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8 best masking tape wall paint design ideas

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Feb 10, 2023
Get inspired by this elegant L-shaped false ceiling ideas - Beautiful Homes

Walls are no longer background for décor elements but have become the centre pieces of room design. Here are some alluring masking tape wall design ideas to inspire your spaces

The easiest and most affordable way to transform a room is with paint.  The right hue can lift your mood and provide a gorgeous backdrop for interior décor and design. And the best part is that it is one of the most inexpensive ways to update your home.


Walls are no longer background for other décor; they have become the focal point of a room. By blending colour, texture, and tone, you can create an epic design on your walls that provides a stunning visual. And with a little imagination and the right tools, you can even do it yourself over a weekend.


Inspiring Masking Tape Design Ideas to Get you Started

If you have decided to paint your interiors, there are a million choices, from shades to texture to designs. One of most innovative ways to create something uniquely you is with masking tape wall paint design ideas with tape.


Here are some cool wall design masking tape ideas to start you off:

  • Cool striped wall painting design with masking tape – Horizontal or vertical, stripes create an eye-catching vibe to a room and make small spaces feel larger and higher than they actually are.
  • Easy chevron masking tape wall paint – A startling visual, chevrons can transform the look of a room and with the right colours and highlights, they can become the focal point of the space.
  • Inspired geometric wall design masking tape ideas – A great way to create depth in a room is with layered shapes in different shades of the same colour.
  • Crazy colour blocks wall painting design with masking tape – If you want to create a fun and funky space, colour blocking is a cool way to up the vibe of a space.


8 Wall Paint Design Ideas with Tape for Eye-Catching Walls


1. Trendy Striped Wall Design for Hall

Stripes look stunning whether they're thick or thin. They are the easiest masking tape wall paint design for a beginner as you can’t make too many mistakes.


Whether you want thick yellow stripes that add tons of visual interest to a chic, contemporary living room, a startling black and white background for an industrial theme or elegant and regal colours for a traditional drawing room, you can create gorgeous wall design masking tape backgrounds for your hall.

2. Exquisite Wainscot Masking Tape Wall Design for Foyer

A wainscot design is a great way to bring chic and class to your foyer. And it is easy to create a wainscot masking tape wall paint design to any room.


Create a wainscot effect in the foyer by painting the lower half of the walls in traditional wainscot colours, like navy blue, deep greens, browns or greys and painting the upper half in white. Continue the wainscot colour on to the woodwork to bring a unified vibe.

Easy painters tape wall designs - Beautiful Homes
Masking tape wall design - Beautiful Homes

3. Elegant Argyle Wall Painting with Tape for Dining Room

Argyle patterned painters tape wall designs are a wonderful way to enhance your interior design, but argyle pattern wall painting with tape is a little complicated and if you are unsure, call a professional.


Pale colours, like greys, pale blues and pale yellows will look lovely for an argyle wall painting with tape design. Furnish a minimal space with solid colours in the same pastel hues or funk it up with darker shades for a more upbeat look.


4. Cool Gingham Masking Tape Painting Designs for Kitchen

Gingham patterns always add a touch of elegance to a kitchen and a checked masking tape wall paint design is easy to create.


Whether it is traditional black and white checks, or white with more fun colours like blue, red or yellow, a kitchen with checked walls always looks smart and classy. Add more gingham in the form of flooring, wall tiles and linen.

5. Trellis Masking Tape Wall Patterns for Boudoir

Trellis masking tape wall patterns are an easy masking tape design for wall that provides a great backdrop for other décor elements.


Turn the wall into an indoor garden by painting flowers and creepers between the trellis masking tape design for wall for a whimsical look. But if you are not artistic, add framed flower or leaf prints, or decorate with real foliage.

Wall painting with tape - Beautiful Homes
Painters tape wall designs - Beautiful Homes

6. Easy Painters Tape Wall Designs for Corridors

Make your corridors stand out with stunning masking tape wall design that will bring personality to these dark and dull areas.


A classic herring bone design in white and beige, slim stripes of navy blue on pristine white or an ombre gradation in shades of pale rose will provide character to this transitional space and serve as a great background for décor additions, like photographs or foliage.

7. Colour Block Masking Tape Wall Paint Ideas

Colour blocked masking tape wall paint design ideas with tape is a fun way to bring a breath of fresh air to any space. It is one of the least complicated masking tape painting designs.


Use bold and cheerful colours for children’s rooms and more staid colours for other living spaces. Colour blocking geometric patterns will add more dimension and drama to your spaces.


8. Ethnic Madras Checks Wall Masking Tape Design for Indian Home

The wall design for hall, Madras checks, is a well-liked masking tape pattern for all types of interior decoration, particularly walls. This cheerful checked masking tape wall paint design can make any room stand out.


Use mustard, rust and white Madras checks and complement it with red-oxide flooring, wooden furniture, dhurries and brass décor for a truly Indian vibe.

Masking tape wall patterns - Beautiful Homes

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