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Latest modern wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom

  • Bedroom Design
Jan 24, 2023
Modern wardrobe design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

A well-designed wardrobe can greatly enhance your lifestyle. Here are some inspiring modern wardrobe designs for your bedroom

Modern wardrobe design is an integral part of good bedroom design. It is easier to be well organized if your modern wardrobe design helps you keep a handle on what you have and where it is.


The latest bedroom wardrobe design does more than keep your clothing and accessories neat and tidy. It’s a genuine home improvement system that makes your life better.


Modern Wardrobe Design

Custom modern wardrobe design can seem like a luxury. But a clever bedroom modern wardrobe design can enhance your quality of life. These modern wardrobe designs for bedroom brings order to chaos and makes your wardrobe experience a pleasure.


Here are inspiring ideas for your modern wardrobe designs for bedroom:


1. Gorgeous Modern Glass Wardrobe Designs

When it comes to modern wardrobe interior design, one of the most functional and gorgeous are glass bedroom modern wardrobe design. Glass doors enclosing spacious modern wardrobe designs for bedroom with lighting incorporated beneath each shelf, looks gorgeous and provides ample space for all your clothes and accessories.


2. Mirrored Modern Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom

Quite often, people think they don’t have the space for a large bedroom modern wardrobe design but even a deep alcove with mirror fronted sliding doors can fashion the perfect nook. Sliding doors are a great choice for modern wardrobe interior design in rooms that don’t have a lot of extra floor space.

3. Slatted Master Bedroom Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Slatted doors are a stylish statement and look super chic as master bedroom modern wardrobe designs for bedroom. Slats offer balance between clean aesthetics and decorative appeal in a modern wooden wardrobe. Maximise wardrobe height with two clothes rails that doubles the hanging space.

Master bedroom modern wardrobe designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes
White modern wooden wardrobe - Beautiful Homes

4. Classy Modern Wooden Wardrobe

In a large, opulent bedroom, a dark wood full panelled modern bedroom wardrobe can look sophisticated with its classic style. With beautiful finishes and materials and enough drawers, shelves, rails and cubbies to organise every type of garment and accessory, this modern bedroom wardrobe will tick all the boxes.

5. Laminate Interior Modern Wardrobe Design

Laminates are a popular alternative to wood in interior modern wardrobe design. Whether monochrome, kaleidoscopic, or wooden finishes, these modern cupboard for bedroom can look sleek and contemporary. A stunning black and white modern cupboard design can create a stunning visual effect while a colour blocked modern cupboard design in shades to match the bedroom aesthetic can make the room pop.


6. Elegant Modern Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

A great idea when designing a modern wardrobe is to include a dressing table as this can save space. Make sure that the modern wardrobe design with dressing table is illuminated well to ensure that you have adequate light when getting ready for the day. 

Interior modern wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes

7. Functional Modern Wardrobe with Study Table Design

A modern wardrobe design that incorporates a study table is a splendid space saving solution for people working from home. Insert it into the wardrobe design as an open feature or create a seamless façade for the modern wardrobe with study table design by extending the wardrobe doors to conceal the workspace when not in use.

Modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom - Beautiful Homes

8. Modern Wardrobe Designs for Small Bedroom

In a small bedroom design, giving up square footage for a modern almirah design may seem like an extravagance. But with transparent doors, the modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom may just feel like an extension of the room without making the space feel cramped.


9. Stylish Modern Wardrobe Design with Frosted Glass

For a modern, minimalist bedroom, the latest bedroom wardrobe design with frosted doors offers more privacy than glass doors while providing a chic and minimalistic look to match the bedroom’s style. Keep wardrobe clutter to a minimum with clear-fronted drawers and sliding racks, dual-level hanging areas, deep shelves and a thin pullout drawer for jewellery.

Beautiful Homes Service for your Modern Wardrobe

From a custom modern wardrobe to bedroom remodels, Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, will work with you to turn your vision into a stunning reality. Our design team can create chic, bespoke designs for your modern wardrobe that will make your everyday so much easier or you can choose the perfect fit from our online shop. Walk into our stores across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata for exceptional interior design service.

Latest bedroom wardrobe design with brick walls - Beautiful Homes

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