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Mid-century modern interiors

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Jun 10, 2022
Mid century living room design with minimalist furniture - Beautiful Homes

Dive into our collection of inspiring mid century modern interior design ideas for a timeless and cohesive space of your own

One can never have too many interior design ideas up their sleeve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re re-doing an awkward corner or upgrading your space from beginning to the end—interior design style inspiration is a must. Any sort of décor process involves lots of confusion to be addressed and a lot of decisions to be made, and an interior design inspiration can make all those challenges a little simpler to sift through.


But where can you find a design inspiration which is subtle, clean and yet a classic? Here, of course. We have compiled a comprehensive guide of Mid century modern interior design ideas for your home décor—and it is ready for your perusal, below.

What is Mid Century Modern Interior Design?

Mid century modern interior design is recognised for integrating sleek lines with organic shapes, making use of new materials, and techniques to reimagine conventional and traditional décor pieces. Rooted in the Industrial Revolution and Post-War Era, the emergence of mid-century modern interior design style began in the middle of the 20th century in America, taking shape in the 1930s and lasting through the 1960s.


The whole vibe and aesthetics of mid century decorating style brought the geometric structures and clean lines of the Bauhaus teachings into the Modernist movement, pioneered by iconic designers including Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, to name a few. The architecture is instantly recognizable by its retro style and fusion of manmade and organic materials.


Signature Features of a Mid-century Modern Home

There are some signature characteristics of a mid century modern house interior. For example, most authentic mid-century interior furniture is made from teakwood, because of its durability and colour. Let’s dive into some of the primary characteristics of mid century modern interior design style homes.

  • The furniture is minimal and sleek
  • There is a versatile colour palette
  • Elevated furniture lends a spacious look
  • Soft curves and sharp lines go together
  • Easy to blend with other interior design styles
Mid-century modern interior design for living room - Beautiful Homes

How to Incorporate the Mid-century Modern Style in your Home

Want to incorporate the mid century interiors into your home? Here are 8 ways to bring mid century modern house interior style into your own home décor (in a thoroughly modern way).


1. Natural Light - The More, the Merrier

If you're fortunate enough to live in a house with walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, poor daylight isn't probably one of your concerns. Though, if your space is window-challenged, every ounce of natural daylight that does make it into the room has to be maximized. Swap chunky and heavy fabric drapes and window shades for subtler, light coloured, sheerer sorts that enable clearer outdoor views—or maybe use none at all.


Position period mirrors in strategic locations to cast daylight into dim corners and go for lighter or more bright wall colours that reflect natural light. Similarly, furniture with elevated legs that don't sit flush with the floor and glass and acrylic pieces, too, allow even more light to enter.

Minimalist mid-century modern living room design - Beautiful Homes

2. Opt for Clean Lines

Form follows function” is the mantra of the story with mid-century modern decorations. Concentrate on finding pieces of modern furniture that are appealing yet comfortable and livable. By no way does that mean that form isn’t significant. In a minimalist mid century modern living room, kitchen, or bedroom design, focus on clean, sleek lines in your furniture. These clean lines will help appeal to the minimalist side of this mid century interior style.

3. Welcome the Colours

The mid century modern interior also promotes a fresh take on colour: This includes furniture, interior design style and even architectural facades. Incorporate bright, cheerful colours (red, blue, yellow, and white) and creamy pastels (Calamine-lotion pink, pastel turquoise, and minty green). Even though mid century interior décor colours are stunning in modern-day room designs, floor-to-ceiling coverage can turn out to be a little dangerous or tacky. However, accent walls, as well as decorative accessories and upholstery, are still fair game. 

Mid-century modern white & wooden colours for kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Nowadays mid century-approved colours are straight inspired by those of yesteryear, and range from muted green to ivy, mustard yellow, and deep red to soft, delicate pink, pewter grey, marigold, and denim blue.

