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How to set up your mandir at home?

  • Pooja Room Design
Dec 04, 2022
Easy home mandir setup in your pooja room - Beautiful Homes

There are several factors that go into a Vastu compliant, serene and attractive puja mandir setup. Here we take a look at commonly asked questions about pooja mandir setup

A well-designed, Vastu compliant puja mandir can help mitigate negative energy and help you lead a happy and healthy life. Whether you want a lavish, ornate room for worship or a serene sanctum to centre yourself and connect with the divine, there are plenty of styles to choose from.


FAQs About Pooja Mandir Setup at Home

1. What Essential Items are Needed for Mandir Set up at Home?

Puja rooms can be big or small, ornate or simple. But there are some essential items that are necessary in the puja room.


These include beautifully crafted, metal idols and/or framed images of Gods. Lamps, incense stick holder and camphor holder are important.  Apart from these, the puja space may also contain prayer books, puja plate, bells, pots for water, camphor, oil, ghee, wicks and holy powders.


2. What are the Vastu Compliant Directions for a Home Mandir Setup?

The orientation of your pooja mandir is important. According to Vastu Shastra, the puja mandir should be located in the northeast direction or Ishan Kona. The east is also an auspicious direction as it faces the rising sun and provides positive energy.


3. What Should you Avoid When Getting a New Home Mandir Setup for Home?

  • Do not keep mandir next to or below the toilet or washroom.
  • Mandaps should not be kept on the floor.
  • Do not place ancestral photos inside the mandirs.
  • Avoid cracked picture frames or chipped idols.
  • Do not use damaged puja paraphernalia.

4. What Material Should Pooja Mandir Setup at Home be Made of to Increase the Sattvikta or Positive Energy in the House?

Teakwood, sheesham and rosewood channel positive energy into the home, and the warmth and glow of pooja room wooden set up will give the space a divine and elegant aura. Marble is a more expensive option, but the purity and grace of this element also produces positive energy, while enhancing the beauty of the puja mandir.

Tips to help with pooja mandir setup at home - Beautiful Homes
How to set pooja room at home? - Beautiful Homes

5. Which Colour Should you Paint your Mandir Set up at Home?

Auspicious colours that offer a serene and uplifting ambiance while enhancing the puja mandir décor, include:

  • Yellow - Associated with positivity and happiness.
  • Orange - Associated with auspiciousness.
  • White - Denotes purity and peace.
  • Gold - Distinguishes the place of worship.
  • Green - Expression of nature and life.

6. Can you Place a Pooja Mandir Setup on a Wall with Plumbing or Outside a Bathroom Wall?

A pooja room next to, under, or sharing a wall with a bathroom, produces negative energy and is unfavourable as it is adjacent to unclean elements and should be avoided.


7. How to Set up Mandir at Home with Additional Storage?

Cabinets below the mandir or on the walls, facing south-east, to store puja room essentials, helps to keep the space orderly and has aesthetic appeal. Choose neat streamlined cabinet designs in wood or laminate with decorative handles, for a sophisticated finish.

Tips to help with pooja room setup at home - Beautiful Homes
How to set up mandir at home? - Beautiful Homes

8. How to Set Pooja Room at Home When you Don’t Have a Dedicated Space?

A beautiful prayer space can be created anywhere in the house with a little creativity, for instance, a corner of the living room, in a wall cupboard or on an empty wall. Wall mounted units are an easy way to create a prayer space in any corner of the house.


9. What Kind of Lighting and Décor Should your Pooja Room Setup Have?

Lighting is a great way to make your puja room stand out. Spotlights that highlight photos and idols, soft focus lights that create a golden glow, or recessed lights for a divine aura are beautiful ways to make your puja space look impressive.

Fake ornaments, hanging bells and lamps, and artificial garlands are pretty puja décor ideas that can give your space a very traditional and holy look.


10. How to Cleverly Conceal your New Pooja Room Setup?

A puja space is a private space that need not be displayed to the world. Some unique ways to keep it hidden are with exquisite filigree jalli screens, pretty frosted glass partitions, neat wooden bell cut shutters, or sliding doors.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Pooja Room Setup for your Home?

A puja room is a sacred space and, at Beautiful Homes, we give it the reverence it deserves. Our alluring and functional interior designs for home, coupled with our one-of-a-kind online showroom, extensive materials library and expert design team will bring your vision to life. We offer our interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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