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Lighting ideas for your foyer: Create a dazzling first impression

  • Lighting Ideas
Apr 02, 2022
Pendant lights to enhance your foyer design - Beautiful Homes

We bring you 6 stylish and beautiful foyer lighting ideas to help you choose the perfect entryway light

First impressions are the ones that last a lifetime. A foyer —also known as, the entryway, lobby, vestibule or entrance does just that, a style and a design ambassador to your haven. The foyer space sets the tone welcoming or formal, relaxed or scenic, filled with trendy elements or minimal.


An excellent foyer design should be spectacular, expressive and express a story special and unique to its residents. As it is a crucial element of home interior design, your entryway lighting should be exceptionally stunning and impressive. Apart from simply the aesthetics, the lighting also has to be perfectly balanced, in order to accomplish the perfect kind of warmth and calmness inside your abode. An appropriate kind of lighting also creates an attractive entrance and further sets a captivating mood, ambience, and aura inside your home. There are a plethora of decorating entryway lighting styles with a mass of different designs, shapes, colours and sizes that are currently available in the market. To help get you started on the right note, we’ve assembled 6 beautiful and stylish foyer lighting ideas for your home.

1. LED Strip for Decorating a Foyer

The LED form of strip lighting is a fairly recent and most versatile type of lighting. These are available in a strip form that you can effortlessly attach to your wall, suspend or just wrap around the furniture, Either way, it looks stylish and trendy. It is also known as contemporary minimalistic lamps. LED strip lights are modern, aesthetic and fancy kinds of lights, a great option for the foyer area, to add a new life to your overall home décor scene.

Yellow lighting for your hallway design - Beautiful Homes
Hanging light to brighten up your foyer design - Beautiful Homes

2. Recessed Lighting for a Designer Foyer

Also referred to as pot light, foyer hanging lights and downlight, recessed lighting is commonly installed in a circular hole or void in the ceiling. As the name suggests, the foyer ceiling lights is shone downwards, in an open manner and the light appears as if it’s radiating from an open space in the ceiling. So, the resultant foyer light fixtures are more like a pot or canister since it is cylindrical in form.


Lighting fixtures in these types of lights have three primary elements which are: the bulb, housing, and trim. The housing is another name for foyer ceiling lights which primarily contains the lamp holder, and itself is nestled in the ceiling hole. The trim is known as the visible part of the lighting that you can vividly notice when you look up. It also refers to the thin line that orbits around the edge of the light. Lastly, the bulb is, of course, the origin of light, and there is a combination of different types of bulbs that can be fixed into the open fixture.

3. Foyer Chandelier

Are you someone who likes to make everything a lavish and grand statement about your house? Then chandeliers are one such option to achieve your dream. These stunning foyer lights manage to radiate and illuminate most of the spaces in your space in an entirely impressive fashion. They include collections of multiple lamps that usually hang within branched frames.


Chandeliers come in a bunch of different styles, builds, and sizes, each adding a spirited and glitzy aesthetic to your foyer which makes quite an impression when you have visitors over in your place.


Typical chandeliers have hanging crystal prisms that adorn the room by refracting the light while on the other hand; modern chandeliers use immediate light from lamps rather than using crystal prisms. This presents a more nuanced and minimalist look overall.


  • Candle Style Foyer Chandelier: This type of lights for foyer area are one of the most popular foyer chandelier styles that a lot of individuals select for their entryway. The reason behind its popularity is that it consists of lights that are shaped like candles and look extraordinarily spectacular. A standard candle style chandelier normally consists of five or more arms, each of which has a candlestick shaped light or bulb.

  • Crystal Chandeliers:
    Crystal chandeliers are generally made of drooping crystal prisms, and the glass typically consists of chemical content, for example, lead crystal. This helps add a plethora of unique qualities to the chandelier like transparency, and resonance. Even within the type of crystal chandeliers, you will find a number of styles and designs, varying from modern stylish to European romantic.


