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15 minimalist kitchen design ideas

  • Kitchen Design
Aug 17, 2022
Modern minimalist kitchen ideas - Beautiful Homes

Love your kitchen spaces to be more organised and spacious? Find the most stunning minimalist kitchen design ideas for your next kitchen design venture

Designing your modular kitchen is an exciting task, but it can be challenging to know where to begin with. In the contemporary world, kitchen design is gravitating towards sleek minimalist kitchen design.


Minimalist kitchen interior design often gets a nasty rap, but there is a major difference between a space decorated with constraints and one that entirely lacks taste and character. The key to conquering this trend in the kitchen is to play with texture and fine colour interpretations. At best, a modern minimalist kitchen design is sleek, urbane, and sophisticated- at most flawed, it is cold and looks undone. Read ahead on how to tread this fine line by referencing these minimalist kitchen ideas that master the trend.


What is a Minimalist Kitchen Design?

Simple does not have to equal dull. When it comes to kitchen décor, sometimes less is more. This surely stands true to the minimalist design trend. Centred on enhancing your lifestyle through simplification, minimalism is not only a perspective of life, it’s a prevalent kitchen décor style. Due to its mere functionality and direction to become disorganised, the kitchen is a space that can actually profit from this sort of basic design. An accessible minimalist kitchen design does mean culling some of your chaos so you can effortlessly find what you use the most. And it implies positioning your food and tools in the most convenient spots possible. We all know this. But we don't always know where to start. We are here to help. Here are 15 minimal kitchen décor ideas that are perfect for a spacious or small kitchen.


15 Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Single Colour Minimal Kitchen with Classic Kitchen Décor

A prevalent modern minimalist kitchen design idea that can be seen in many contemporary houses is a monochrome minimalist modular kitchen with statement décor. While it may seem a little dull initially, you can always mix it up with different kitchen décor trends and classic elements. One thing you need to keep in mind while doing this minimal kitchen is to opt for a neutral or subtle colour palette.


This way, you can hold an uninterrupted flow for the ideal minimalist design. Statement décor serves as a great addition of style to the design; it’s sure to create a stunning yet unique space for your kitchen.


Since minimalist kitchen décor by itself has a variety of options available, you can select something that suits your preferences and can further customise it for a more distinctive look.

2. Minimalist Kitchen Ideas with Limited Appliances

Integrated kitchen appliances are an admiringly influential kitchen design trick for minimalist kitchen interior design. Hide your fridge behind panelled doors or position the microwave within lower cabinetry to immediately give your kitchen a better and organised look. Hiding these hardworking appliances forms an unbroken stretch of kitchen cabinets and limits any distractions.

Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design with single colour - Beautiful Homes
Minimalist kitchen design for small space - Beautiful Homes

3. Similar Colour Backsplash and Kitchen Countertops

This interior design technique is already quite popular in many contemporary homes, the matching backsplash and countertop hybrid can work astonishingly well in establishing a minimalist kitchen décor. Whether it is white marble or sleek granite that fascinates you, there are many modern options available to make the most of minimalist kitchen interior design. Known as one of the best minimalist kitchen ideas, backsplash and countertops of matching materials can also form a soft and serene backdrop in your kitchen which everyone in your house could surely benefit from. When implementing this design concept, consulting a modular kitchen guide can offer valuable recommendations on coordinating the colour scheme and materials to achieve a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing result in your kitchen.

4. A Minimalist Modular Kitchen with Open Shelves

Open shelving is a stunning addition to a modern minimalist kitchen design. This storage solution can support a spacious, breezy feeling in your kitchen space. When designing open shelves, limit the number of items and stick to a similar colour palette as the rest of the room to maintain an orderly look. Showing all-white dishware, for instance, gives a sleek result.

Minimalist kitchen design with a brown theme - Beautiful Homes
Minimalist kitchen design ideas with kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

5. Uniform Kitchen Cabinetry with a Built-in Stove

A built-in gas stove is a great idea for a smooth and continuous surface for a small minimalist kitchen. This way, care and kitchen maintenance become a lot more comfortable thanks to the enjoined and continued countertops. Moreover, a built-in gas stove delivers a stylish and sleek look that is certain to add to your minimalist kitchen décor aesthetic.


Similarly, to pursue this minimalist kitchen design, a smooth minimalist kitchen cabinet is the way to go. From the polished look of marble to the look of shiny wood, uniform cabinets are another great thought you could consider to complete a  neat and elegant look.

6. Minimal Backsplash for a Minimal Kitchen

Kitchen backsplashes with elaborate tile shapes and designs aren't naturally the best fit for a minimal kitchen. Rather, go or solid-coloured glass or ceramic tiles to form a contemporary backsplash that's effortless to cleanse, too. Or use a stone slab backsplash to have a natural texture and nuanced pattern.

