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4 materials you can use for Jaali panels at home

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Jan 11, 2022
Jaali Panels For Home Design - Beautiful Homes

Jaali panels are becoming very popular in interior design as they are functional and look gorgeous. Let’s take a look at what kind of materials can be used for jaali panels and how they can be incorporated in your home design

Introduction to Interior Design with Jali Partition

Jali, or jaali is an Urdu word that means lattice or net. It has been a part of Indian architecture since ancient times. You can find the geometric designs of intricate jaali work in Mughal palaces as well as in Hindu temples and it is quite a common feature in Indian architecture. Jaali walls are very decorative and can enhance the look of a house interior design but they also serve other functions.


Jaali Walls Block out Direct Heat

One of the best reasons to have a jaali, in a hot country like India, is to cut out heat. The jaali blocks out direct sunlight and decreases heat ingress, making the interior cooler and more pleasant. Jaali architecture is a boon for homes in humid, hot and dry climatic regions.


Jali Panels Help in Air Circulation

Jali walls help in increased air circulation in a room. Even with a mild breeze, air emerges from the jali apertures and expands, cooling down the interior spaces. It is practically an architectural, natural air cooler.

Jali Walls Help in Ventilation

In closed spaces, with no air circulation, heat builds up and so do fumes, pollutants and odours. With cleverly placed jali panels, there is better circulation of air and jalis act as a natural ventilation system.


Jali Screens Help Diffuse Light

Jalis are an effective way to diffuse direct sunlight. It lets in enough light to see but cuts off the glare. Jali screens can be used with shades, curtains, or louvers to control the light that comes into a room. They are also very effective in spots where the sun is the brightest like on the roof in home gardens, porches, and courtyards to give partial shade.


Jali Partitions Help in Concealing Spaces

In ancient times, jali screens were used in palaces for women to sit behind without being seen. Even now, one of the biggest uses of a jali partition is the ability to see through without being seen. They are perfect as exterior walls, as balcony walls, as dividers, as decorative doors and more.


Jali Panels Act as an Effective Room Divider

A well placed jali can be used as an interesting and effective divider between different living areas without taking up too much space.

Jaali Wall Design For Your Traditional Home Design - Beautiful Homes

Materials for Jaali Panels

Have you ever seen pictures of the marbled enclosure around the royal couple’s cenotaphs, at the Taj Mahal? It is believed to portray jaali architecture at its finest. Though, using marble as material for a jaali wall can be an expensive affair, the same splendour and grace can be wrought from less expensive and more versatile materials like MDF, wood, PVC and stainless steel. Let’s take a look at some inspiring designs for gorgeous jaali panels using these materials and how to integrate them into your home design.


1. MDF Jali

MDF is made of wood fibers mixed with wax and resins and heat pressed and is a very durable material that is heavy, smooth and versatile. It is a great material to use for jaalis as it is easy to carve the shapes of the jaali design into MDF wood. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate MDF jaalis into your home décor.


MDF Jali Partition in Living Room

In an open plan home, you can use beautifully designed MDF jaali screens as dividers between the living room and the dining area, or the kitchen. The colours and the patterns of the jaali can also be used to enhance the house design interior décor by adding them as accents in the window treatments and the upholstery.


MDF Jali Doors for Kitchen Cupboards

Using MDF jaali designs on the doors of your cabinetry is an innovative idea as it looks ornate and decorative as well as keeps food fresh and allows you to see what is inside a cabinet easily.

Wooden Jaali Design Partition For Your Home - Beautiful Homes

2. Wooden Jali Partition

Wooden jalis add a rustic touch to the room décor and can look very traditional. You can choose the wood to match the rest of your furniture. In larger rooms, darker woods, like rosewood and ebony can be used while in a smaller space, lighter woods, like teak or beecham may work better. Here are some lovely ways to use wooden jaali panels in your home interior design.


Wooden Jali Partition for Puja Room

Wooden jaalis are very popular in puja room décor. Whether it is a small puja room with jaali doors or a large room with an ornamental jaali background, using jaali designs as a décor element for the puja room makes the space look traditional and beautiful.


Wooden Decoration Jali Screens in Bedroom

Using wooden jaali screens in the corner of a bedroom for privacy, or using it as a screen to conceal the bathroom door or even using it as an ornamental piece of bedroom décor are all clever and decorative ways in which jaalis can be used in bedroom interior designs.

3. PVC Jali Partition

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a rigid solid sheet which is very easy to fabricate and is strong, lightweight, durable and versatile. They have become a very popular medium for jaali designs because their versatility makes the craftwork in PVC jaali panels look elegant and provides a fine finish. Here are some cool ways to use PVC jaalis in home interiors.


PVC Jali Partition in Foyer

A stunningly intricate piece of jaali design in the foyer makes a startling statement and is the first thing that a visitor to your home will notice. Intersperse it with lush potted plants, brass lamps and up lighting to make it look even more elegant.


Jali Partition in Courtyard

Do you have a central courtyard or a walled backyard? You can make it eye-catching by adding on an ornamental jaali frame in a clever way, so that the space is partly hidden and feels like a private cosy corner in the middle of the house.

4. Stainless Steel Designer Jali

Stainless steel is a new entrant in jaali design but is fast gaining popularity as they look beautiful, are very hardy, are rust resistant and can be used just about anywhere and can be integrated into any design.


Stainless Steel Designer Jali as Backdrops

Stainless steel jaalis have become designer pieces that are now replacing murals and large paintings in foyers and living rooms as a piece of art in itself. The sleek and sophisticated look that it provides serves as a beautiful jumping off point for the rest of the room décor.


Stainless Steel Jaali for Fireplaces

In colder climes, using stainless steel jaalis as fireplace screens can add a cosy touch to the room décor. The dancing flames will throw the most enchanting shadows and one can curl up and watch the shadows dance all night long.


The number of ways that beautiful jaali screens and doors can be added to your home design is only limited by the imagination. Jaalis can be used as windows and doors, as part of the roof, they can replace walls and can be used as balustrades in staircases. They can be used inside the house and outside the house equally effectively.

Stainless steel designer jaali for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Jali Panel Design for Home Interiors?

At Beautiful Homes, we offer customized design services that help homeowners create their vision on time and on budget. Working closely with clients, we seek to make the transformation of their homes stress free. Whether it is a homely space for a new family, a luxurious and elegant space for a growing family or a serene oasis in your sunset years, our design hallmark is one of effortless elegance and timeless modernity.


We are constantly updating ourselves on current trends from the latest flooring materials to the best jaali designs for your home design. Jaali panels are a current craze and the innovative and inspiring designs and materials that can be used to make them stand out can add that extra pizzazz to your home design. Whether you want the jaali panel to conceal a living space, to divide a space, to make a space feel larger or as a stunning visual statement, we can make that happen.


Our extensive knowledge of consumer trends helps us create designs that maximise the sense of space and look exquisite. If you are looking for that perfect statement piece, like a jaali panel, to add to your home, Beautiful Homes will bring your idea to life and will integrate it beautifully and seamlessly into your home design.


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