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Minimalist interior design defined and how to make it work

  • Minimalist Design
May 25, 2022
Beige minimalist interior design for your luxurious home - Beautiful Homes

Minimalist interior design is a classy and timeless way of designing interior spaces that uses simplicity and functionality at its core. Here are some innovative and stylish ideas on how to design a minimalist interior that is warm and inviting

Making the most of living spaces is what interior design is all about. Whether you want a traditional home with vibrant colours, or airy, clean spaces with neat lines, interior design helps bring the look together and blends comfort, function and aesthetics seamlessly to create a home that looks gorgeous, is easy to maintain and incorporates a homeowners’ unique tastes and needs.

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalism is a design trend that has been around for a long time and it never gets old. It is a classic and classy style that uses simplicity, clean lines, subtle colours and myriad textures to create a space where every element serves a purpose.


Unlike traditional designs that can be fussy, minimalist house design is defined by the adage that “less is more”. The goal of minimalist style interior design is all about bringing together objects that will allow for an easier lifestyle which can be a boon in these harried times.

Minimalist living room design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Minimalist Style and Décor Ideas

When creating a minimalist house design, it is important to plan with purpose. Every element, colour and pattern in a minimalist style interior design should have a reason to be included.


Here are some tips to inspire your minimalist home design.

Neutral colour palette for your minimalist home décor - Beautiful Homes

1. Neutral Palette for a Serene Minimalist Home Interior

Neutral palettes are perfect for a stylish and serene minimalist home interior. They are a wonderful backdrop for gorgeous furnishings, art, and décor elements, highlight statement pieces to good effect and can make a space feel larger.


White, blush, beige, tan, and earth tones are all great colour options for a bright and airy feel.  The neutral palette shouldn’t be relegated to the walls but should extend to include the flooring, furniture and furnishings.

2. Stylish Furniture for a Minimalist Interior Design

When it comes to furniture, go for a simple yet classy feel. Get rid of heavy, clunky wooden furniture, and keep the simpler and more elegant pieces that will enhance your minimalist interior.


For instance, light wood furniture with clean-cut and contemporary lines will look much better in your minimalist house interior than traditional Indian furniture which is usually heavy, imposing and elaborately carved.

Stylish furniture for your minimalist home interiors - Beautiful Homes
Minimalist bedroom design ideas for your minimal home - Beautiful Homes

3. Highlight Architectural Details for a Stunning Interior Design Style

Some spaces are blessed with beautiful, original architectural details that have been hidden behind layers of clutter for years. Open them up and highlight them. For instance, wooden beams on the ceiling can be sanded to let the wood shine through, an exposed brick wall is a statement by itself, and niches or ledges on walls are perfect spaces to hold carefully selected artefacts.

4. Incorporate Light for a Light and Airy Minimalist Room Design

The direction and amount of light that comes into the room and how you use it to warm the space can play a huge role in your minimalist room design. Windows, especially if they offer a lovely view, can be used as a focal point for a room. Add simple floor length curtains to accentuate the beauty of the window.


If natural light is not an option for your interior, use artificial lights, like pendant lights or wall sconces, in sharp and stylish designs to give the room extra flair.

Wooden flooring your modern minimalist home design - Beautiful Homes

5. Stylish Accessories for a Modern Minimalist Interior Design

In a modern minimalist interior design, the theme is uncluttered spaces, and accessories and décor are few. Pick pieces that create a stunning visual, for instance a collage of black and white photographs to adorn a white wall, a solitary large stone urn in an empty corridor or a long elegant plant in an awkward corner. Rather than go for trendy décor that may go out of fashion, use timeless and stylish pieces that will be the envy of your guests.


6. Focus on Function for a Stylish Minimalist House Interior

When designing a minimalist interior, it is important to think about what the purpose of each piece of furniture or décor is and how it can be made to fit your aesthetic. For instance, when designing a TV cabinet, make sure that the design fits seamlessly into your wall space. If a cabinet is too intrusive, recessed shelves may be a sleeker option.


FAQs for Minimalist Interior Design

1. How to decorate every room in minimal style?

  • Foyer in minimalist house design
    Design a minimalist foyer in all white to create a space that looks stylish and will be a great first impression of your home. Add a boxy, wooden upholstered seating arrangement with storage space, a long elegant standing coat and hat rack in the corner, a large mirror on the wall and soft lights to make the stark space, warm and welcoming.

  • A sophisticated minimalist living room
    A neutral palette does not have to be drab. If used effectively, it can make your minimalist interior the height of luxurious simplicity. With a low plush sofa in soft grey or slate, a long centre table in light wood, low hanging row of pendant lights above the table, pale blue, sheer curtains and a stark white pile carpet can make this minimalist living room a sophisticated and elegant space.

  • Dining room in minimalist style interior design
    When designing a minimalist dining room, use furniture with clean lines. A white wood and glass table with plain, neat white chairs, with small patterned upholstery will create a very warm and inviting dining area.

    Storage is important in a dining space. Install a neat, no-fuss wall unit or for a classier look, get a statement cabinet that can be the focal point of the room, a neat space to showcase your signature crockery and a storage solution for the rest of your tableware.

  • Minimalist interior design for kitchen
    Minimalism is a perfect style for a kitchen where cleanliness, organization, and functionality are important. Use earth-toned materials for cabinetry and counters to fill the space with warmth. Though there's little ornamentation, the beauty of the materials and shapes ensure an understated, and unique elegance.

  • Minimalist interior design bedroom
    Your bedroom is the place you go to restore, relax, and reflect, and using a minimalist design can be especially impactful there. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be stark and austere. A very warm and inviting minimalist interior design bedroom can be created with the use of warm, earthy colours, like mustards, off-whites and beiges with soft patterns and textures.

  • Minimalist interior bathroom design
    Bathrooms in minimalist styles have a streamlined aesthetic that combines sleek lines, pared-down décor, and simple colour schemes. Hidden storage should be incorporated to keep surfaces tidy, and functional items, like toiletries, should be used for décor. Sleek wall-mounted fixtures with slim shapes, bright white paint colours and reflective finishes like polished nickel or chrome can add character.

  • Minimalist home decorating ideas
    Minimalist home decorating should be simple as it should not overwhelm a space. Pick beautiful pieces and highlight them for maximum effect. For instance, commission a painting and make it the focal point of your living room by spotlighting it. Or design a jalli screen of glass and steel for a statement piece that also acts as a divider between two parts of a living area.


2. What is the biggest challenge of minimalist design?

One of the biggest challenges of minimalist design is avoiding an austere and stark look. A home should be inviting and warm and this can be achieved by combining complementing colours effectively. Avoid boring spaces by adding pops of colour, mixing different shades and playing with patterns and textures and incorporating them into window treatments, upholstery, cushions and throws to create interesting visuals.


3. What are the main elements of minimal interior design?

Minimalism is all about the basics of contrast, space, organization, colour and a dominant visual. The concept is built on achieving space, pairing complementing or contrasting colours, providing clean and clutter free spaces that are organised and functional, yet inviting and pleasing to the eye.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Creating Perfect Minimalist Interior Design Style for your Home?

At Beautiful Homes, we believe that the best interior design is in the details. We strive to create spaces that feel functional and comfortable, but also give you soul, sophistication and surprise. No matter the scale, we bring an artful eye and solution-driven approach to each project.


In the journey to create the perfect minimalist home for you, we will learn about your needs and vision and develop the overall concept, including colour palette, lighting, art, fabrics and finishes. At our online store, you will find beautiful furniture, furnishings and décor that will be perfect additions to complete your gorgeous minimalist interiors.

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