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20 fabulous master bathroom design inspirations for your next makeover

  • Bathroom Design
Apr 14, 2022
Master bathroom design ideas with full-sized mirror - Beautiful Homes

The master bathroom has transformed from being a purely functional space to a luxurious sanctuary that feels like a home spa. Here are some exciting and luxurious master bathroom designs to inspire your next makeover

Master Bathroom Design

The bathroom is probably the one space in the house that a person can get complete privacy and it is no wonder that more and more people are looking to make their master bathroom a luxurious sanctuary that they can wallow in and pamper themselves. Whether it is a quick and invigorating shower to start the day or a relaxing soak in the tub to end it, the bathroom should be designed to be the epitome of comfort, function and appeal.


20 Master Bathroom Design Inspirations

To make your dream master bathroom a reality, a functional floor plan is the key in a master bathroom renovation. The layout should take into account the size of the room, the features that need to be added, the general style of the décor, any unique needs that need to be incorporated, and convenient storage solutions to get the most out of the master bathroom renovation.


Here are twenty brilliant bathroom renovation ideas filled with inspiring designs for your bathroom makeover.

1. Extravagant Marble Master Bathroom Design

Marble is the material to choose if you are looking for opulence in a master bathroom. Whether it is marble flooring, marble walls or marble fittings, it gives a master bathroom a feeling of extravagance.


Darker marbles with brass fittings, an ornate mirror, dull lighting, polished wood cabinets and soft carpets can give a luxurious look to a large bathroom, while lighter marbles can make a small bathroom look more spacious and elegant.


2. Use Wallpaper for your Master Bathroom Makeover

Wallpaper can give any room a pop and a sparkle, and it will do wonders for a master bathroom. Paper the walls in wild botanical prints and adorn it with ornate mirrors and vintage sconces, or go with abstract wallpaper and team it with a tiled floor pattern in the same colours.


Or add drama to your master bathroom walls with a wallpaper mural. Use the colours of the mural for your tiles, and for the bathroom fittings and accessories to create a lovely effect.


3. Timeless and Elegant Master Bathroom Ideas

Sometimes the height of luxury is simplicity. You can use a simple, neutral palette with small patterns and minimal fuss and create something subtle and divine. Think of light wood flooring with a pale coloured rug, and patterned tiles on the walls for an elegant look.

Small bathroom trends 2022 with cabinet storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

If you want a timeless look for your luxury bathroom, get creative and combine earthy green walls and golden fixtures for a high-glam element. Keep all the fittings simple for a sleek and chic finish.


4. Using Lighting Effectively in Master Bathroom Design

Lighting can always set the right mood in any room, including the bathroom. Whether it is brass sconces on dark walls, recessed lighting in a faux bathroom ceiling, porcelain lamps on the counter, or a chandelier, lighting can make a brilliant visual statement in a luxury bathroom.


5. Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

Modern luxury master bathrooms can be made to look very sophisticated with a black and white scheme. Mix black and white master bathroom tiles with black and white wallpaper or pair one shiny black accent wall with three white ones.


Black wood fittings, gleaming white sanitaryware and monochrome prints and bathroom accessories will bring the room together in a stunning way.

Yellow bathroom walls with brick wall paneling - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

6. A Retro Bathroom Makeover

If your bathroom has some interesting features like high ceilings, big windows or arches, highlight these architectural features to full effect. Consider letting an exposed brick wall show through and highlight it with rustic wooden shelves filled with lush, leafy foliage.


Heavy window treatments, vibrant carpets, a colourful stool and wooden planters filled with towels will help create a cool and stylish bathroom.

7. Small Master Bathroom Ideas

Modern apartments tend to have small master bathrooms with just a shower cabinet but there are great small master bathroom ideas to make it stand out. Get creative with your shower cabinet by adding textured glass, a trellised plant wall and patterned master bathroom tiles with contrast edging for a stylish look.


