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Modern guest bedroom designs to make an impression

  • Guest Bedroom
Nov 15, 2021
Minimalistic modern guest room design with wooden flooring- Beautiful Homes

If you love hosting, especially your loved ones, then the guest bedroom is a space you do not want to overlook when decorating your home. The guest room will be their home away from home for your guests. It is crucial that you curate guest bedroom design to be charming and warm, whimsical and cosy.


Any guest room interior must be designed with comfort and intimacy in mind and should cater to all the senses to create a warm ambience. Play with colour and lighting for the visual aesthetic. Use a variety of textiles and furniture materials to add tactile elements and add options for a scent based on the theme of the guest bedroom.


Read on for an overview of how to make your guest room inviting, cosy and memorable.


Modern guest bedroom ideas

Here is a compilation of modern and trendy ideas for guest room interior design and décor that will work for any kind of space that you have.

  • Add a reading nook to your bedroom design. Do so with a statement chair and a coffee table and an ottoman to go with it. You can replace the chair with an indoor swing for a more whimsical look or a bean bag for a casual vibe.


  • For a sleek modern look, opt for a neutral colour palette. Use an accent wall or an accent furniture piece for a photo op. After all, who doesn’t like an aesthetic background for their pictures!


  • Of many Bedroom design ideas, a standard is to streamline the décor by keeping the space clutter-free and having in-built furniture.


  • Many guests would appreciate an in-room working space. A table, a chair and a lamp are enough. But if you are short on space, opt for mobile, foldable desks, or use multifunctional furniture. For example, a dresser or a side table can double up as a desk.
Modern guest bedroom with earthy bedroom décor & seating in the corner - Beautiful Home
  • If you have a book collection to boast, keep some in the guest room for your guests to browse through. Books also make for great décor pieces. Keep some on the shelves and some on the bedside table for easy access.


  • A fun guest room idea is to include a chalkboard component. A chalkboard or even a chalkboard wall in the room adds a playful element that no one can resist partaking in.


  • Your guests might need extra linens or bath essentials. Store them in a trunk which can double as an accent piece.


  • Opt for sconces and recessed lighting for a chic and clean look.


  • Based on the room’s aesthetic, use jars as décor items that can later be used to keep fresh flowers when your guests arrive. Opt for translucent glass jars for a contemporary look, earthenware for rustic or shabby chic aesthetic, ceramic or metal vases for vintage styles.


  • Install a chandelier for a glam vibe.


Guest room furniture

Here is a list of all the essential furniture pieces for a modern guest room.

Guest bedroom furniture with rugs plants & center table for décor - Beautiful Homes

1. A comfortable bed design should be number one on the priority list for the guest room interior. Pick a bed frame based on the space available to you. A single bed, a daybed with a trundle, or a pull-out couch might work best for smaller areas. On the other hand, a twin bed, a queen bed, or a king-sized bed would work better for more expansive rooms. Irrespective of its size, make sure the mattress is the best you can buy.


2. Any guest room design must incorporate ample storage space. In-built wardrobes would provide a clean look. A dresser or an armoire could be used as an accent piece in addition to storage.


3. Guests would appreciate any additional seating space apart from the bed. A sitting chair or a loveseat works well for nooks. If you have the space, opt for a sofa by the windows or a bench at the foot of the bed.


4. A foldable luggage chair is a must! This will save your bedding from damage and make it easier for your guests to pack and unpack.

5. You can get creative when it comes to bedside tables. Use a chair or a stool if you’re working with a smaller guest room interior. You can use other pieces that might offer multi-functionality, such as desks.


6. A full-length mirror is always a good guest room idea. Not only will it help your guests when they’re getting ready for the day, but it will also enhance the ambience of the room.

Guest bedroom interior design tips

When it comes to guest room interior design, you want the room to be inviting. Hence, you should opt for designs and aesthetics that most everyone would find relaxing and inviting. Warm neutral and monochrome colour palettes work best for guest rooms. Earthy greens, blues and pastels can add a pop of colour without changing the mood of the room. Darker hues and jewel tones to make the room feel cosier and intimate is a tried and tested guest bedroom idea.

Guest room design with sea blue colour palette & chandelier - Beautiful Homes

Whichever design style you pick, ensure that the décor is minimal and functional. Your guests should be able to use the room for themselves. If the room feels too busy or kitschy, they might find it difficult to get comfortable. A guest bedroom idea is to create nooks that provide the illusion of enclosing space, amplifying the intimacy. Lighting in the room is a crucial design element. Ample natural light can make the room appear bright and fresh. Softer lighting options like string lights, candles, lamps, etc., will make the guest bedroom snug and restful. Enhance the effect of the soft lighting by strategically placing mirrors in the room.


Guest room décor ideas

We’ve seen some ways in which various design elements in a room can influence the ambience. Décor in the room, small or big, can have just as significant an impact. The details you add with décor add visual interest and personality. It is also through the décor that you can entice the different senses. Tactile elements, optical components, scents all combined will add to the vibe of the room.


To make the guest room feel homey, layer textiles for the bedding and add throw pillows. Area rugs can also make the room feel warm. The fabric used in a room does a lot to set the tone in the room. The more fluffy and soft seeming the textile is, the more relaxing and friendly the room will appear. The bedding, the pile of throws or the rug, could be the statement piece in the room. A canopy for the bed is another opportunity to add textile to the guest bedroom.


Fresh flowers and greens liven up the room and, at the same time, add a personal touch. The guests will no doubt appreciate it. Place potted plants on the side tables or have a few hanging by the window. Create a seasonal centrepiece using fresh flora. Add scented candles or potpourri in the room for gentle, enveloping fragrance. These can easily be used to match the rest of the décor in the room.


Implementing these guest room décor ideas is sure to make your guests feel welcome in your home.


Small guest bedroom ideas

A smaller space can be challenging to design, mainly when it serves multiple functions. Here are some small guest bedroom ideas to help you optimise the space.

Small guest room design with minimalistic design with a chair & wall-mounted lamp - Beautiful Homes
  • A day bed or a sofa with a trundle are an excellent alternative to full-sized beds.


  • Install a foldable shelf instead of having a standalone nightstand or a bedside table.


  • Save the surface area by hanging your plants on the curtain rod.


  •  Pendant lights and sconces, too, would free up much-needed surfaces without compromising on the lighting.


  • Use the essentials to add character to the room. Be intentional with your choices and keep the room minimalist.


  • Opt for clothing racks instead of dressers and wardrobes to gain more floor space.


  • A wall-mounted shelf that can also be used as a desk is a great guest room design.

Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalised guest bedroom design. Select all the essentials you need from our shop. We offer all you need, from statement beds to stylish sofas, accent chairs, and quaint desks and stools.


With Beautiful Homes Interior Design Services, you can choose to avail yourself of expert services to help you create a modern guest room. The experts will make sure that the guest bedroom interior design is top-notch. We offer design services that include painting and wallpaper, furnishings, decor and lighting. All of these can be personalised to your space.


You may choose to avail the Quick Home Makeover services if you’re short on time. We also offer specific and specialised services such as Safe Painting Services, Colour Consultancy Services Online, Wood Solutions or Design Wall Makeover.


Whatever your needs are, we at Beautiful Homes have your back.

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