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Marble floor design: How and what to choose

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Jul 17, 2020

Marble floor design is known for its timeless aesthetic. This versatile stone floor can be styled in several different ways: which one will you choose?

One of the biggest décor debates I end up having with most of my friends and family is about flooring options in India. The main two possibilities that see us sparring over are natural wood and marble floor design. Since the average temperature varies greatly across the length and breadth of our country and seasons change much quicker here compared to the rest of the world, we need to pay extra attention when choosing the flooring for our homes. While wooden floors truly make a statement and instantly add a dash of heritage charm to any property, the more reasonable choice for cities with hotter summers, humid weather, and long monsoons seems to be marble floor design.


The Use of Marble in India

From the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra to the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, several heritage landmarks in India have been built using Makrana marble through the centuries. And, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a marble floor design for homes is the cooling effect it lends to the place.

Most children growing up in hot tropical cities will remember the joy of running around the house barefoot, cooling our toes on the cool stone or lying on the floor during power outages. Or, being warned not to sit on the floor during the winter months to avoid catching a cold! The flooring design plays a significant role in providing comfort and a unique experience in different seasons.

This natural stone, which is actually metamorphosed limestone, is found in abundance mostly in Northern India and comes in a range of price points for various budgets. The texture, hardness, colour, pattern, and cost of each slab varies based on the area it is quarried from.


Indian Marble Vs Italian Marble

Over the past few decades, this regal stone has also seen its fancier sibling from Italy make its way into the market. Most of us would at some point have seen spaces being fitted out in Italian marble to add an extra element of glamour and richness. But one must often wonder, which stone is better or works well for marble floor design in our country?

First of all, the Italian marble is much more expensive than our native one, since it is quarried in Italy, however, it is undeniably appreciated for its high lustre able to lend visual appeal to any space it is used in. Our native Indian marble on the other hand, despite being relatively harder and only giving off a slight sheen in comparison to the Italian one, is extremely cost-efficient and comes in a variety of colours and textures. Both stones are easily and readily available in India these days in a wide range of options for your floors, countertops, walls, bathrooms, and more: you only got to choose which one works best for you.


Caring for Your Marble Floor Design

Although marble tiles designed for floors are much tougher than they look, a little bit of care and precaution can help in their maintenance and longevity. There are several marble-specific cleaning agents available on the market, yet a mild detergent solution will work just as well for marble floor cleaning.

Referring to a flooring guide can provide additional tips on the best maintenance practices for marble. Treating your floors with a marble sealant will add a protective barrier and prevent staining over a period of time.


Furthermore, always be sure to gently mop or swab the floors—never scrub them vigorously, especially with gritty tools or harsh acidic solutions like vinegar. In fact, to avoid scratching, remember to never drag any heavy objects or furniture over the floor.

A regular and routine polish will work wonders whenever you feel your floors are losing their sheen or lustre.

Choose the Right Marble Floor Design for Your Home

Since this stone is extremely versatile, it can be used to enhance the décor in any space. Here are our style tips for the best ways to use marble in different rooms in your home.


Create a Grand Entrance in Your Home with a Unique Marble Floor Design

The entrance of a home should always evoke—if not set the tone altogether—the style and design of the entire house. Whether you’re working with a humble corridor or a grand foyer, fitting a marble floor design in this space will leave the room airy, opulent, and inviting.


Insider’s Eye: Breaking away from the conventional white stone, this room has a muted earthy tone on its floors well paired with the wooden moulding across the walls.

Image courtesy, FADD studio

Image courtesy, FADD studio

A Sleek Marble Floor Design Can Set the Tone of a Room

Although this study has been fitted into a narrow and long space, it still feels light and airy primarily due to the marble floor design. In fact, the bookshelves may be in a dark shade of wood and the walls have been paneled in slightly lighter shades, but the real game-changer is the complementing marble on the floor the adds brightness thanks to its mild lustre finish.


Style Tip: This sort of floor design also works well to open up a narrow space, such as a corridor.

The Right Marble Tiles Design for Floors can Pair Well with the Outdoors

This room is a unique idea for a bar that overlooks and opens out to the outdoors. While the console in concrete matches the flooring outside, the colour and texture of the marble tiles design is chosen to pair seamlessly well with the earthy tones outside.

Image courtesy, ADND

Photography by Prachi Damle, Designed by Alkove Design

Use Your Marble Floor Design to Create a Clean Slate for the Rest of the Décor

Sometimes, even the most well-thought-out décor plans can seem a bit mismatched once the entire room comes together. Or, if you’ve been living in the same home for a long time, an accumulation of accessories and furniture in one room can lead to a jumble of colours and patterns. To avoid this, the safest bet for any home is a clean and neutral palette on the floor, wall, and ceiling. In this room, the simple white marble floor design works as a clean slate for the rest of the fittings to tell a story.

A Marble Floor Design for the Home can Add Visual Intrigue

There’s harmony in symmetry: the marble floor design in this walk-in closet space is no exception. The marble tiles design for the floor here mixes black and white geometric shapes to add a unique twist to the floors.


Style Tip: These symmetric-patterned floors are a wonderful option for the bathroom or powder rooms as well.

Image courtesy, The Purple Backyard

Image courtesy, FADD studio

Let Your Marble Floor Design Set the Palette for a Room’s Décor

The fluid dark marble floor design in this dining room sets the palette and mood for the rest of the space in this dining room design. The brutalist-styled concrete walls, ceiling, and grey leather dining set to tie the room together to create a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic.


Insider’s Eye: This room gets the moody palette right, while also dodging the risk of becoming too dull and overbearing thanks to the clever use of sunny-yellow accents and juxtaposition of eclectic art on the walls.

Your Marble Tiles Design for the Floors can Extend Up to the Walls, Too

If the idea of wooden mouldings on the wall is too cramped for you—especially if you live in the tropics—but you’d still like something as regal, try extending the pattern of your marble floor designs to the wall as well, in order to create a refreshing and cooling ambiance …you’ll love it in the summer.


Style Tip: Break the rules a little and opt for two different textured marble designs in the same colour palette to avoid a monotonous room.

Image courtesy, The Arch Studio

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Match Your Soft Furnishings with Your Marble Floor Design

If your personal style tilts towards more monochrome colors and shades in your interior design, pairing your marble tiles design on the floor with your soft furnishings can help create a completely different mood for the room.  You can play around also with only a singular colour by picking linens, drapes, and accessories in varying hues from the same shade to add a safe mix of colour play to space.

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