7. A Grey Small Minimalist Kitchen

If you are a lover of contemporary quirky designs, a grey minimalist small kitchen design with stainless steel elements is a layout idea you should certainly consider. Having an elegant metropolitan look, grey small minimalist kitchens are always visually gorgeous and can help form a very stylish space. Further, the stainless steel also enriches the design of the overall space. Since it is comfortable to maintain, utilising this for all your elements, appliances and textures is a fantastic thought to lessen your kitchen care and upkeep. What’s more, when paired with an all-grey kitchen, this minimalist kitchen design for small space is certain to look splendid in your house.

Minimalist kitchen design with dining table - Beautiful Homes

8. Minimal Kitchen Lighting

A small minimalist kitchen needs light fixtures that are also streamlined in appearance. Pick pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and ceiling-mount fixtures with elegant silhouettes and sleek, uncomplicated compositions. For task lighting, recessed fixtures also make a suitable alternative because they integrate into the ceiling seamlessly.


9. A minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Design

A minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design is perfect for small houses. It can have ample storage for a clutter-free cooking experience. The upper cabinets can have multiple open shelves to store your cutlery, spice bottles, recipe books, plant pots,  and other repeatedly used items. Lower cabinets can have a handleless design for a minimalistic glimpse. They emphasise the Scandinavian interior décor theme. This type of simple kitchen design low cost is perfect for people in small homes who want a modular kitchen design with Nordic functionalities. It can have a neutral colour scheme that makes the area look cosy and welcoming.

Minimalist kitchen cabinet with wood flooring - Beautiful Homes

10. Rustic Small Space Minimalist Kitchen Design

Rustic décor is a prevalent option in almost every style of minimalist kitchen design. Rustic kitchens are generally open and free form. Kitchen islands, cupboards, and shelving are only just the essential furniture used in this type of arrangement. The theme incorporates natural materials such as timber or stone worktops, exposed brickwork, rough concrete floors with irregular surfaces, as well as natural lighting from windows and skylights.

11. Wood Minimalist Kitchen Design

Wooden panels are a prominent choice for a minimal kitchen design because they are effortless to work with and can be used in a diverse variety of tracks. There is no one right way to use wood panels, thus every wood minimalist kitchen design can look unique. Wood panels come in many different shapes and sizes and the final outcome will always be sturdy and gorgeous.


12. Small Space Minimalist Kitchen Design with Glass Cabinets

A minimalist kitchen design can often include glass cabinets and no-frills appliances. Glass cabinets are showcased in most minimalist design projects and are believed to be one of the finest options for countertops and backsplashes. 

Open minimalist kitchen design idea - Beautiful Homes

While glass furniture is an uncomplicated way to bring elegance to a minimalist kitchen design. Glass can be used for a stove, oven door, and in the refrigerator. It is also more comfortable to maintain than other materials.

Minimalist kitchen with parallel design - Beautiful Homes

13. U-shaped Minimal Kitchen Design

A functional U-shaped kitchen with pure earthy finishes on tiles, cabinetry, and walls feels brilliant, clean, and refreshed in a small space. A mix of closed, glass-front, and open storage offers plenty of room to keep clutter at bay. Wood or white and black checked floors add warmth while copper accents add colour and excitement to the overall minimalist kitchen design.

14. Playful Minimal Kitchen Design

Rather than only introducing colour through accents like cutlery, dishes and cookware, select a statement piece and don't be scared to go all out with a bold colour. A soft, deep blue hue for the kitchen island base or some golden cushion chairs are bold but still minimal and sleek.

15. Industrial Theme Small Space Minimalist Kitchen Design

Exposing the wall brick and piping introduce hints of an industrial space, allowing for an edgy backdrop. Paired with a streamlined island and cabinets, it tightens up the space. For a super neat, elegant look, ditch overhead cabinets and floating shelves.


How Do you Decorate a Minimalist Kitchen?

When achieving a minimalist kitchen design the first step is to select functional furniture. There should be no mess, so pick furniture with plenty of storage space, which can accommodate even some appliances.


Moreover, a minimalist small kitchen design does not mean a kitchen without décor. The use of different textures on walls and furniture gives a stylish design to your kitchen space. For this, you can go for materials such as marble or stone countertops, stools or chairs with trendy designs and the use of simple lines in the furniture.


What are the Benefits of Having a Minimal Kitchen?

  • Cluttered counters contribute to added physical stress.

  • It’s more pleasant to cook: A minimised kitchen, with space to move and chop and bake and boil, is always a more delightful space to work in than any unorganised environment.

  • Clutter attracts clutter. When a space in our house becomes a collection site for “stuff,” more and more “things” begin to make their way to it. When we let them become cluttered with items that don’t belong, more and more odds and ends collect. The only way to stop this collection is to remove as much as possible.

  • A neat kitchen permits you to take every advantage of time.


Get a Stunning Kitchen Space of Your Dreams with Beautiful Homes

The basics of minimalist kitchen design are commonly known, however, it’s the details that make the difference! Our kitchen design ideas at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes will help you to form the kitchen of your dreams, whether your budget's small or large.  From choosing the right kitchen layout to perfecting the lighting, our expert design professionals are here to help you. 


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