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Reasons Why Modern L-shaped Kitchen Designs are perfect for multipurpose cooking

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Dec 24, 2021
All white L-shaped modular kitchen design layout - Beautiful Homes

Are you a first time homeowner or are you in the process of renovating your house and are looking for ideas to design a kitchen that’s worthy of being showcased ? Worry not, as you are looking in the right place!

We understand that it can be very intimidating and overwhelming to choose from a myriad of kitchen design options, given that everyone has their own subjective taste with things like interior design. Read on to discover more about how to create a multipurpose kitchen that suits your needs while also adding aesthetic appeal to your home interiors.


L shaped modular kitchen design are highly customizable, elegant and convenient. L shaped kitchens have become increasingly popular among modern home owners. These kitchens utilise space effectively, are practical to work in and surprisingly easy to maintain. Moreover, an L-shaped kitchen design is one of the most classic layouts with superb features that can ensure a very comfortable cooking experience. While functionality is vital to think about, your kitchen should also be a space where you actually enjoy spending time cooking your favourite meals. The tips in this blog piece will add a new perspective to your vision of the perfect kitchen design for your home. Let’s go through them now!

The standard layout of an L-shaped Modular Kitchen

L-shaped kitchens are named so because an L-shaped kitchen is shaped like the letter ‘L’ and has two legs of base cabinets covered with a countertop. Usually, one of the legs is smaller than the other. The longer legs usually house the stove and some working space, while the relatively shorter leg houses the sink and may also hold appliances like an oven or a refrigerator. A modern L shape modular kitchen design can easily fit into almost any kind of interior you’re looking to get done, and adds a peculiar elegance to the space. It offers ample storage space and also gives you enough room to move around for tasks. What’s more is that this classic L-shaped kitchen layout can fit anywhere - a small kitchen, a medium kitchen , or a large kitchen - with equal ease. It can also cater to any type of kitchen plan - closed or open. Hence, the L-shaped kitchen interior design is as perfect for a small house, as it is for a large one. An L type kitchen design is ergonomic and is relatively effortless to design and strategize.

Black & sleek L-shaped modular kitchen design layout - Beautiful Homes

Ergonomics of a Modern L-shaped Kitchen Design

An L-shaped kitchen layout is a very practical and concise design choice. You can always have clever additions or removals to the cabinetry depending on your kitchen plan - open or closed. Countertops and cabinets are always positioned well to adapt to the overall workflow.  One of the phrases you’ll hear very readily when thinking about an L-shaped modular kitchen design is the “working triangle”. The working triangle is the area between your sink, stove and fridge, and is the space where you will spend most of your time in the kitchen. The less you have to walk between these three “points,” the easier it will be for you to have a seamless cooking experience. This is where a modular kitchen design L shape can prove useful. The lengths of the ‘L’ shape depend on the size of the kitchen space. It also depends on the walls of the kitchen and their placement and height. The L-shaped modular kitchen layout works perfectly as it is airy and open. The modern L-shaped modular kitchen design also allows multiple cooks to work at the same time, owing to the two open ends on the legs for entries and exits. When it comes to optimising the “working triangle”, a centre area can be incorporated to double up as a small breakfast nook or workstation. The option of having one end closed, i.e. ending into the wall, can also be available for an L-shaped small modular kitchen.


Advantages of an L-shaped Kitchen Design

Some of the advantages of an L-shaped kitchen layout are as follows :

Off white L-shape kitchen design with wooden interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • Exceptional Utilisation of Space
    With an L-shaped kitchen layout, you can get ample storage and space, making the overall floor plan seem larger than it is. The sink, the cooking stove, the cabinets, and the appliances are appropriately positioned in a modern L-shaped modular kitchen design to encourage logical movement, which also means more space and less stress when you’re cooking your meals. Using pullout corner cabinet units, you can maximise the utility of each and every inch of the kitchen space. You can also add storage elements to the “dominant wall” thereby adding more utility to the whole L kitchen design.

