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9 modern rustic bedroom decorating ideas

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May 26, 2021
Modern rustic bedroom design with pastel hues along with wooden & distressed ceramics - Beautiful Homes

Modern interior designing is elite but in a world where everything is constantly evolving, a dash of rugged raw interiors might just be the spark you need to keep things interesting. While there are various ways of renovating your bedroom design to inculcate the countryside rustic vibe, the best ones are always a seamless mix of both raw as well as modern elements.

Let us take you through some of the most accessible ideas of bringing your rustic bedroom design to life.

Start With The Walls

Be it a large bedroom or a tiny one, the easiest way to accommodate a rustic touch to your interiors is by picking the right paint and pattern that gives your space the rugged atmosphere you desire. You can also choose to make it more artistic by painting minimal elements on the rustic wall.

Rustic wall with rustic painting & pattern on the wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Rustic bedroom décor with recycled cardboard headboards - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

Recycled Cardboard Headboards

A rather unique and genius idea to achieve the bedroom design of your dreams is through the headboard. Easy to do it yourself or available at multiple sustainable decor stores, you can pick recycled solid paper headboards that will surely amplify the rustic mood of your bedroom.

Making hangers out of wood logs is another beautiful way to keep things interesting and one of a kind.

Wooden Headboards And Logs

Similarly, you can connect with your carpenter to get a customised rustic wooden headboard for your bedroom. Couple it with matte black elements like a lamp and side tables, to have yourself a stunning modern yet rustic bedroom design.

Collecting pine cones and logs of wood to create pieces or simply use them as decorations is another easy way to decorate your rustic bedroom.

Modern Bedroom décor with wooden headboard & logs for a rustic feel - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

Ceiling made of metalic & wooden rustic pattern for the bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Ceilings Can Make A Difference

While the first thought that comes to mind while trying to design a rustic bedroom tends to concentrate more on the things standing on the ground, one of the most underrated yet elegant ways of achieving this theme is through the ceiling. Be it a wooden or metallic, just pick the element and share that entices you and cover the ceiling. You can also choose to extend the ceiling to one of the walls for a less subtle style.

You can also go for materials like jute and organic bamboo for rugs and stools.

Brick Walls

If raw brick is too rustic for your bedroom, you can consider painting in white to make it a little subtle. Add furniture made of wood which will add a little warmth to your white bedroom. To keep things from becoming too loud, stick to neutrals and let the house plants bring in balance to the entire space design.

Decorate your rustic bedroom with brick walls with matching bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PinkyWinky/

Modern rustic bedroom design with pastel hues along with wooden & distressed ceramics - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

Pastel Hues And Distressed Elements

Another great way to achieve a perfectly balanced rustic bedroom design is to use a matte pastel colour for all walls and big structures, and add some wooden and distressed ceramics to enhance the look.

Stone Walls

While this may be a little tedious to deploy, the outcome is absolutely worth it. You can choose to go for stone or brick walls that add the desired rustic vibe to your space. Couple it with modern sleek furniture and bold colours to have yourself the best of both worlds.

Rustic bedroom vibes from walls made of stone for rustic feel - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Raw elements in the bedroom with rustic art & wooden fixtures - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

Rustic Art

While going for wooden furniture and fixtures is enticing, enhancing it with small and large art pieces that are rustic and monochrome is a great way to subtly introduce some elements of rawness into your bedroom.

Bohemian And Rustic

Rustic interiors don’t always have to be more towards the industrial side of things. If you like all things dreamy, a mix of rustic and bohemian design is just what you need. Choose raw patterned woods for the best and side tables to keep the rawness alive. And throw in cozy rugs and cushions in neutral shades for warmth. Give it a finishing touch with tassels and house plants to have yourself a little dreamy rustic bedroom!

Rustic interiors for the bedroom design with wooden touch & furnishings with neutral colours - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Prostock-studio/

Which rustic bedroom design idea are you looking forward to implementing?

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