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14 luxury interior design & décor ideas for your home

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Sep 22, 2022
Luxury house design with luxury kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Luxury home design is more than high end furniture and rich furnishings; it is about creating interiors that present an impressive and sumptuous design that will take your breath away. Here are amazing luxury interior design and décor ideas for your home

Interior Luxury House Style

Luxury home design may seem expensive but adding an opulent flair to your luxury room design may not cost as much as you think. In luxury home interior designs, even the smallest luxury home décor needs to be carefully considered and the pieces come together to make a sophisticated and classy luxury house design.


High-end luxury home design is more than chandeliers, tufted settees and marble busts. It is about creating a space that tells a beautiful story and presenting a cohesive, yet impressive luxury house design that will take your breath away. 


Luxury House Design Tips

Here are tips on how to transform your home into a luxury home interior that is stunning and splendid.


1. Planning is key to a spectacular modern luxury house interior

Any kind of luxury home interior project needs a well thought out plan. Choose large furniture pieces, decide on the colour palette and finally pick the finishing aspects that will bring the luxury house design together. Make sure that each element is impressive on its own but blends in with the overall luxury homes décor. For instance, start with an architectural focal point, like an exposed brick wall or impressive window arches and build from there.

2. A luxury home design needs minimal adornment

Minimal luxury interiors are in and these stark but stunning spaces have fewer items on display, a less crowded space and an interior in which architecture and form are appreciated in all of their glorious simplicity. A two-toned space with neutral hued colours, low furniture, and a few statement pieces of luxury home décor brings a subtle but superb look to a modern luxury interior design.


3. A luxurious colour palette accentuates luxury classic house design

Choosing the right colour palette can dictate the ambience of your luxury classic house design. Bold hues give a sense of energy and confidence while soft neutral colours can give a relaxed feeling and help make a modern luxury interior design feel more open.


4. Fashionable furniture for a luxury house interior

For the ultimate luxury house interior, choose furniture that is high end and timeless.  Whether traditional or contemporary, the pieces should be classic and match the aesthetics of your luxury home design.  Opt for furniture that has clean and uncomplicated lines creating a nonchalant but stylish dialogue.

Luxury dining room design with chic pendant lights - Beautiful Homes
Luxury dining space in the wooden kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes

5. Lustrous furnishings for a luxury home interior design

Luxury interior furnishings are leaning towards multiple layered colour schemes that enhance the overall look of a luxury classic house design.  Use velvets, silks and chenille in strong colours and highlight them with dramatic botanical or floral patterns to give your luxury home interior design a glamorous look.

6. Refine your luxury home interior design with elegant window treatments

Whether it's full and flowing drapes, modern coverings, classic curtains, or Roman shades, window treatments are one of the essential features of luxury interior design. Unique colours and patterns in rich textures, like damask and jacquard, can help bring this luxury room interior to life.


7. Let your luxury house interior sparkle with chic lighting

Good lighting can turn a drab room into a resplendent luxury house interior with the simple flick of a switch. Choose a single eye-catching chandelier, elegant accent lights to showcase statement pieces and mood lighting to make the luxury design warm and inviting during the day, and a magnificent setting for a formal evening.

Luxury bedroom interior design for your home - Beautiful Homes
Luxury bathroom interior design for your home - Beautiful Homes

8. Luxury design accent pieces for a luxury house interior design

Adding luxury design accent pieces to a space can go a long way in making your luxury interiors feel more personal. Hand-picked luxury homes décor help reflect the personality of the homeowner. Whether your taste leans towards the subtle or eclectic, exceptionally crafted luxury homes décor can provide the spark to stitch the room together and elevate design elegance.


9. Use natural foliage as luxury home décor

Plants add colour and texture to a room and can freshen up a luxury classic house design. Plants add interest to a luxury room interior, for instance a cactus in a hammered silver pot or a tall ficus in a wooden bucket add an interesting twist to a room.


