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Laundry room ideas for your balcony design

  • Interior Design
Jan 16, 2023
Modular laundry area for your balcony space - Beautiful Homes

Both creatively designed and functional, these utility balcony ideas are perfect for Indian homes

A ubiquitous sight in most Indian apartments, the dry balcony can do so much more than it is ever expected to. Woefully however, it is often turned into a nondescript area extension in which to dump unwanted knick-knacks and objects that have nowhere else to be. No matter! With just a bit of need-based planning, a fair amount of interior design knowledge (we’ve got a bit of that!), and a few utility balcony ideas, the dry balcony can be transformed into a utility balcony space. We’ll show you how!


Dry Balcony Ideas for a Revamped Balcony

Practically speaking, a dry balcony is very beneficial in ventilating the house. As an in-between space joining your indoors to the outside, the balcony can also double up as a haven for comfort and leisure activities, reading, or just plainly enjoying a cup of tea. A dry balcony design can offer up a lot, and utility balcony ideas are aplenty.


A creative dry balcony design could morph your otherwise commonplace dry balcony into a more wholesome area, opening up your cramped, space-crunched balcony to a variety of possibilities. From a modular kitchen to carving out a cosy niche in your balcony for relaxing – there are enough utility balcony ideas to go by for a truly multifaceted dry balcony design!


For instance, consider kitchen dry balcony ideas. Some Indian flats tend to come with dry balcony in kitchen. With the kitchen space thus extended, a kitchen utility balcony design could include installing a dishwasher in the balcony, building storage space to keep expensive crockery that is only used during special occasions, and using the space for alfresco dining by arranging a few chic chairs and a small table in the area.


Arguably, though, among the many utility balcony ideas out there, one balcony design is the perfect option for Indian homes: creating a laundry area in balcony.



Why a Laundry Room in Balcony is Ideal

Most Indian urban homes are perennially short of space. While most flats and apartments may provide some area to keep your washing machine in, there is still all the paraphernalia that goes with laundry that needs storage, whether it is soaps, detergents, the laundry basket, and so on. Here is where having a laundry area in balcony makes pragmatic sense.

A balcony laundry design will ensure that the process of washing and drying takes place efficiently in an area that gets a lot of sunlight by default. A laundry area design will likely include an overhead clothesline or a hanging carousel on which to dry clothes in the balcony area. This will ensure that your home is dispelled of moisture and humidity. With a washing machine in balcony in India in a designated laundry area such as this, doing laundry itself becomes an easier chore. Besides, the extra space for storage that a good laundry area design will open up can never hurt! 


Before we dive into talking about some helpful utility balcony ideas, let’s first take a peek at what you need to bear in mind while designing a laundry area in balcony. 

Laundry design ideas for your balcony - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Factors to Keep in Mind for a Balcony Laundry Design

Want a laundry area design for your balcony? Excellent idea. Consider what kind of washing machine you possess (for instance, is it front load or top load?) and see if your balcony has enough space to keep the washing machine – otherwise, you might have to install a new one, or customise your balcony to accommodate your washing machine. You’ll need to make provisions to house equipment related to an efficient laundry process, such as a deep sink, an ironing board, and equipment for drying. Think also about how you can provide your washing machine with a good drainage system, electricity, etc. Don’t pile the laundry room with sundry things that give it a cluttered look. Besides, while this may seem obvious, it bears reminding to ensure that your laundry area design matches with the design of the rest of your home.


Now that we’ve cleared the practical bits about designing a dry balcony out of the way, let’s take a look at some utility balcony design ideas for a laundry room in balcony. 

Balcony laundry with cabinet & shelves for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Planetcare/ unsplash

1. Balcony Laundry Design with Cabinet and Tiered Shelf

This neutral-toned utility balcony features a large washing machine flanked by an open cabinet in which to store laundry essentials, and a tiered ladder shelf for items of a more immediate usage. What is striking about this balcony laundry design is that the storage baskets kept in the open cabinet give off the impression of drawers, lending the area a clean and tidy look. The brown baskets go very well with the cream walls and can be used to house large (and likely ugly) objects related to the washing process such as detergents and other cleaning supplies.

2. Corner Laundry Area in Balcony Design

If your dry balcony is absolutely pressed for space, consider building a corner unit in the balcony near the windows. In this white-themed laundry area in balcony design, a small space for a washing machine is made in this built-in unit in white, with a shelf above the washing machine for some decorative plants. A few overhead cupboards and a cabinet besides the machine is sufficient storage space for essentials.

Corner laundry design for your balcony area - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Raychan/ unsplash

Minimalist balcony laundry design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

3. Minimalist Balcony Laundry Design

Appease the minimalist in you by investing in a laundry room in balcony design that keeps only the bare minimum. This dry balcony features only a low table to sort out the laundry, some laundry baskets, a shelf for just the detergents, and of course, the washing machine. A black clock on the shelf is both functional and ornamental. A minimalist rug leads to the window sill with just enough space for a seat with a view for when you have to wait for your laundry to finish.


4. Modular Laundry Area in Balcony

This laundry area design features modular racks and shelves to stock your laundry essentials and cleaning supplies, apart from a space designated for your washing machine. You can store your supplies in transparent boxes on the open and accessible shelves. This unit also features some built-in rods on which to put out some of your clothes to dry, while drying others out on hangers. Snugly fitting in any dry balcony area, this unit leaves out enough space in your balcony to house a few chairs and table.

Modular laundry area for your balcony space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ikea


With a bit of inspiration and some creative practice, your unused balcony space can be transformed into a functional and trendy laundry area. And we at Beautiful Homes with Asian Paints can help you with that. Through our Beautiful Homes Services, we offer you services – including utility balcony design – by experienced interior designers and executed by proficient project managers. Our brand also includes Shop, a one-stop shop for all things design at affordable prices. Our stores are located in all the major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, Ernakulum, Raipur, Ooty, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, and more. 

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