4. Foyer Pendant Light

Pendant lights are one of those versatile types of lights for foyer areas that can fit in as a modernised option for foyer lighting, however, are equally fabulous when installed in conventional areas. The most fascinating thing about a foyer pendant light is that they tend to create an illusion of more elevated and taller spaces that enables you to draw your eyes upwards, and the light softly radiates from the hanging component.


Pendant lights are often compared with chandeliers since they are fairly similar in build. Some of them use fluorescent or halogen bulbs while a few other sorts use low voltage energy-saving lights. When selecting the pendant lighting for your house, it is advised to first consider the bulb quantity, the size, and the suspension system. Besides, it is also crucial to form the right kind of definition by placing them at a height that lets an unbridled view while you are sitting or standing.

  • Globe Pendant Foyer Lights:
    Globe pendant foyer lights are named such because of their obvious round shape, and they are also often known as spheres, globes, and orbs. They are relatively bright since the round globes are typically made of glass and contain bulbs or lights placed in the centre. These are commonly put alone, but if you wish to make a brave and spectacular impression at your entrance, you can hang a bunch of these pendants altogether. Furthermore, if you are more of an experimenter and want to play around with these beauties a little more, you can set them at various depth lengths which will look simply gorgeous.

  • Bowl Pendant Foyer lights:
    This style of lighting consists of an inverted bowl-shaped pendant. Bowl pendant lights are believed to be the most universal lighting style, regarding how their structure is so sleek and uncomplicated yet so functional. Since the bowl is installed in an inverted way, it casts the light in an upward manner rather than downwards.

  • Abstract Phape Pendant Lights:
    This one is a wonderful lighting idea for foyers and entryways where you want an ornamental ambient lighting design to place in the centre and give a creative touch to the whole space. They are indeed abstract with no set or standard shape and structure.

5. Foyer Lamps

Foyer lamps have been in use for a while now. They might be a traditional option yet are actually astonishing as they never go out of style. Even though they do consume quite a big fragment of space, they bring that extra visual factor to your house that is aesthetically alluring. Be it floor lamps or table lamps, they are an appealing resolution to all your lighting woes. The most exciting thing about lamps is that you can effortlessly move them around, play with them and alter their position. You can also experiment with other kinds of bulbs that are used inside lamps if you want to diversify the extent of cool and warmth you want within your space. 

Wall lights to enhance your foyer design - Beautiful Homes

Not only do lamps offer the finest type of illumination, but they are also graceful and refined, and make an awesome first impression on anyone who catches a glimpse of them.

Small white lights for your foyer design - Beautiful Homes

6. Foyer Wall Sconces

These are perfectly defined as the greatest “smart lighting” fix to all your light difficulties! Also named wall lights, wall sconces are merely fixtures that are attached to a wall. A standard wall sconce is nothing but a regular lamp that is adhered to a wall. However, they have an assortment of different styles and designs like lanterns and candle sconces available in the market.

Make a Spectacular First Impression with Beautiful Homes

A foyer tells volumes about the sort of home that lies past the introductory threshold, both about the corner as well as tucked behind those closed doors. Multiple factors differentiate a foyer from a sheer entry hall, but lighting is certainly the first and last to leave the most incredible first impression.


From rich chandeliers to the most uncomplicated of pendants, Asian Paints Beautiful Homes brings you the best foyer lighting ideas that are designed to emphasise the nuances that set your space apart and reflect the human behind the front door. 


Wall sconces offer a hint of particular mystery to your ambience, while cheerful foyer hanging lights fixtures suggest an extravagant bohemia between the walls. And with suitable dimmer alternatives available, you can adjust your foyer’s lights to suit every mood and time of day, and always the event.


Irrespective of the size or scope of your foyer entry, there’s always space to improve on perfection. Soaked in a warm and tempting glow or cast in a seductive play of light & shadow, your foyer can be designed to set the stage for what’s to come. And with the perfect lighting by Beautiful Homes, you can be assured that it is always good to be back home. Our Beautiful Homes Service Advantage includes:

  • Interior Design Experts
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  • End-to-End Service
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