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Kitchen tall units & why designers recommend it in modular kitchens

  • Kitchen Design
Dec 05, 2021
An all white modular kitchen with tall units for storage - Beautiful Homes

Modular kitchens are practical yet stylish and the Kitchen Tall units are the right addition that give the sleekness. Take a sneak peek into why designers recommend this as a must have to every modular kitchen

Whether you have a huge spacious kitchen or a small and compact one, the odds are you have at least one item you just can’t figure out how to store appropriately. As the centre of the household and home to appliances, gadgets and cookware – the kitchen is and always will be a difficult space to organise. It may be a pile of things that always appear to be disorganized, or it could be an object that doesn’t quite fit in the space you’ve kept it in. Regardless of what the exact concern is, it’s really unwanted stress.


This is where finding and designing innovative organization ideas come into play. To help solve the kitchen storage dilemma, we have come up with a practical solution to solve your kitchen storage problems: Kitchen Tall units are one of the best options for kitchen storage units as they provide a large amount of storage space. Tall units are used to facilitate the storage of bulky items and are specially designed to keep bulk quantities of food products, essentials and appliances in an organized way.


What are Kitchen Tall Units?

Tall units for Kitchens as the name suggests are the tallest of all the other kitchen units. They are vertical storage systems that can fit into a kitchen of any size. They come in different heights, and widths making all your storage items easily accessible from all sides. One can customise vertical units according to their storage requirements.


Types of Kitchen Tall Units

Kitchen Tall Units are available in varying sizes. From floor to ceiling to a mid-length height, from pull-out trays to open shelves,  these are varied options to suit your needs. With our guide, we can help you put together a perfect mix of kitchen tall units for your modular kitchen design.


So let’s dive into the world of kitchen units.

1. Kitchen Pantry Units

Conventional kitchen storage designs have small shelves and cupboards wherein most utensils, food items, etc., are stored. It becomes tedious to remember and search for the correct cabinet in times of rush.


A modular kitchen tall pantry unit is the most optimum solution to store your seasonings, jams, cereals, oils, etc. In a vertical tall unit for the kitchen pantry unit, everything is visible and readily accessible. You can select from a pull-out cabinet or a tall open-ended unit to store food and kitchen items for your modular kitchen pantry unit.

Parallel modular kitchen with kitchen pantry unit - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ABM Architect

Spacious modular kitchen with a refrigerator unit & kitchen cabinets for storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, AD

2. Refrigerator Unit

You can think of storing your perishable goods such as food items, fruits, vegetables, artisanal cheeses and more in built-in refrigerators.


According to the sort of usage and the size of your kitchen, you can install a kitchen tall cabinet that can reasonably serve your grocery tall storage cabinet requirements. 

3. Open Tall Crockery Unit

As they say, “Out of sight, out of mind”,  stands very true for most households. When you can’t find your stunning teaware and those oh so gorgeous dinnerware and cutlery at the right time. The vertical open-ended tall crockery unit is the answer , it saves space and adds an extra touch of style to the room. These are not just storage kitchen tall units as they can be designed to help enhance your style statement with no compromise on functionality. 


You can also check out this crockery cabinet designs.

Straight kitchen with tall crockery unit & kitchen storage cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Crafted Spaces

Modular kitchen tall units for electrical kitchen appliances like microwave & ovens - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

4. Tall Units for Appliances

Kitchen Shelves and workspaces have limited space. The kitchen counter is ever so often filled with a Mixer Grinder, microwave, a blender and a toaster. A Kitchen Tall Unit for electrical appliances is specifically made for accommodating grinders, microwave, oven etc. Setting them in a vertical kitchen tall unit design frees up space on the counter. And the best part is, they are effortlessly accessible for everyone at all times.

5. Tall Units for Grocery Storage

A modular kitchen tall unit usually has a number of shelves to accommodate all your grocery items. In fact, for a large family, a full kitchen tall unit is an ideal choice since it has a large storage capacity.


NOTE: Regardless of what type of Kitchen storage unit you pick, you must also consider the different types of shelves for your tall unit design. There are tall units with frames and shelves attached to the inside of the doors, while others come with shelves only on the interior. Make sure you pick a tall unit design that caters to your storage requirements and suits your taste.

Dark modular kitchen design with kitchen tall unit for grocery storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Tall Units for Your Modular Kitchen: Why are Kitchen Tall Units Popular in Modular Kitchens?

One of the most significant reasons, Kitchen Tall units are so popular for modular Kitchen designs is that the interiors can be custom designed to fit all your storage requirements and style choices. For example, a tall unit can be designed with adjustable racks or pull-out trays and baskets for easy access to pantry items. Further, you can make optimal use of the storage space design of tall units with a tandem pull-out. This aids in helping you access your components and boxes with just a simple pull.


Life will never be the same with kitchen units custom designed to suit your cooking and working requirements. You have got to get them correct! Some of the major Kitchen Tall Unit advantages are:

  • Adequate storage space
  • Access from all the sides to storage items
  • Ergonomics in use
  • Availability of personal solutions and customisation.
  • Availability of cabinet width options
  • Increased cabinet and workspace
  • A budget tall unit costs just as much as cabinets


Solve Your Kitchen Storage Troubles with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

Kitchen tall units are the most innovative design solution for modern-day kitchens. They help make space in the most compact places and the small kitchen designs. You can easily customize tall units as per your necessities. You can choose to have kitchen tall units with a microwave or have a tall unit designed for storing that expensive wine or a pull-out for your crockery collection. The versatility of tall units in the kitchen is limitless.


Kitchen Tall units by Beautiful Homes can assist you to save your treasured time and storage space. We offer end-to-end service to make your dream home interior design come to life.


  • We help you book a 3D video consultation call to better understand your kitchen requirements, right from cooking habits to usage of space.

  • Post discussion, we provide you with a detailed layout of your kitchen design and explain the functionality of every part of the kitchen. From tall unit accessories to material, budget preference to the utility of the cabinets, we first provide a 2D design and then build a 3D render to help you get a look and feel of how your kitchen tall unit design will look.

  • We do not compromise on quality and craft. We do not finalize the design until we have your sign-off.

  • We recommend the best-suited kitchen tall units that will accommodate everything in your kitchen without creating a mess.


Besides designing exquisite tall kitchen units, we also specialize in creating stunning living room and bedroom designs that will match the flow of your home. AP Beautiful Homes is your one-stop shop to create a space that conveys your emotions and expectations in every way. Besides offering home décor services, we also have several stores that house the latest interior trends, from furniture to furnishings, automated home solutions, and elegant fixtures.


Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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