10. Pick statement art pieces to enhance your luxury interior

Nothing defines luxury interiors more than personalized design. Adding custom art pieces gives a unique look to a luxury beautiful house inside and is an expression of the homeowner's aesthetics and style. Invest in a few statement pieces, but curate them carefully to make them the ultimate symbol of luxury.

11. Classic and elegant luxury bungalow interior design

For a classical look, incorporate columns and other architectural elements as keystones of a luxury bungalow interior design. Choose chic chandeliers, moulded ceilings, ornately detailed work and an understated neutral colour palette with bold gold-hued accents to create a striking luxury house design.


12. Over the top luxury villa interior design

Create a luxury house design with opulent materials and textures. Choose expensive wood furniture and rich furnishings in silk and velvet, and add leather with metal accents, mirrored surfaces and polished stone. Complete this sumptuous look with fountains and water elements in stone and marble.

Luxury living room interior design for your luxury home design - Beautiful Homes
Luxury kitchen and dining room interior design - Beautiful Homes

13. Sophisticated contemporary luxury interior design

Simplicity, plays on texture, and quiet drama are fundamental in achieving a perfectly balanced contemporary style luxury room design. Keep floors simple with classic wooden materials in this modern luxury interiors. Make use of structural elements like moulding, exposed brick walls and brass pipes for added character in an otherwise simple room.

14. A minimalist luxury apartment interior

Create a minimalist luxury apartment interior with simplicity, neat lines, geometric shapes, and a colour palette that’s easy on the eye. Consider expressive artworks, two-toned rugs and pillows, and sculptural lamps and vases for a touch of decadence in this luxury flat interior.

Luxury living room interiors for your luxury house design - Beautiful Homes

Luxury Home Design & Décor Tips

1. Luxury living room design

Pick an architectural feature or a statement furniture as the starting point of your luxury living room design.  For instance, pick a large bay window and accent it with floor to ceiling opulent window treatments in rich damask. Keep the furniture and furnishings simpler with natural textures to accent the beauty of the windows in this exquisite luxury flat interior.


2. Luxury Bedroom interior design in modern luxury house interior

When one thinks of a luxury interior design style bedroom, the first image that springs to mind is an opulent, over the top and plush bed. Whether it is a rosewood cot with Victorian linen or a contemporary brass bedstead with silk sheets, the bed is the king of this story. Enhance the beauty of the bedstead with choice pieces in this luxury room interior design.

Luxury kitchen design & living room space for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Luxury Kitchen Design in luxury house design interior

Modular kitchens are usually bespoke and come with beautiful designs, with a wide range of flooring, cabinetry choices and countertop materials to create a chic and sophisticated space to work in. Whether you want a traditional look with a marble finish or a sleek, polished and modern vibe will depend on your taste and style.


4. Luxury bathroom design in luxury house design interior

Create a bathroom with a luxury interior with careful vintage buys.  Root through antique stores for bespoke options for baths, showers and basins, and add taps, shower rails and storage accessories in more glamorous materials like brass and stone.


1. What is a modern luxury interior style?

A classic modern luxury interior incorporates an uncluttered style with a fashionably undone aesthetic. It features aged or antiqued finishes, metals and raw textures, such as brick and stone, for an expensively casual look or incorporates elaborate chandeliers, high gloss or mirrored casegoods, and skirted upholstery for a more decadent luxury house interior design.

How is luxury interior design different from non-luxury?

There are several differences between a luxury interior design and a non luxury interior design.

  • Luxury interiors are usually bespoke and contain customized pieces.

  • The budget for a luxury house inside is much more than non luxury house inside.

  • A luxury interior uses high end furniture and furnishings.

  • The finished look of a luxury house inside is more unique and expensive than a non luxury house inside.
Luxury home interior design with luxe interiors & decor - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Design a Luxurious Home of your Dreams?

At Beautiful Homes, we offer a luxury house interior design that exudes warmth, refined comfort and a sense of the client’s personality. Our luxury interior designers believe in designing a home that will be unique and extraordinary, and work with the clients to bring their vision alive.


If you are looking for luxury interior designers, we offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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