  • Multiple Entrances and Exits
    The L-shaped modular kitchen design can open up to the rest of your home through multiple entrances and exits. This design allows for multiple people to work alongside and get multiple tasks done in tandem!
  • Open Layout
    The hallmark feature of the L-shaped kitchen layout, is the openness it offers. An abundance of space with an efficient “working triangle “ design ensures a smooth workflow while cooking your meals.

  • Extremely Customisable
    The cabinetry and worktop in an modern L-shaped modular kitchen design are very open to customisation and can be adjusted to various lengths, widths and heights. This way, you can fit this design in any kitchen space - big or small.
Open L-shaped small kitchen design layout - Beautiful Homes
  • Elegant and Convenient
    An L-shaped kitchen design is one of the most classic kitchen designs out there that offer ample space and movement flow to ensure a convenient and comfortable cooking experience. 



Disadvantages of an Modern L-shaped Kitchen Design 

There are however, some disadvantages of the L-shaped Kitchen layout as well. These are as follows : 


  • Less Privacy
    The open layout of the L-shaped kitchen offers less preparation privacy as compared to other kitchen layouts. The multiple entry and exit points may mean that there could be a traffic jam over there if movement is not managed well. The working triangle, depending on placement, may also make it challenging for multiple cooks to move efficiently.
Wooden L-shaped kitchen design - Beautiful Homes
  • Less Efficient for Large Kitchens
    The appliances and working triangle may be too spread out and hence difficult to operate. Especially in large kitchen areas. SOme corner cabinets may also be harder to reach and hence can become too cumbersome to operate. This reduces the overall function and efficiency of the design.

  • More Cleaning
    More prep area and more work space translates to more cleaning and maintenance. 

Cost Tips for a Modern L-shaped Kitchen Design

  1. While designing a cost-effective kitchen and efficient L-shaped kitchen layout, the first step would be to decide a budget or price range that aligns with your spending plan.

  2. The next step would be to choose materials from a variety of finishes and colours. While choosing materials, you should select the ones that offer longevity and require low maintenance. Make sure you do your research thoroughly before finalising. Reach out to Asian Paints Beautiful Homes if you have any questions.

  3. The material and finish of the storage solutions such as cabinets, countertops, and appliances., needs to be focussed on and should be decided upon very meticulously.

  4. The next step would be to decide on accessories. Accessorise wisely by picking pieces that complement both your budget and the aesthetics of your kitchen décor. For example, steel knobs may cost more than glass knobs or wooden knobs.

  5. The next step is to choose a functional material for the kitchen countertop that is scratch-resistant and can withstand heavy usage.

  6. Opt only for the appliances you’ll regularly use.
All white L-shape modular kitchen design idea with a breakfast counter - Beautiful Homes
Vintage wooden l shaped modular kitchen design layout - Beautiful Homes

Why is an L-shaped Kitchen Design the Most Popular One?

The L-shaped kitchen layout is aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful. The L-shaped kitchen interior design concept is also very budget-friendly and will complement any décor of choice. The “working triangle” concept will make your cooking comfortable, extremely efficient, and more organised while lending that airy feel to the kitchen space. Therefore, an L-shaped kitchen layout is highly recommended for small and medium-sized kitchen spaces. Therefore, a small modular kitchen could easily flaunt a L-shaped kitchen layout.

We can Help you Design the Kitchen of Your Dreams

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. You simply need to let us know about the sort of Modular Kitchen Design you are looking for, and we will assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want to create more storage space or align your kitchen with an open living area, the L shaped design will be able to meet your needs well.


Our approaches for L shape kitchen interior design come in a wide range. The designs are splendid yet functional enough to create a functional cooking environment and boost your culinary experience.


From the right furnishings and materials in diverse colours to a variety of storage options and accessories for your kitchen—find what you’re looking for, and get your kitchen design just right.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your house interior design , home décor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


We’re currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon! 

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