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Luxury living room design ideas you hadn't thought of yet

  • Living Room Design
Jun 03, 2020
A Luxury Living Room Design Bathing In Natural Light - Beautiful Homes

Take a look at the best design tips and tricks to create the perfect luxury living room design to suit your style and the size of your home!

The idea of a luxury living room is extremely appealing to many, but its design varies from person to person, as it heavily relies on the purpose of the room and the habits of the family who uses it. For some, it may include grand opulence with maximalist furniture (gilded and all); and for others, it may include the comfiest surroundings with the latest technology and gadgets to bring the whole family together.


We’ve rounded up 10 different ideas and questions you may have while planning your luxury interior design ideas for living room.

1. Does Maximize Space Effect Cosiness in Luxurious Living Room Ideas?

While high ceilings and a wide floor plan may be the epitome of luxury ― and the textbook advice for luxurious living room ideas & design ― a frequently asked question is whether an abundance of space could make a room look cold and lacking in terms of cosiness. If you’re looking for luxury living room ideas, that do not skimp on comfort, consider creating a nook in a suitable corner of the room or adding elements of cosiness around your furniture.


Style Tip: These luxury living room ideas are big and airy while also hosting a plush sofa and a large ottoman accented with fluffy cushions and a throw, that add colour to the overall muted palette. The corner armchair by the window makes for the perfect reading nook. The generously sized handwoven rug ties the entire room together and creates a peaceful reading spot or a relaxing untwining space on the floor.

Maximize Space Effect Cosines In A Luxury Living Room Interior Design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, H&M

A Luxury Living Room Interior Design With Playful Elements - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, H&M

2. A Luxury Living Room with Playful Elements

With wooden panelling and a double-height ceiling, this luxury living room has all the elements of a tasteful personal style with a cool colour palette: ceramics on display and house plants to lend a dash of nature. Taking advantage of the extra space, there’s also a cane swing hung from the ceiling, which can be a wonderful seating option while relaxing and kicking back at the end of the day, or a spot for the kids at home to play around.


Insider’s Eye: A cane swing such as this can be enjoyed by all age groups and can be styled to match your aesthetic. Throw in a few cushions or paint the entire swing in your favourite colour to add warmth to the room.

3. Luxury Living Room Ideas Inspiring Grandeur

For a stylish & elegant living room design, one should always incorporate at least one design element to make a bold statement. While the interiors in this luxury living room are neat and tasteful with a balanced aesthetic, the first detail that catches the eye are the larger-than-life floor-to-ceiling windows, which are the focal point of the room. Not only are these minimalist industrial-style windows contributing to the stylish décor, they’re also adding a lot of ventilation and natural light to the room—a redefined, and sometimes unattainable, element of luxury in today’s growing urban cities.

Luxury Living Room Design Ideas Inspiring Grandeur - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, H&M

A Luxury Living Room Interior Design Bathing In Natural Light - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Abstract House

4. A Luxurious Living Room Design Bathing in Natural Light

These days in urban India and big cities around the world, the idea of space is slowly becoming a luxury. And, with more and more condos and building units being fitted into residential spaces, rooms with ample natural ventilation and light are becoming a rarity—making it the new bold statement of luxury. Hence, for your luxury living room design to truly stand out, make sure to highlight and draw focus to the abundance of sunlight that pours into the room.

Style Tip: Creating a cosy nook by the windows with comfy armchairs or sofas will help make the most of this novel feature in the room. You could also fit in sheer drapes to add privacy, while not disturbing the flow of natural light streaming in.

5. Incorporating Souvenirs in a Luxury Living Room: Yay or Nay?

Yay! For many, the first idea that pops up in their heads, when they think of luxury living room design, hosts way too much opulence and leaves very little room to personal style and warmth. That can’t be the case in a realistic luxury living room. By incorporating elements such as souvenirs from travels, family photographs, scenic stills of a significant city, personal mementos or heirlooms that have been passed down for generations, you’ll create a


Narrative Throughout The Room: a personal story narrated back to all your guests. Having a space that mirrors your family’s journey or heritage is an interior design trick to create a luxurious space unique only to you.

Incorporating Souvenirs In A Luxury Living Room Interior Design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, DelightFULL

Image courtesy, Damir Kopezhanov/ unsplash

6. How to Modernize a Luxury Living Room Design?

In today’s date, a living room design is incomplete without the latest technology & state-of-the-art devices. From smart TVs and wireless speakers to automated temperature controls and sleek security systems, your luxury living room ideas need to incorporate the right equipment to fit your lifestyle.


Pro Tip: While technology can make your home comfort more seamless, the clutter of wires and cables will not. Make sure to always conceal these behind your devices or opt for wireless options, which is the uber-luxury way to go, always!

7. Colours and Prints Mix in a Luxury Interior Design Living Room?

If your personal style includes vibrant colours, textures and prints, and you’d like to mix them all to create a luxury living room: you can. All luxury living room ideas don’t have to include muted tones and serious colours. A play of colour palettes with complimenting prints can add whimsical charm to an otherwise dull and boring space—the key here is balance. In this room, the brutalist concrete walls are offset with décor in shades of orange, mustard, peach and pastel pink. While there’s a mix in textures and mediums across the room, the multiple hues work well together because the palette consists of colour gradients within a similar colour spectrum.

Image courtesy, DFS Furniture

Houseplants in a Luxury Living Room Designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, DFS Furniture

8. What to do When a Luxury Living Room Looks Lifeless?

Sometimes your décor can be on pointe ― you chose the right colour palette and selected the perfect furniture set ― however, something feels slightly off. Very often, it’s something you can’t quite put your finger on, but even so, your luxury living room looks incomplete or lifeless. An easy remedy is adding plants to spruce up and add life to a dull space. Strategically placed houseplants can immediately inject colour to a room, along with an element of freshness. If your décor is a bit stuffy or dark-toned, a potted fern or a beautiful vase with fresh flowers can brighten up the ambience in an instant.


Pro Tip: If you have windows, which let in generous amounts of light, but you don’t quite like the view outside, place a few plants on the windowsill to cover the view while still allowing natural light and ventilation to flow in. If these are fragrant floral plants, their sweet smell will permeate the whole space welcoming in any guest.

9. How to Incorporate Colour in a Luxury Living Room?

Picture this: you have styled and decorated your luxury living room with your favourite shade or hue, probably a monochrome palette, yet once you started living in it, you felt an immediate need to inject more colour in your design. What now?


While a complete do-over may be cumbersome and out of question, there are little hacks and tricks you could use to upgrade the space. Switching up light fixtures with metallic fittings will immediately up the glam factor in the room.

How To Incorporate Colour In A Luxury Living Room Interior Design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, DelightFULL

Drapes and blinds can lend more character to the space with interesting textures or prints. Other moveable accessories and décor items, such as rugs, cushions and throws can also be added in contrasting or colour-blocking hues for more visual appeal.


Insider’s Eye: If you’re an art collector, a monochrome room is a perfect slate to display your collection. Let the work, intricacy and colour of your art pieces speak for themselves.

An A Luxury Living Room Interior Design Be Minimal - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, HOMMÉS STUDIO

10. Can a Luxury Living Room Design be Minimal?

Because in India, we share the idea that minimalism is closely linked to frugality, it might be hard to imagine a luxury living room that embraces minimalism. However, if your style tilts more towards minimalism, consider the chic and classic Scandinavian aesthetic and incorporate those elements into your personal slew of luxury living room ideas. The key here is picking quality over quantity—fewer things, but the best things. 

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