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Living room accent wall ideas

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Sep 05, 2022
Wall paneling design for the accent wall in living room - Beautiful Homes

Elevate your living room design with these stunning and elegant ideas for an accent wall

Accent walls are a great way to infuse personality into a room. It is an especially great option and accessible option to spruce up your living room design. Shop for accent wall ideas from the list we've compiled, and read on to find out how to pick the right wall for your design.


1. Panelling Wall Ideas

Add textural interest and depth to your feature wall design with panelling wall ideas. It is a great way to add visual intrigue to neutral and monochromatic interiors. Opt for decorative 3D panels or a realistically rendered wallpaper to achieve this dynamic effect.

2. Accent Wall Geometric Wall Paint

Geometric patterns are an effortless yet chic living room accent wall idea. Keep it minimal with just the outline or colour block for pops of vibrant hues. From circles to blocks and geometric triangle accent walls, there are many options to choose from. If you don't want the hassle of accent wall geometric wall paint, opt for a wallpaper featuring geometric patterns instead.

Geometric wall paint for living room accent wall - Beautiful Homes
Wooden accent wall design for the living room - Beautiful Homes

3. Wood Accent Wall

Wooden wall accents for the living room interior design are a great way to introduce a focal point. You may opt for a wood accent wall with wainscoting, shiplap, beadboard and other types of panelling. Or can create an accent wall design that features wooden elements such as frames, platters, and other types of wall hangings.

4. Mirrored Accent Wall

Mirrors are an excellent tool to enhance the size of a room. Get creative and turn this accessory into a focal point with mirrored accent wall ideas. A large one with an intricate metallic frame will bring a vintage touch to your interiors. Or you can keep it minimal with a frameless circular mirror above the mantle.

5. Grey Living Room Accent Wall

Grey is a great neutral to create warm and soothing interiors. Use a dark grey feature wall to add depth to the living room. Add texture to it, such as popcorn or sand swirl, for an industrial-style concrete wall look.


6. Black Accent Wall

A bold black accent wall design can pack a punch like no other. It works like a charm if you want to introduce contrast and control the eye's movement. It is a great anchor for in-built units and adds depth.

Patterned grey accent wall for the living room design - Beautiful Homes
Exposed brick accent wall in the spacious living room - Beautiful Homes

7. Exposed Brick Accent Wall Design

An exposed brick wall is quintessential to industrial décor. Its rustic charm is unparalleled. If your house doesn't have brick architecture, worry not. You can still achieve this gorgeous look with 3D brick wallpaper or faux veneers.


8. Living Room Accent Wall Ideas using Wallpaper

Wallpapers are versatile. You can use them to incorporate colour, pattern, texture or art into your interiors. From tropical designs to vintage repeat patterns, you have diverse options.

9. Ideas for Painting an Accent Wall using Texture

If wall claddings aren't for you, try textured paint for the feature wall living room. Consider crinkle, colour wash, or frost style paint textures for a contemporary minimalist living room. If you want something a little more funky, try spatula, smoky or brush stroke techniques.

Textured accent wall design for your modern living room design - Beautiful Homes
Painted shapes accent wall for the luxurious living room - Beautiful Homes

10. Living Room Accent Wall Ideas- Painted Shapes

Choosing a design and style for a living room accent wall may seem like a mammoth task. Avoid the complexities and just paint sections of the wall. Paint shapes like circles, arches, clouds, or geometric triangles on the accent wall. Pick a colour that features in the rest of the décor and use it as accent wall paint to ensure a cohesive look.

11. Murals for the Living Room Accent Wall

Murals are a great option if you're looking for custom and unique living room accent wall ideas. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. To achieve a cohesive look, try to repeat the colours you use for the murals in the rest of the décor.


12. Living Room Paint Ideas with Accent Wall

Colours are emotive, so pick accent wall colours that lend to the ambience you want to create in the living room. For serene and minimal, neutrals such as white, grey and beige work well. Jewel tones and darker hues such as black and navy are excellent options for a moody, sensual vibe. Consider brighter colours or pastels if you prefer cheery and peppy styles.


Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Living Room Accent Wall

Here are a few things you should consider before picking the feature wall in the living room and starting shopping for accent wall elegant living room wall décor ideas.


1. Does the wall have an architectural feature?

If yes, then chances are that it is the focal point of the room. For a natural flow in the design and décor of the living room, highlight the wall with the architectural feature—for example, a ceiling with exposed beams, panelled walls, etc.


2. Are there windows in the living room?

Window placement in the room will determine the amount of natural light you receive and the amount and type of artificial light you require. The lighting in the room will decide which colour would best work for the space as it affects the tone of colours.


3. A fireplace is a perfect reason for an accent wall

A fireplace is another example of an architectural feature that is the room's focal point. Since the eye gravitates towards it, focus on wall accents for the living room that are an organic extension to the fireplace surround.


4. What wall do your eyes gravitate to?

If the room has an architectural feature, your eye will naturally gravitate toward it. Although, in rooms without one, you can create a focal point instead. Some excellent examples are the wall behind the sofa, a built-in library wall, and a gallery wall.


5. Pick a wall that brings balance

You want to pick a wall that allows you to balance the room's design. You should be able to place furniture in front of it without it looking kitschy. Also, avoid walls that have asymmetrical features such as off-centre windows or shelving.


6. Where does the wall start and end?

Not all rooms are perfect squares. With an accent wall, you can manipulate how the viewers perceive its dimensionality. For example, if you want to shorten the length, choose the farthest wall; if you want to elongate the room, continue the design to the ceiling, and so on.


7. What sits up against the wall?

Since accent walls are supposed to create focal points in the room, avoid placing bulky furniture such as cabinets against them. Artwork, sofa and shelves are better suited to go up against the living room accent wall.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you Choose the Best Accent Wall for your Living Room Design?

With Beautiful Homes' diverse selection of products, you can create the accent wall of your dreams. We offer a variety of peel and stick wallpapers, single coat emulsions, spray paint with your choice of finish made for all materials and much more. Use our colour selection tools to find the best colour palette for your living room interior design.


With our Interior Design Services, you can hire experts for a bespoke experience. They will ensure that all the design and décor solutions best suit your style and needs. Opt for our specialised services such as Safe Painting Services, Colour Consultancy Services Online, Wood Solutions or Design Wall Makeover to get the most elegant accent wall.


Whatever your needs are, we at Beautiful Homes have your back.

Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.
Discover inspirational living room ideas for your home décor at Beautiful Homes.

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