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Lighting ideas for your living room

  • Lighting Ideas
Nov 28, 2021
Living room lighting with pendant lights, accent lights & ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

Nothing is so integral to the look and feel of a space as the lighting; making sure that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is an absolute must! Given that it is the heart of your home, where you entertain and where your family gathers, nowhere is appropriate lighting more vital than the living room

While doing-up the interiors of your house, there’s one aspect that can really make or break the final outcome, and that’s the lighting! From setting the mood to creating a comfortable environment, great lighting adds a lot to your home. In most cases, each room requires different things – bright lights in the bathroom, a mix of soft and focused lights for the bedroom, plenty of ambient and vivid lighting for the kitchen… deciding on the lighting for every room is a matter of how the space is used.


When it comes to choosing the best lighting for your living room, it’s important to keep both purpose and aesthetic in mind. After all, not only is lighting a functional necessity, but with the right fixtures, well-thought-out placement and the inclusion of beautiful statement pieces, it can complement and enhance your décor scheme.


So, let’s see if we can stimulate your imagination and spark those living room lighting ideas.

Wall Lamps : The Basics in Living Room Lighting Design

When it comes to living room lighting ideas, it’s important to start from the basics, and the most basic, indispensable form are your wall light fixtures. From the ambient glow of wall sconces to focused spots and decorative lamps, wall lights for living room interiors play an integral part in creating properly layered lighting within the space.


Wall fixtures have the additional advantage of being a neat and tidy way to add the appropriate lighting without interfering with your line of sight. In a smaller room they don’t take up highly coveted floor space, and for living rooms with lower ceilings they eliminate visual clutter that may be caused by having hanging lights or pendant lamps. With the options available today, it’s even possible to make your lighting very unobtrusive – modern fixtures that sit flush against your wall provide both uplight and downlight to create a well-lit, yet cosy ambiance.


What’s more, if you’re looking for a great way to add decorative lights for living room interiors that are highly thematic, it’s easy to choose wall lamps that reflect your décor style. Go with bronze or gold sconces to match your Art Deco theme, and for that Contemporary feel, don’t shy away from bold, geometric designs.

Wall lights for the minimalist living room - Beautiful Homes

The size and positioning of your wall lighting can also greatly influence the overall mood and look of your interior décor. For example, a corner wall lamp is a refreshing way to illuminate a largely underutilised area of the room, giving it new life. Similarly, large decorative panel lights in smaller inset areas or angular spaces can add depth and dimension to your living room, while improving the usability of that area. As far as functionality goes, floor-level wall lighting, especially time-set or motion sensitive options, create better visibility for split level floors and long hallways, or along staircases.This kind of lighting solution is of particular advantage when designing spaces with children or older family members in mind.

Floor level living room lighting with lamps & task lamps - Beautiful Homes

Floor-Level Lighting : Added Illumination with Living Room Lamps

When layering the lighting in your living room, table lamps, floor lamps and other free-standing light features, are a staple of simple living room lighting design. With table lamps on taller furniture and pedestal lamps to light up corners or reading nooks, you’ve got your mid-level lighting covered. Plus, with the often underutilised buffet lamps in play, you can create a comfortable glow at a floor level. Since your living room might have windows on only one wall, you’ll notice a lot of changes in how much natural light comes in at various hours of the day. 

For this reason, it’s very important to plan your artificial lighting around how the natural light hits different areas of the living room at different times. Support the sunlight with floor lamps for living room corners that are a little bit dimmer in the afternoon. Or add a goose-neck light to create a cosy spot, while torchiere lamps that bounce the light off your ceiling add extra warmth and radiance as twilight falls.


If you have a large living room, you can even use your lighting to segment the space. Choose different, yet similar styles of standing lamps for living room areas that have different uses. For example, in a house with a rustic theme, you could stick to lampshades that are in various hues of cream or off-white, but use lamp-stands of different shapes, sizes and material; have pedestal lamps with wooden stands for a more formal look in the visiting area of the room, while using ceramic table and buffet lamps for that comfy feeling in the TV and family section of the space. This allows you to create a specific ambiance, with minimal effort.

Ceiling Lamps : The Best Overhead Lights for Living Room Décor

Another simple way to create ambiance is by utilising hanging lights for living room illumination, as these provide an interesting visual feature while at the same time being a functional element. Whether your design style calls for a more traditional chandelier light, a bohemian inspired wicker-work shade or even a modern futuristic pendant, the hanging light is a design feature that can really enhance and add a finishing touch to your living room décor. When looking for decorative lights for living room spaces, keep in mind the size of your room and the relative height of your ceiling. 

Living room design with a grand chandelier for lighting - Beautiful Homes

Ideally, a hanging light should leave a clearance of at least 3 feet if installed above a table area, or 6 to 7 feet if installed above open floor space. Of course, these rules are dependent on your preferences and the style of your pendant or chandelier light, and your design might choose to flout these for better visual effect. With the variety of hanging light options available today, it is easy to choose lighting elements that add uniqueness and interest without impacting the practical needs or usability of your space.


Some often undervalued styles of ceiling lamps for living room areas are surface mounted panel lighting, recessed inset lighting and track lighting. While popular in commercial settings, these are sometimes overlooked for home use, despite the fact that they can give you unobtrusive and consistent lighting. Particularly in spaces where strong design elements are the main visual focus – for example, when highlighting a large piece of art. They are also an excellent choice for illumination when the need of the hour is a non-intrusive ambient glow. Plus, recessed lighting or track lighting are neat solutions to give the illusion of depth and space to drop-ceilings or smaller living rooms.

Accent lighting & pendant lights in the living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

Accent Lights : Unique Living Room Lighting Ideas

When it comes to small living room ceiling lights and other lighting ideas, there are many modern marvels that make your choices more exciting. Tiny, focused spots to accent your ceiling, strip-lights that can be used along the edges of built-in furniture or to highlight your sound-system, LED lamps that change colour to alter the mood of your room, and voice activated or other smart home solutions… The options available today allow you to play with light in an unprecedented manner.

If you are exploring modern wall lights for living room areas, touch-sensitive modular LED panels are a contemporary and practical way to create a futuristic look – not only can their brightness levels be changed, but with their free-form customizability, they can be arranged into whatever shape and style suits your space. Smart LED bulbs and panels mean you can automate and control your lights using an app, doing away with the need for traditional wall switches.

The main advantage to LED lights is that they can be very adjustable, providing either brighter illumination in areas that need better visibility or a softer ambient glow for a more subtle laid-back mood. Conversely, if your design calls for a more visually alluring piece, there are also decorative options of LED ceiling lights for contemporary living room spaces. This means even if your space has height constraints, you can still indulge in the look of the chandelier or modern geometric light fixture that your décor preferences demand.

Decorative lighting fixtures for the living room with floor lamps, ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

Whether it’s finding the best wall lights for living room interiors or choosing the ideal lamps to suit your décor, Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints is here to help!


With our curated collection and advice from our expert team, it’s easy to create the perfect lighting for every mood and situation. Get in touch today to partner with us and create the living room of your dreams.


Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.
Discover inspirational living room ideas for your home décor at Beautiful Homes.

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