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MDF jali for mandir: Decorate your pooja room with MDF jali design

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Nov 04, 2022
MDF jali design for mandir design at door entrance - Beautiful Homes

MDF jaalis are a great way to enhance a pooja room or mandir design. You’ll find diverse ideas to incorporate MDF jaalis in your designs in this compilation

The pooja room or even the mandir space can be challenging to design. You would want to create a peaceful ambience that lends to both beautiful aesthetics and functionality. With a mandir MDF jali design, you can get the best of both worlds. You opt for an MDF jali mandir partition, doors, etc. Or you can use mandir MDF jali for borders, shutters, background, etc. Alternatively, you could design a complete MDF jali design mandir.


What is MDF?

Medium-density fibreboard, or MDF, is a type of engineered wood. It is made out of the residuals of soft and hardwood, compressed together with resins, fibers and wax. The result is a product with a smooth and even surface. It is available in several sizes and thicknesses to accommodate various applications.


Since MDF is a recycled material, it is a more sustainable option and is also quite economical. Given that it is pest and moisture-resistant, scratch-proof and can withstand high heat levels, you get a lot of value for your buck. With the right varnishes and laminates, you also get just as much variety as genuine wood.



MDF Jali Designs for a Mandir at Home

MDF jali design for mandir is an excellent option both because of its functionality and gorgeous aesthetics. Use the following list as inspiration for your home’s MDF jali mandir design.


1. MDF Jali Design for Mandir Door

Take inspiration from haveli-style carvings for your MDF jali design for mandir doors. Intricate florals and jhaalar motifs will give your home mandir the same grandness as temples. You can complement these doors with a statement background wall— it could be marble, granite, wood panels, etc.


MDF jali designs for pooja room glass door designs are an excellent way to decorate your mandir.

2. MDF Jali Design for Mandir Sides

Solid wood, all around, can make the mandir or the puja room feel heavy. Incorporate MDF jali design for mandir side panels. It will enhance the design by adding visually light elements. With the right lighting, it will cast gorgeous shadows across the room.

Pooja mandir MDF jali design ideas with blue walls - Beautiful Homes
White MDF jali design for mandir door with marble floor - Beautiful Homes

3. See-through Mandir Jali Design

While an enclosed space provides more peace, it can also feel dark and heavy. A great solution to this problem is to opt for see-through options. You can have a glass enclosure or a jali one modeled like partitions. In the latter case, you may opt for the MDF jali mandir design. MDF jali for the temple will allow for an easy flow of light and air, keeping the room fresh at all times.

4. MDF Mandir Jali for an Elegant Back Pane

One way to ground any mandir setup is to add a statement background wall. Use MDF mandir jali design— you can cover it in laminates, or paint to add a unique touch. With pooja room wallpaper, you can opt for edgy geometric patterns for a modern touch, or go the traditional route with a carving of auspicious motifs such as om, swastika, Kalash, lotus, etc.


5. MDF jali mandir: A Unit within the Wardrobe

If you’re short on space, you could dedicate a part of your wardrobe to make a mandir there. Set it apart from the rest of the wardrobe design with an MDF mandir jali design for the doors and/or side. Ensure that the mandir MDF jali is the same color and finish as the rest of the wardrobe to maintain visual continuity.

MDF jali design for mandir back pane ideas - Beautiful Homes

6. Etched in Wood

Pair the MDF mandir jali doors with a gorgeous carved wooden frame. This will give your mandir design a timeless and traditional look. You could match the color finish for an all-wood design or create some contrast with different finishes.


7. Carving Out your Own Niche

You may not always have a dedicated space for a pooja room design or even a mandir. Find the northeast corner in any room you choose, where you can build a nook for your mandir. A cabinet or a drawer can double up as the altar. You can use MDF mandir jali either as side panels or as standalone partitions.

MDF jali design with light for pooja mandir - Beautiful Homes

8. For the Love of Trims & Frills

If you like decorative elements in your designs, MDF jali for mandir bounding frames, column panels etc., would look elegant. After all, it is not always about functionality.


9. A Charismatic Kashmiri-Inspired Mandir

Kashmiri carving is famous for its intricate designs and realistic details. Add this beauty to your mandir with a carved MDF jali design mandir. The carvings can be restricted to the frames, or you can have them for doors, side panels, cabinetry, backdrop, etc.


10. Partition Mdf Jali Design

In a multifunctional space, you can easily demarcate functional zones. Many prefer to keep the space open and use lighting, rungs and other methods for zoning. But if you want something akin to an enclosure, MDF jali for temple partition is a good option.


11. MDF Jali Design with Light

With the combination of MDF jali for mandir design with recessed and overhead lighting, you can create a breathtaking ambience. The play of light and shadows due to the carvings will result in an ethereal atmosphere.

MDF Jali Design for Mandir Price

The price for mandir MDF jali design depends on multiple factors: the thickness of the board, its dimensions, the finish and, of course, the amount and intricacies of engravings and carvings. Additionally, some overheads, such as transport costs, can also affect the rates. On the lower end, the range is about ₹50 to ₹90 per sq. ft. On the higher end, it could be around ₹1000 sq. ft.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you Design the Perfect MDF Jaali Design for your Pooja Mandir?

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced designers and professionals who understand what you want and provide personalized solutions. The service includes furnishing, wall treatments, lighting, décor and more. So if you want a mandir design with MDF jali elements, you will get precisely that. Visit our website to check the various options we offer and projects executed by us so far. Book a 3D consultation call or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.

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