8. Nautical Themed Master Washroom

Nautical themed modern master bathroom ideas are very popular and also easy to design. Light wood panelling, white cabinetry, tiled walls in different shades of blue, a pebbled statement wall and distressed wood shelves filled with seashells and driftwood will add to the beach vibe.

9. Minimalistic Master Bath

If you want the luxury of a master bathroom without the opulence, you can go for a minimalistic but luxe vibe. Choose simple silhouettes and textured materials and clean lines. Hardwoods and concrete finishes are great natural materials to work with and give an unmatched austerity and elegance to a master bathroom.


10. Unique Master Washroom

A great way to bring a bit of history into your bathroom is with an antique tub and matching sink. Use black reflective limestone on the floors, glorious pale wallpaper with gold flecks adorned with a large antique mirror for unparalleled elegance.

Neutral bathroom interiors with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

11. A Very Indian Master Bath

Make your master bathroom luxuriously Indian with a very Indian themed wallpaper or use wall tiles with Indian motifs. Red stone flooring with a pretty floral border, dhurries or rugs in vivid colours and Indian artwork on the walls can create a beautiful Indian themed bathroom.


12. Spa-like Master Bath

Why not create a relaxing master bathroom that will provide a sense of sanctuary just like a spa? Clean, neat, pastel-coloured tiles, wooden flooring, potted plants, a mural on one wall and low lighting will make for a tranquil and inviting scheme.


13. Pretty and Feminine Master Bathroom Ideas 

To make your bathroom feel like a cosy, personal space, cover it in pretty pastel shades. Add upholstered comfortable seating, boho painted furniture and silhouette wall art, extravagant window treatments, layered rugs to sink into and monogrammed linen for an ultimate, pampering experience.


14. Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas

In a small bathroom, there may not be space to create a sense of awe, so make a single feature stand out. For example, an antique clawfoot bathtub, an ornate standing lamp in a corner, carriage lights to flank an ornate mirror, vintage patterned tiles, or a modern chandelier are all eye-catching luxury master bathroom ideas using one feature as the focal point.


15. Outdoor Master Bathroom Ideas

For a complete outdoorsy bathroom vibe, open out one wall of your bathroom and extend it into the garden to make a garden bathroom. If you don’t have a garden, install a living wall and open up a skylight to get the feel of bathing outdoors.


16. A Masculine Master Toilet Design

A bachelor pad deserves a luxurious masculine master bathroom. Dark granite flooring, wood panelled walls with chrome, modern fittings, grey stone shelves and a dark-hued, leather upholstered stool will give the room a chic and sophisticated finish.


17. Bring the Outside Inside with these Cool Master Bathroom Ideas

If you live in an apartment and cannot open out a wall to the garden, create a garden bathroom by adding potted plants, or a living wall. Use pebbles under the bathtub or to edge the shower cabinet, add shelves with creepers and lush foliage, and install leafy artwork on the walls.


18. His and Hers Master Bathroom Design

Many master bathroom designs include two sinks which is very practical especially for busy couples, but how about taking it a step further and indulge in a double shower or a double bathtub installation and create your own couples’ spa experience in your home.

Latest in bathroom design with glass partition - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

19. Smart Master Bathroom Design

These days, with smart houses being the norm, can smart master toilets be far behind? Some cool smart master toilets automation features for your master bathroom include heated towel rails, floors and toilet seats, digital faucets, spritzing wands and automatic dryers, and motion sensors to raise and lower lids of toilet seats.

20. Innovative Master Bath Storage Solutions 

Any master bathroom needs convenient storage solutions. Wooden bathroom cabinets in different styles are luxurious, but open shelves with a valance can give a very cute vintage feel to a luxurious master bathroom. Free standing, antique etageres and dressers are functional and luxurious storage solutions for a luxury master bathroom.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Designing the Master Bath of your Dreams?

At Beautiful Homes, we help ensure that your luxury bathroom renovation is a huge success. From helping you with the design and layout to guiding you while you choose the best pieces from the curated collections in our online store, our brilliant design team will provide everything you need for your master toilet design. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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