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10 tips for the perfect living room lighting

  • Interior Design
Nov 23, 2017
White interior for your modern minimalist living room design - Beautiful Homes

The living room serves multiple purposes, from being a space to entertain guests and spending family time to doubling-up as a television room or workspace. We have compiled a number of lighting tips for you to design the perfect living room lighting. Use multiple sources of light at different levels; layered lighting allows one to control the ambience and mood. The following living room lighting ideas will help you create a warm and welcoming space for your family. Choose living room ceiling lighting ideas or ​​​​​​living room corner lighting ideas to instantly elevate the interiors of your home. These living room lighting tips will get you inspired no matter what your home’s design aesthetic is.


Wall lighting ideas: Living room



Accent lighting, also known as highlighting, focuses light directly on particular objects or areas of the room. Accent lights include picture lights, niche lighting and lighting inside cabinets.


Niche lighting are living room ceiling lighting ideas, which highlight architectural features and important objects.



Ambient lighting illuminates an entire room with a uniform light level. Ceiling light fixtures, spotlights and fixed wall lights are used for ambient lighting in living rooms. From this list of wall lighting ideas: Living room, ambient lighting is the most important.



Task lighting offers focused light for specific tasks such as cooking, reading or working in a room that may already have some ambient light.



Like its name implies, decorative lighting is used to create a mood and add interest to a room with striking lighting fixtures.


10 Ways To Go About Living Room Lighting

1.    Light up

Ambient lights illuminate the entire space, like a central hanging fixture. Task lights are bright lights directed toward a specific task like a table lamp used in a reading corner. Accent lights are used to highlight interesting objects or architectural features, like recessed lights in cabinets or lights throwing a soft glow on artwork.

Lighting ideas for your living room interior design - Beautiful Homes
Sofas to decorate your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

2.    Placement and size

Fix lights at different levels – high on the ceiling, mid-level on the upper part of the walls, and low-level like table lamps.  A central hanging fixture can anchor the room; it should be low enough to feel like part of the room but not overpower the area.

3.    Mix and match

Consider mixing old and new styles for an eclectic look. Bold, unique sconces pair well with streamlined table lamps while soft recessed lights balance out a feature chandelier. Keep in mind the size of the room before investing in large lamps, chandeliers, or wall fixtures. Select lighting fixtures that match your personality from the modern living room ceiling lighting ideas.

Chandelier & pink color wall ideas for your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes
Modern lighting ideas for luxurious living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

4.    How many are too many?

Layered lighting can add an interesting dimension to your living room but don’t go overboard, especially with pot and pendant lamps. Place pot lights in the corners of the room; these should never be your only source of lighting. If you want to use multiple pendant lamps, stick to simple designs.

5.    Natural light

Keep your windows free of clutter and furniture to make optimum use of natural light. Consider placing a mirror or polished surface in a way that natural light bounces off it and reflects into the room.

Wooden wall paneling & floor to ceiling curtains for your living room - Beautiful Homes

6.    Add a statement chandelier

From this list of living room lighting ideas, bringing in a statement chandelier is one of the easiest ways to add a wow factor. An awe-inspiring chandelier can become the focal point of a room and tie the space together. From modern to traditional, there are numerous ceiling living room lighting ideas from which to choose.

7.    Use dimmable lights

Always incorporate dimmable lighting fixtures that can be adjusted depending on the occasion and mood. For instance, you will need bright lights for a work video call and dim lights for a romantic dinner or a movie night with friends. Dimmable lights are a must-do from this round-up of ceiling living room lighting ideas.

Task lighting ideas for your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes
Table lamp & floor lamp for your living room lighting ideas - Beautiful Homes

8.    Include task lights

Adding task lights is one of the most commonly used lights from our list of living room corner lighting ideas. Choose adjustable lighting fixtures such as ​table lamps, floor lamps, swing-arm lamps, and movable wall lights for particular tasks. Modern living room ceiling lighting ideas always include task lights for practical requirements.

9.    Make a small living room look bigger

We also have a number of small living room lighting ideas to make your compact space look larger. Use bright lighting and spread your lighting fixtures evenly to draw the eye around the room and make it appear larger. These hall lighting ideas will brighten up your home. Therefore, small living room lighting ideas can be used to make your living room appear bigger.

Add wall photo frames for your living room décor - Beautiful Homes
Pendant lights & black interior for living room - Beautiful Homes

10.    Don’t underestimate lighting

Finally, do not underestimate the lighting in your living room. Light can make or break a room. These drawing room lighting ideas are to help you design a living room, which is aesthetically pleasing yet highly practical. Whether you use modern living room wall lighting ideas or traditional ceiling lights, ensure the lighting matches the home’s design style and requirements.


Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.

From our list of hall lighting ideas, lights at different levels are the best for layering

This allows you to control the amount of light in the room and build an ambiance according to the occasion. Additionally, as showcased, always let in plenty of natural light in your living room.


Make sure your statement chandeliers hang low enough to be included as part of the ​​décor but don’t overwhelm the space

Be mindful of the design you pick so it goes in tandem with the rest of your house. For instance, if you have modern furniture, select a contemporary chandelier. Statement chandeliers not only provide light but are also an important decorative element of your living room. If you’re using multiple chandeliers, ensure that they complement each other.


Wall sconces are a great way to introduce light into a living room and are great modern living room wall lighting ideas

When placed well, they not only act as highlighters, but can also elevate the décor of the space. Furthermore, wall sconces can be used when dim light is needed to create a relaxed mood.


These drawing room lighting ideas will inspire you to design the perfect living room for your home.


FAQs for living room lighting

1.   What is the best combination of lighting for a living room?

Begin by adding dimmable ambient lighting to the entire space. Thereafter, incorporate task lights and accent lights depending on your requirements, architectural features, and accessories. Finally, add decorative lights in the form of chandeliers or wall sconces. Choose lighting fixtures that are visually appealing and practical, and remember not to overwhelm the room.


2.   How do you design a living room lighting layout?

Always start with planning the ambient lighting first, as it is the foundation for lighting design. If you are still unsure of how to design a living room lighting layout, it’s best to consult a professional.


3.   What are the trending lighting colors in 2022?

Neutral-hued lighting fixtures are trending in 2022. These lighting fixtures blend in with the interiors and help create a harmonious look. Moreover, black chandeliers work well in monochromatic interiors, and pops of color can be added with vibrantly hued statement chandeliers. 


If you still need additional living room lighting ideas and did not find your answer in this living room lighting guide, it’s advisable to consult a professional. Along with providing living room lighting tips and trending design styles, an expert can also guide you on which living room lighting to choose, how to arrange lighting fixtures and the best ways to use furniture and decor pieces.


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Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.
Discover inspirational living room ideas for your home décor at Beautiful Homes.

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