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Marble floors for Bathrooms: Elegant & durable design solutions

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Apr 25, 2023
Stylish marble bathroom design for your home design – Beautiful Homes

From floors to sinks, this guide covers the versatility of marble in bathroom design

Bathroom design can get a little tricky as it involves creating an extremely functional space with enough storage that is aesthetically pleasing. From crafting the best layout for the space to selecting the right materials and fixtures, lighting, flooring, storage units and functional accessories, there is a lot that goes into the interior design of a bathroom.  A sure-fire way to infuse this space with a sense of luxury is by using marble in different elements of the space.

What is Marble?

Marble is a natural stone made up of limestone or dolomite and is crystalline in nature. This metamorphic rock is a durable with unique veining patterns and is available in a variety of colours. Along with the different veining, the base colours include shades of white, black, brown, red, green, blue, grey and many more though the most popular is a white marble bathroom. Every slab has unique veining patterns that are not identical to any other slab, adding an organic visual to the space. It is versatile enough to use on countertops, flooring, marble tiles for walls, accent walls, marble sinks, vanities and bathtub surrounds. Marble bathroom design can also easily blend into a variety of décor styles and colour schemes. 

Luxurious marble bathroom design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

In this guide, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of modern marble bathrooms along with tips and inspiration for incorporating marble in bathrooms.

Elegant marble tile bathroom design for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Marble in Bathrooms

The aesthetics of a marble bathroom design spell a sense of luxury. The material can be used for multiple elements in the bathroom from expansive walls and flooring to accents like sinks, bathtub surrounds, vanities or alcoves. The variety of colours and veining patterns allows for a wide selection and working the material into a myriad of décor styles. Marble is also heat-resistant so the steam from hot showers won’t affect it.

However, marble is also very absorbent as such can get stained or damaged easily with items like hair colour or acidic liquids. It also requires expert sealing and regular maintenance. One has to be very careful with the kind of cleaners used for daily cleaning; harsh chemicals will ruin the surface. Quality marble is also more expensive as compared to other bathroom materials like porcelain tiles. A marble tile bathroom can get quite slippery when wet, as such it may not be the best idea in shower areas or bathrooms used by kids or elderly people.


How to Use Marble in Bathrooms

By carefully considering the principles of bathroom design, you can transform your space into a stunning marble bathroom that is both functional and beautiful. Keeping in mind the pros and cons associated with a modern marble bathroom, we list ways you can incorporate this beautiful material in different elements to turn a mundane washroom into a luxury marble bathroom.

1. Ace The Wall and Bathroom Floor Marble Design

Marble floors and walls impart a luxe vibe to the bathroom that few other materials can replicate. When choosing marble tiles for walls and floors, keep in mind that marble stains easily and can be quite slippery when wet. Choose finishes with a high slip-resistance or consider installing it in the dry areas of the bathroom. Also, dark marble, like the bathroom design in this image, will obviously show less staining. An easy design idea is to create a cohesive marble bathroom design with one variety used over the entire expanse – like floors and walls. Makrana, Carrara or Statuario marble work well over large expanses. For walls, another interesting approach is to cover the wall only halfway (from the floor to midway up the wall) with marble or to create a Dado wall with marble. 

Elegant marble tile bathroom design for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nivasa

Stunning bathroom marble tiles for wall for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amira Aboalnaga/ unsplash

2. Accentuate Smaller Areas with Marble

If the entire wall and/or floor area in marble seems too much or is out of your budget, a great way to incorporate this material for a luxury marble bathroom vibe is to accentuate smaller areas. In the vanity area try the wall above the sink as a backdrop for the mirror. In the wet area you could try using marble to line alcoves, create a bath bench or even use marble tiles for wall housing the shower and faucets like an accent wall. Other accent wall ideas include the one behind the toilet. Even door and window frames and their surrounds can work for a subtle marble accent. For a small space, small marble bathroom additions are a great way to elevate the space. 

3. Create an Exquisite Modern Marble Bathroom with a Marble Bathtub or Bathtub Surrounds

For an ultra-luxurious marble bathroom design, consider getting a marble bathtub made like the freestanding one seen in this image. If you have an inset bathtub, consider wrapping the bathtub surrounds in marble.

Chic marble bathroom design for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Hotel Cafe Royal

4. Work Marble in Bathroom Design with Countertops, Vanities or Sinks

Another easy way to use marble in bathrooms is by adding a bathroom marble countertop. In this bathroom, the vanity encompasses enclosed storage, a vessel sink and a unique mirror placed in front of the exhaust window which allows light to filter all tied together by a marble vanity top. You could also custom build the entire vanity of marble and even incorporate an integrated marble sink built right into the counter. Marble used in these areas can create just the right level of contrast and elevate your bathroom design. 

Sleek & simple bathroom marble countertop for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pexels

Sleek black marble bathroom design for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

5. Experiment with The Different Colours of Marble

A white marble bathroom with subtle grey veining is a great way to use marble all over without creating a drastic look. Softer marble colours like beiges and cool greys also work well but don’t shy away from deeper hues of green and brown marbles which can look quite decadent. Or you could go all out and create a dramatic black marble bathroom with contrasting veins that adds an intense vibe to the room.

6. Mix and Match Different Types of Marble

Another way to use marble is by adding an element of fun by mixing different varieties or colours of marble for a modern marble bathroom. If you are not sure about mixing different marbles, use a variety with a high contrast between the base and veining to create a space that looks like a work of art. 

Stylish marble bathroom design for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Luxury tile bathroom design with green countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Unsplash

7. Complement Marble with a Varied Material Palette

Try to incorporate a palette of complementary materials into your marble tile bathroom. Use a medley of textures and materials to create an elevated design. Porcelain or natural stone tiles, wood or wood veneer, bamboo, unique wallpapers, and metallic elements like different faucet finishes can all be used to uplift marble.

Modern & luxury marble bathroom design for your home design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Weespaces

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Perfect Marble Bathroom Design? 

Whether it is a dark luxury black marble bathroom, an exquisite bathroom floor marble design or an elegant white marble toilet design or anything between, marble is one of those materials that imparts a timeless elegance to your bathrooms. Choosing the right kind, colour and location within your preferred budget can become a daunting task. A marble tile bathroom also needs expert care while installing and sealing. The design experts at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints can walk you through the whole process from various kinds and budgets to designing and executing your ideas into a final product. They will work out every detail to make the process of home interior design easy, enjoyable and hassle-free. They can also work out how to create the perfect small space small marble bathroom. You will get the benefit of a panel of designers, seasoned contractors as well as a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way. 

You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retail stores in various cities for an exceptional range of furniture, lighting, home décor, accessories and wallpapers for home.

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