the kitchen into zones! Each zone will have the things that are needed for a particular activity, for instance, place knives and cutting boards in the prep zone, and pans and kadais in the cooking zone.

Island kitchen design with a clean countertop & organized space - Beautiful Homes
Island kitchen with a clean & organized kitchen sink - Beautiful Homes

5. Kitchen Organization Tips – Maintain a Clean Sink

Don’t let dishes pile up! Avoid an unsightly sink by getting an extra basket to stack dirty dishes in till you wash them.


6. Appliance Shelf Design for Kitchen Storage & Organisation

With well-crafted modular kitchen organization ideas, every appliance can have its own cubby and can be concealed from view when not in use.

7. Kitchen Organization Tips - Maximise Base Cabinet Space

Use risers, vertical dividers and baskets to create an easy-to-use base storage space. Else, use the base cabinets for heavy cookware that is used less often.


8. Kitchen Organisation Ideas - Utilize Stacking

Incorporate clever methods of stacking, like stacking bigger plates or dishes at the bottom, and stacking smaller plates or dishes on top of it. Invest in containers that can be stacked, whether it is fridge friendly stackable food containers, or stackable baskets and containers for the kitchen cabinets and pantry.


9. Kitchen Organization Tips for Dustbin Area

The dustbin area if not organized properly can get dirty in no time. Get sleek dustbin pull outs that are available for modular kitchens to make your garbage game efficient.


10. Labelling for Optimum Kitchen Storage & Organisation

When kitchen containers are labelled, it makes it easy for any household member to find exactly what they need. Labelling is good for not only the pantry, but cabinets and fridge containers too.


11. Small Kitchen Organisation Ideas - Vertical Storage

It is inefficient to waste good vertical space when it is available. It can be used to accommodate a few floating shelves for crockery, a wooden bar of pegs for kitchen towels, or a magnetic rack for knives to overcome space constraints.


12. Kitchen Organisation Ideas - Keep Essentials Within Reach

Use efficient kitchen organization tools, to ensure that the things that you use every day, like oil, salt and sugar are kept within reach.


13. Kitchen Organization Tips for Refrigerator

There are several kitchen organizational aids to keep your fridge storage maximised, from fridge trays, baskets and dividers to vegetable and fruit bags.


14. Modular Kitchen Organization Ideas to Utilize Corners

Quite often, in an L-shaped kitchen or square kitchen, corners are under-utilized as they are hard to reach. Use them to keep unwieldy and less used cookware or install a pull out to make reaching corners easier.

15. Small Kitchen Organization with an Efficient Drawer Design

Use clever modular kitchen organization ideas, like dividers and cutlery trays, that can be inserted in a drawer to help keep spoons, forks and knives separate.


16. Get Funky with your Kitchen Organization

The arm of a peninsula kitchen or a kitchen island are perfect for breakfast bars. Increase their functionality by incorporating storage spaces in them.


17. Cool Kitchen Organisation Tips – Décor Racks

Make full use of empty vertical spaces by installing décor racks that look aesthetically appealing to hang utensils or mugs.

Small modular kitchen organization ideas with base drawers & cabinets - Beautiful Homes

18. Kitchen Counter Organisation – Up your Tray Game

Trays are an excellent way to group items together, for instance, all the items needed for tea, like tea leaves, sugar and strainers can be in one tray.


19. Kitchen Organization to Utilize Dead Space

There is always some dead space between the bottom of cabinets and when the countertop starts. Adding hooks, pegs, and magnetic strips to hang items like coffee mugs, kitchen towels, kitchen utensils and knives is a good use of this space.


20. Cool Kitchen Organization Tip - Install a Whiteboard

A whiteboard on the pantry door or on the side of the fridge can help you keep track of grocery needs and chores.



1. How do you Decide Where to Put Things in Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen organization for cabinets must follow a system that makes food prep and cooking easier for you. For instance, having all your baking paraphernalia in one cabinet and everything you need for Indian food in another is a good idea.


2. What Should Go in Each Kitchen Drawer?

Kitchen drawers should be divided with suitable kitchen organization aids, like dividers and trays. Commonly used items can be kept in the kitchen drawers, like cutlery, spices, plates and mugs.


3. What is the Number One Rule in Any Kitchen?

Cleanliness is the number one rule in any kitchen followed closely by safety. By following kitchen organization tips and maintaining a clean and clutter free kitchen space, you can ensure that it is a safe space to work in.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Organizing your Kitchen?

At Beautiful Homes, by Asian Paints, our modular kitchen organization ideas are designed to make your kitchen design as organized as possible while looking gorgeous. Find all the kitchen organization aids that you need at our Beautiful Homes Stores located in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon. Check out our finished interior design for home projects at our website to find one that inspires you and book a 3D consultation for a virtual experience.

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