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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

  • Interior Design
Jul 02, 2018

Minimalistic Bedroom Design.

Minimalism is an interior design aesthetic, which focuses on the guideline of ‘less is more.’ ​​Presently, this design style is trending in the home interiors space. A minimalist space features clean lines, a restrained palette, and carefully curated furniture and décor pieces. As a minimalist room features less furnishings, everything should be thoughtfully chosen and aesthetically pleasing yet practical.


As people’s everyday lives have become busy and hectic, they desire a home that is simple, uncluttered and relaxing. A sort of sanctuary for them to come home too. While a minimalist décor style can be incorporated in any room of the home, a minimalist bedroom interior is particularly popular. If there is one space in our home where we strive for minimalism, it is our bedroom designs. While we are all for the organised chaos that our lives are, we’d rather leave it at the door of our bedrooms. Hence, we vote for a modern minimalist bedroom with clean lines, muted pastel shades and dim, diffused lighting. But that’s not it, the style allows us enough flexibility to add a pop of colour here or there (we’re looking at the occasional bright duvet and of course, lush green plants).



To strike the perfect balance between ever-changing trends and retaining a signature style is at the heart of good design. This guide  on minimalist bedroom ideas offers inspiration for anyone interested in exploring the art of crafting a minimalist interior design bedroom.


These minimalist modern bedroom ideas will inspire you to declutter your home. To get a better sense of the style and how minimalist bedrooms can work for many types of homes, we take a look at some of our favourite spaces. Browse through the gallery for easy minimalist bedroom design inspirations and grab that sleep mask while you are at it.

1. Minimalist Bedroom With Neutral Colours

As your bedroom is a space for you to relax and unwind, the colour palette you choose should not overwhelm your senses.


In your modern bedroom design, create a tranquil retreat with neutral hues, which are relaxing and reflect your personality. The trademark of a minimalist interior design bedroom is muted colours and a neutral palette. Examples of well-loved neutral colours include beige, taupe, grey, cream, brown, black, and white. Don’t shy away from using plenty of whites, plush pinks and even light greys. While selecting soft furnishings and artwork for your bedroom, consider the colour palette of your furniture so as to create a harmonious space. Furthermore, a neutral colour palette is the perfect backdrop for bold accents.

Minimal bedroom design with neutral colour palette - Beautiful Homes

This minimalist interior design bedroom features white walls, a cosy bed design and simple accessories that lend an unfussy feel. While the bedroom has a neutral colour palette, the soft furnishings and accent pieces add some vibrancy to the otherwise monochrome space. Additionally, this room comprises plenty of natural light, creating a positive and peaceful vibe.


Sometimes, all it takes to uplift your bedroom is a statement chandelier or colourful curtains. So even if you don’t have a lot of furniture in your bedroom, it’s fine. That’s the beauty of a minimalist bedroom design - it allows you to play with scale. Also, the key to an aesthetically pleasing minimalist bedroom is to not fill it with too many furniture or décor pieces. In minimalist interior design, the more visible space, the better. Therefore, choose a few statement pieces that complement each other, instead of adding a plethora of items. Finally, after selecting minimalist furniture and accent pieces, organise your personal belongings in trays or bowls for an uncluttered look and a stress-free environment. If you have a lot of stuff but desire a minimalist look, opt for smart, hidden storage solutions.


Moreover, while designing a minimalist bedroom, which is highly functional, an important consideration are the lighting fixtures. ​​​​​​To keep the atmosphere serene, accent lighting is the way to go. Choose layered lighting featuring pendant lights, wall fixtures and lamps. Add striking chandeliers to illuminate the room with a soft glow and table lamps for focused lights where needed.

Minimal bedroom interiors with light colour palette & indoor plants - Beautiful Homes

2. Clean Straight-Line Furniture in Minimal Bedroom

Clean, straight-line furniture in light colours work like a charm for a minimal bedroom.


They make the room seem visually light. Sleek lines and geometric silhouettes create a sophisticated and chic space.


Another strategy to craft an exquisite minimalist bedroom, is to select low-slung furniture pieces that provide a sense of high ceilings. While designing a minimalist bedroom, first select the bed, as it is the most important piece of furniture. For a minimalist bedroom, it’s a good idea to choose a modern bedframe with a sleek headboard. A headboard with channel tufting is a good choice as it does not take up too much space, and adds texture to a minimalist bedroom.

While choosing soft furnishings for your minimalist small bedroom décor, do not go overboard. When adding accent pieces to a minimalist bedroom, ratio and proportion are crucial. In a minimalist bedroom, it is best not to add too many of pillows and blankets. A plethora of soft furnishings could disturb the cohesiveness of the room. Muted linen sheets, a duvet and one accent pillow are all you need to create a minimalist vibe. For some texture, you can add a shaggy carpet or even mix things up with a brightly coloured duvet.

3. Minimal Bedroom With Dark Colours

Contrary to what people think, a modern minimalist bedroom design does not have to be white or light-coloured. There’s also some pleasure in crossing over to the dark side. ​​Darker colours paired with minimal, clean-lined furniture can make a minimal room feel more intimate. For instance, this stylish bedroom features a dark colour palette, which is still soothing and arresting. Matte blacks and glossy greys also combine beautifully for a cosy minimalist bedroom. If you choose dark hues for your bedroom, keep it monochromatic. For a dash of brightness, you can choose curtains or a carpet in solid colours.

