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Best TV stand décor ideas

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Dec 08, 2022
Classy & Best TV stand design for any room in your house - Beautiful Homes

With the right TV stand design, you can elevate the design of this focal point as well as the entire room. Read on to find out some of the best options available to you

A TV stand is a staple piece of furniture in homes now. The unit is often the focal point of the room with the layout directed towards it. It is, thus, easily one of the spaces you want to get right when designing your home. Here is our compilation of some design and décor ideas that you could take inspiration from to create your own TV stand.


TV Height and Size

The size of the TV will affect the layout of the furniture in the room, the height at which the TV will be and method of its installation. For example, a large TV can be mounted directly on the wall above a fireplace, whereas smaller TVs should be more on the eye level.


Choose your Style

Picking a specific style, or a combination of a few makes the designing process for rooms and furniture much easier. It’ll help you narrow down the material, finish, colour and shape of the TV stand when you’re designing it. Additionally, with a fixed style you can create home interiors that are cohesive.


Ideas for TV Stand Décor

1. TV Stand Décor Ideas: Keep it Clutter-Free

When it comes to TV stand décor, you want the focus to be on the TV, particularly if it is the go-to entertainment area. Keep the surfaces as clean as possible and avoid larger accessories such as large framed artwork, sculptures, etc. A couple of tea light candles, a small stack of books, a bowl for keys are some functional items that can easily double up as décor for a simple TV stand design.


2. TV Stand Décor Ideas: Use Sentimental Pieces

If you have TV stand wall mount design with cabinets below or shelving on either side, accessorise it with sentimental pieces such as heirlooms, photographs with loved ones, souvenirs from your travels, etc. This will give the TV stand design a personal touch.


3. TV Stand Design Ideas: Incorporate Different Textures

Incorporating various textures is a great way to add visual interest to any part of the home, particularly focal points such as TV stands. For rooms with more laidback styles such as Japandi, Boho chic, eclectic, coastal, etc., opt for rattan or fluted shutters for cabinets. A ceramic lamp with feather shade, woven jute baskets, metal photo frames are some excellent accessories adding a variety of texture.


4. TV Stand Décor Ideas: Use Fresh Greens

Plants and fresh flowers instantly enliven any space. If you have a green thumb, turn the TV console into a proud display of your skills. Keep it interesting by incorporating different kinds of plants such as succulents, vines, variegated, etc. Alternatively, you could keep it simple by placing a pair of vases on either side and filling them up with a bouquet of seasonal flowers every so often.

5. Modern TV Stand Décor Ideas: Keep the Colors Neutral

Mid-century modern style is dominated by the use of neutral tones such as beige and browns, with earthy accents like mustard, rust, olive. Stick to this colour profile for modern TV stand designs for an authentic vintage look. Choose a TV stand wall design, with a credenza as the base in hardwood or vinyl finish.


6. TV Stand Design Ideas: Hide Storage Space Underneath

The best TV stand design is one that not only looks good but fulfils all your functional requirements. More often than not, adequate storage space is a top priority for many. Opt for a simple TV stand design by mounting it on the wall and adding a dresser drawer, a credenza or a cubby with baskets for hidden storage.

Modern TV stand design for your house - Beautiful Homes

7. TV Stand Décor Ideas: Make it Seasonal

If you like to keep things interesting and need a change every so often, decorate your TV stand designs latest in seasonal décor. Pick a colour scheme for each season and get accessories and knick-knacks to match it. For spring time, opt for colourful décor in pastel or vibrant hues of Holi. In summer, beat the heat with cool tones of blues, turquoise and greens. Autumns are for earthy tones and winter for jewel tones. Keep switching it up with festive décor throughout the year.


8. TV Stand Ideas: Use the Space Around the TV Stand

Instead of cluttering the console with the décor, use the space around the TV. Add shelves for your plants, figurines, books, etc. Or you can install artwork or photographs to turn it into a gallery wall.

Sleek & best tv stand design for your space-Beautiful Homes

9. Modern TV Stand Décor Ideas: A Sleek TV Stand Wall Design

For a contemporary look, opt for a TV unit in light wood, adding warmth to the space. Keep the lines clean and the textures smooth. Instead of wood or laminate shutters for cabinets, opt for handlesses tinted glass and add recessed lighting inside to enhance functionality.

10. TV Stand Décor Ideas: A Minimal Approach

Keep it simple and clean by choosing a wood console to place your TV on. Instead of adding storage areas around the TV, just add large plants such as monstera on either side to frame the minimal unit. Leave the top of the console bare for a clutter-free look.


11. TV Stand Design Ideas: Prioritise Functionality

To make the most of LED TV stand designs wooden, mount the TV on the wall and frame it with a built-in unit on three sides— a bottom cabinet and two tall shelving units on either side. Choose black metal frame for shelves for an industrial look, a whitewash wood design for coastal look, or maintain the natural wood tone for Scandinavian style interiors.

Simple yet classy TV stand design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Latest TV stand wall designs for your room - Beautiful Homes

12. TV Stand Ideas: TV Stand New Design in Lacquer Finish

Asymmetry is another excellent way to add visual interest in a living room or a room wherever you can TV is placed. In a contemporary home, design your TV unit by starting with a long base cabinet spanning the length of the wall. Place the TV towards an end instead of the centre and add hanging cabinets and shelves on the other side. Opt for a lacquer finish in neutral tones such as charcoal, white and greys with a pop of colour for one element.

13. Modern TV Stand Décor Ideas: Accent Wall

Turn the wall behind the TV stand into an accent wall. For a modern look, opt for a solid coloured wall in earthy hues or jewel tones. If you want something a little more dynamic, a geometric mural is the way to go. Let the wall be the focal point with a simple painted wood TV stand.




1. How do you make a DIY TV stand?

If you consider yourself a pro DIYer, start with researching TV stand ideas to narrow down the design, material and shape you want to opt for. Double check your measurements before you start cutting and constructing. Ensure that you add a finishing coat to the TV stand— it could be paint, stain, laminates, etc.


2. How can I make my TV stand look good?

When you’re browsing for TV stand ideas pay attention to the details of the decor. Observe the colour scheme of the design. When you decorate your own TV stand, ensure that it is a cohesive look by maintaining the colour palette, repeating elements such as shapes and textures and keeping the space un-cluttered.


3. What is the best stand for a TV?

The best TV stand is the one that fulfils all your functional requirements and fits right in with the rest of the design. Double check the warranty and material quality to ensure longevity.



How can Beautiful Homes hHelp you with Perfect TV Stand Design?

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