Mid century modern living room with tailored upholstery - Beautiful Homes

4. Go for Tailored Upholstery

Subtle and clean lines are the symbol of the movement, i.e no unnecessary decorations or ornamentation. This concept is conferred to upholstery fabrics, styles, and techniques. Switch from overstuffed and skirted pieces to tightly-tailored cushions with details like button tufting, corded welting and channel backs. Organic and synthetic materials symbolic of the period also include those with screen-printed patterns and stubby textures.

5. Wood Tones are a Must-have

Irrespective of what other design styles you’re mixing with mid century interior design style, or something else (Scandinavian, or otherwise), wood tones are a must have. From the tapered legs of chairs and sofas to credenzas, bar cabinets, and dining tables, do not hesitate to include plenty of wood tones (and even to mix wood tones). Acorn, teak, or natural light birch finishes are most famous in mid century modern interior homes, however, you can also opt for a dark walnut finish in statement elements.


6. Bring in Some Plants

Plants introduce life and warmth to clean-lined spaces that would otherwise feel bland, offering a refreshing touch of nature that complements various home interior design ideas. Very often, potted plants serve as living sculptures. Hunt for handmade, vintage architectural pots that add nature to your space while being visually gorgeous.


7. Incorporate Flat Panel Cabinetry

For the kitchen, flat-front, or slab cabinet doors are the most acceptable style since mid century interior design style is not so fussy. You could also choose wide-open shelving in a striking, bold colour—as the open shelving screams clean, organised surfaces. Solid-wood and wood-veneer doors that show natural wood grain, as well as painted-wood cabinetry, are all fantastic modern options.

Wooden interiors for mid-century modern home - Beautiful Homes
Patterned wall design in a mid-century bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

8. Play with Patterns

Patterns like diamonds, starbursts, and boomerangs were very famous when mid-century design first hit the stage. So, integrating these patterns into your mid century modern interior home can give it a beautiful retro vibe. You can also do a less literal take on mid-century modern decorations with other geometric patterns and prints.

What Sets Mid-century Modern Interiors Apart?

When it comes to mid century interior design for modern homes, the lifestyle and interiors of the house are often what complete the story. The architecture becomes a backdrop, and lifestyle comes to the foreground.  As we have explored the defining characteristics of mid century modern interior design in the broadest sense, and then had a closer look at how each of these characteristics can be embodied in the design of your home interior.  The following characteristics set them apart from other design styles:  


1. Easy, Breezy, Lovely

It’s effortless to pick out a mid century modern house. They make a bold statement with their large windows and a well defined structural design. These homes are timelessly iconic, clean and classic.


2. Oozes Grace and Elegance

The mid century interior design style is all about clean lines and a minimal approach. It has a streamlined approach even for a minimalist mid century modern living room and the kitchen.


3. Effortless Integration.

You can mix it with any other style of décor such as art deco and it will always fit seamlessly. The mid century modern style design is effortless and eclectic.


Step Into the World of Mid-century Modern Design with Beautiful Homes

When we talk about mid-century modern design and architecture, cohesiveness is presumably one of the most crucial markers to keep in mind. The exterior, interior, and furnishings of a house must work together to purposely make a space which feels like one. Concentrating on fewer “major moves” versus multiple unnecessary elements is a key to building the simplicity and function that this movement symbolises. The result is a timeless space where your family and lifestyle come to the forefront. With interior design services at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you exactly get a perfect blend of outside and inside spaces. Our professional designers ensure that the interior of a structure is just as meticulously planned and envisaged as the exterior. While your lifestyle will breathe life into the structure.


What We Design:

  • Modular Kitchens: Expect a Sleek-made modular kitchen interior design that blends function with elegance.
  • Furniture: Get completely personalised furniture to complement the aesthetic of your space.
  • Furnishings and Décor Accessories: From the right furnishings and fabrics in diverse colours to a variety of house interior décor items.
  • Lighting: Choose from a wide range of lights— elaborate chandeliers, and beautiful floor lamps.
  • Painting and Wallpaper: Get Signature Walls that express your true personal style. From interesting shades.
  • Wardrobe Designs: Find the right size, the perfect shape and a chic design for a signature wardrobe.


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