Rustic minimal bedroom design with monochrome interiors - Beautiful Homes

Additionally, artwork does not have to be restricted to your living or dining room. Add a thoughtfully curated artwork on the wall above the bed to tie the space together. In a minimalist small bedroom décor, wall art can add character and serve as the focal point. Moreover, as colours can evoke certain emotions in people such as calmness, joy, admiration and intrigue, choose artworks in the relaxing hues for your minimalist bedroom.

Pink minimal bedroom design with clean lines & warm pendant lighting - Beautiful Homes

4. Warm Colours For A Minimal Bedroom Design

It is a mistaken belief that a ​​​​minimalist bedroom interior has to be in neutral hues. For a minimalist look, no colour is off limits.


A pink two colour combination for bedroom walls is a great idea for a fun minimalist space. This warm and welcoming bedroom features a light pink hued wall, soft furnishings and artwork. Grey pillows, green plants and furniture in earthy hues add a zen vibe to the space. Plants are always a great way to bring the outdoors inside. ​​Not only do plants look great, they also freshen up the air you breathe and stay focused and positive.

This minimalist bedroom, which balances comfort and minimalism,  features a subtle palette of pink and grey that does not overload the senses. Additionally, a minimalist bedroom with few accessories does not have to be plain and boring. Add a few brass accents and interesting geometric shapes to add eye-catching elements in a minimalist bedroom. Finally, in a pared-down bedroom, the focus should always be on ​​reclusiveness and quietude. Opt for an undone bed by selecting pre washed linens and cotton duvets on a soft bed, which will make you want to dive in. Add candles and relaxing music to your minimalist bedroom and you have the ultimate tranquil cocoon for you to retire in after a long day!

5. The Warmth of Wood for Minimalist Bedroom

When it comes to minimalist bedroom ideas and minimalist bedroom décor, there's a growing appreciation for the soothing warmth that wood brings to these serene spaces. So integrate the organic charm of wood into your minimalist bedroom design that can effortlessly bridge the gap between simplicity and comfort. Whether through a wooden bed frame, subtle wooden accents, or even the elegance of wooden wall paneling, the presence of wood adds a timeless and inviting element, transforming your bedroom into a cozy haven while adhering to the principles of minimalist bedroom ideas.

Wooden bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Bonus Minimalist Ideas for Bedroom Design

Cosy bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

1. Add Some Texture to your Minimal Bedroom

One of the best minimalist bedroom ideas is to incorporate different textures to enhance the visual interest of your minimalist bedroom décor. Think about introducing soft, textured bedding, a plush area rug, or even a few tactile accessories like a knitted throw or a furry cushion. These subtle textures can provide a cozy and inviting touch to your otherwise sleek and minimal space.

2. Clean and Clutter-free Minimal Bedroom Design


The foundation of minimalist ideas for bedrooms is cleanliness and order. Some of the minimalist bedroom ideas to maintain a clean and clutter-free design are as follows -

  • Keep surfaces clear, and find storage solutions for items that can create clutter.
  • Utilize under-bed storage, wall-mounted shelves, or built-in closets to tuck away your belongings.

This will not only maintain the minimalist aesthetic but also promote a sense of tranquility.

Clutter free bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
Aesthetic bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

3. Implement A Subtle Accent Wall

Minimalist bedroom décor doesn't mean everything has to be stark and uniform. Consider creating an accent wall, which is one of the very out-of-the-box ideas for a minimalist bedroom. Accent Walls can be created using a different paint color, a wooden accent, or a unique wallpaper design. This focal point can add depth and interest to your bedroom without overwhelming the space. Choose a color or pattern that complements the overall minimalistic vibe and enhances your interior design.

4. Find The Right Balance Between Pared-Back And Laid-Back

While designing a minimalist bedroom, it's crucial to strike the right balance between pared-back simplicity and a laid-back atmosphere. To achieve this, embrace a neutral color palette, opt for streamlined furniture, declutter and organize your space, focus on lighting, incorporate textures and patterns, integrate natural elements, choose minimalist artwork, and select soft fabrics and bedding. By combining these elements, your minimalist bedroom will exude tranquility and showcase your style serenely and stylishly.

Striking bedroom design - Beautiful Homes



1. What should a minimalist bedroom have?

A minimalist bedroom décor should have the essentials, focusing on simplicity and functionality. Start with a comfortable bed, and a few select pieces of furniture, like a nightstand and a small dresser, and opt for a neutral color palette. Keep decorations and clutter to a minimum, and consider storage solutions to maintain a clean, uncluttered space. For more minimalist bedroom ideas, explore the use of multi-functional furniture and keep only what you truly need in your bedroom.


2. How do you maintain a minimalist room?


To maintain a minimalist bedroom décor, it's important to embrace the "less is more" concept. Here are some maintenance ideas for a minimalist bedroom -

  • Regularly declutter and remove any items that are not essential or bring you joy.
  • Keep surfaces clear and organized, avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary knick-knacks.
  • Implement storage solutions to keep belongings out of sight.
  • Establish a daily routine of tidying up and putting things back in their designated places.


3. What is the best color for a minimalist bedroom?

The best color for a minimalist bedroom is typically a neutral palette. Shades of white, cream, beige, or soft gray create a clean and serene atmosphere. These colors help to visually expand the space and provide a calming backdrop for your bedroom décor. Also when it comes to minimalist ideas for the bedroom, you can introduce a single accent color, such as muted blues or greens, sparingly, to add a touch of personality while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic. When considering ideas for a minimalist bedroom, choose colors that promote a sense of tranquility and simplicity.

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