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Stylish and practical: The appeal of laminated doors

  • Ideas & Inspiration
Jul 15, 2023
Laminate door design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with laminated doors! Explore a wide range of design options to suit any interior décor, from sleek modern finishes to classic woodgrain textures

Laminate doors, known for their durability and a wide array of design options, are rapidly becoming a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike. They offer the aesthetic appeal of natural wood, metal, or stone, without the associated maintenance and cost. Plus, with the advancements in technology, today's laminate doors can flawlessly mimic these materials, adding an elegant touch to any home interior design.


Whether you're renovating or building anew, this post will provide you with insights and inspiration to choose the latest designs of main doors that complement your home's style and meet your practical needs.


Let's explore the world of laminate doors together!

Best Laminated Door Designs

1. Box Patterned Laminate Door Design

The box patterned laminate door design is a popular choice for modern homes, bringing a sense of structure and order to your space. This design features geometric patterns that add an element of sophistication and depth to any room. Versatile and adaptable, it can seamlessly fit into various home décor styles, from minimalist to contemporary. It's an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a design that is both modern and timeless, offering a unique blend of style and practicality.

Box patterned laminate door design - Beautiful Homes
Floral laminate door design ideas - Beautiful Homes

2. Laminate Door Design with Floral Imprints

Exuding charm and elegance, the floral imprinted laminate door design is perfect for those looking to add a unique and artistic touch to their living spaces. This design showcases intricate floral patterns, adding a dash of nature-inspired beauty to your home. You can customize it with different floral patterns, colours, and finishes to create a door that perfectly matches your home décor and personal style. It's a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors inside, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

3. Laminate Door Design with Glass

The laminate door design with glass is a visually stunning and functional door design that combines the best of both worlds. In fact, the glass portion allows for natural light to flow in, brightening up your space, while the laminate part ensures durability and ease of maintenance. This design is ideal for areas where you want to create a sense of openness and light, such as the living room or study. It also adds a touch of modern elegance to your home, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

Laminate glass door design ideas - Beautiful Homes

4. Wood and Laminate Door Design

The wood and laminate door design is a beautiful blend of classic and modern elements. In the case of wooden laminated doors, wood gives the door a classic, warm look, evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort, while the laminate adds a modern twist and makes the door more resistant to wear and tear. It's an excellent choice for those who love the look of wood but want a more durable and cost-effective option. This design can be customized to match any décor style, making it a versatile choice for any home.


5. Sliding Door Laminate Design

The sliding door laminate design is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to save space without compromising on style. This design features a sleek, modern look that can be customized to suit various styles and spaces. The sliding mechanism adds a modern touch to the room, while also making it easy to open and close the door. It's a versatile addition to any home, perfect for separating different areas of the house while also adding a stylish focal point.

Sliding laminate door - Beautiful Homes


Laminate Door Design Vs. Solid Wood Door Design

•    Aesthetics:

Solid wood doors have a natural and warm look, offering a rustic and timeless aesthetic appeal. Each piece of wood has its unique grain and colour, making every solid wood door one-of-a-kind. On the other hand, laminate doors for bedroom can mimic various styles and finishes, including the look of wood grain.


•    Durability:

Laminate doors are highly resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas or homes with children and pets. They can withstand daily wear and tear better than solid wood doors, which can be more prone to these issues over time. Solid wood doors, while durable, can show signs of aging like scratches or dents.

Laminate door with metal frame - Beautiful Homes

•    Maintenance:

Solid wood doors require regular polishing and maintenance to keep them in good condition. They may also need to be refinished over time to maintain their appearance. Laminate doors, on the other hand, are relatively low maintenance. A laminated door can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and does not require any special treatment to maintain its look.


•    Cost:

Solid wood doors are typically more expensive due to the material and craftsmanship involved. They are often seen as a luxury item and can add value to a home. However, modern laminated doors are more cost-effective, offering a stylish and durable option at a lower price point. The affordable laminated doors price makes them a popular choice for homeowners working with a tighter budget.

•    Variety:

Laminate doors come in a wide variety of colours, designs, and finishes. They can mimic the look of different materials, including various types of wood, giving homeowners a wide range of main door laminate designs to choose from. Solid wood doors, in contrast, may be limited to the natural colours and grain patterns of the wood used, although they can be painted or stained to achieve a different look.


•    Climate Impact:

Solid wood doors can warp or crack in certain climates due to changes in humidity and temperature. This makes them less suitable for areas with significant climate variations. However, modern laminated doors are more resistant to these changes, making them a more stable option in varying climates.


•    Weight:

Solid wood doors can be quite heavy, making them more challenging to install and operate. Their weight can also put more strain on the door frames and hinges. On the other hand, modern laminated doors are lighter and easier to handle, making installation simpler and putting less strain on the home's infrastructure.



FAQs for Laminate Door Design


1. Which laminate is good for the main door?

High-pressure laminates (HPL) are often recommended for main doors because they are durable, resistant to scratches, heat, and moisture, and available in a wide range of designs and finishes. In addition, main door laminate designs also provide the look of natural wood, without the associated maintenance and cost.


2. Is laminate or veneer better for main doors?

Both laminate and veneer have their advantages. Laminate is more durable, resistant to scratches and moisture, and easier to maintain than veneer. It is also less expensive and available in a wider variety of designs. Veneer, on the other hand, offers a more natural and authentic wood look but requires more maintenance and can be more susceptible to damage from moisture and sunlight.


3. Are laminate doors easy to maintain?

Yes, laminate doors are relatively easy to maintain. They don't require any special cleaning products or techniques. Regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth are usually enough to keep a laminated door looking good. They are also resistant to stains, scratches, and fading, so they don't need to be refinished or repainted like solid wood doors.


4. Can laminate doors be customized?

Yes, laminate doors for bedroom can be customised in terms of size, shape, and design. The laminate itself comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, which can mimic the look of various materials, including different types of wood, metal, and more. This allows homeowners to create a door that fits their specific style and décor needs.

How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Laminated Door Design?

Beautiful Homes can provide expert guidance in selecting the perfect laminated door design that complements your home interior design. We offer a variety of laminate finishes and colours to suit your style. Our team can also assist with custom designs, ensuring a seamless fit into your space. In addition, we ensure quality installation for the longevity and durability of the doors.


Visit our stores to consult with professional interior designers and explore the latest designs of main doors available in stores!

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