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These modern sofa designs will work in every contemporary home

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Oct 15, 2020
Modern Wooden Sofa Set Design Paired With Modern Couch For Living Room With Arm Chairs & Centre Coffee Table - Beautiful Homes

While the idea of a perfect home varies from person to person, the reason behind wanting one stays fairly the same—the home you create for yourself and your family is a place where everyone feels safe, comfortable and can kick back and relax or get cosy at the end of a long, tiring day. And, while many Indian homes reserve the living room as a space kept neat and pristine only for guests, for many, this area serves as a place where the whole family can gather around and spend time together.


The heart of a living room design—irrespective of your choice in style, be it eclectic, maximalist and drenched in colour or brutalist, geometric, pared back and extremely minimalist—is the couch or sofa set. In contemporary homes these days, the main focal point of the living room or the defining point of its style is its modern sofa design. Serving as the centrepiece of a contemporary living room, a modern couch dictates the aesthetic of the space pairing both form and function.


So, whatever your personal style or requirements at home, here are a few tips to help pick the perfect contemporary sofa design.

1.    A Modern Sofa Set Does Not Have To Follow A Uniform Style

When we conventionally think of well-planned or well-thought-out interiors, we visualise uniformity in style, colour schemes, textures and aesthetic. While some still prefer a sort of matchy-matchy décor look, in a contemporary home you can break these rules starting with your contemporary sofa design. In this room, while everything from the textured walls complimented with the colour-blocked wallpaper to the floors and even the art is in a mismatched colour scheme, it stays within a muted, earthy palette. This is balanced with a large sectional contemporary sofa in grey leather paired with arm chairs in a different camel-colour but similar leather finish.

Grey Leather Modern Sofa Set Design For Contemporary Home With The Colour-Blocked Wallpaper - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Style Tip: Serving as the perfect example of how to pick or style a modern sofa set, this living room shows you that not only do you not have to pair the same colours, but you can also get away with a mix in textures as well. Just stick to one basic mood or finish to tie the whole space together.

Modern Style White Colour Sofa Set & Blue Armchairs For Living Room With Linear Wooden Frames - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

2.    Consider A Mix Of Geometric Lines With Your Contemporary Sofa Design For Living Room

If you’re someone who loves a piece of furniture or décor elements with stark geometric lines, this style tip is perfect for you! In the past few decades, some of the most modern ‘it’ chairs—from Pierre Jeanneret’s Chandigarh chairs to Herman Miller’s Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman—all have a mix of sleek lines and pairing of different materials. In this elegant living room, the the blue armchairs with their exposed linear wooden frames work as the centre piece of the space, serving as the theme for the rest of the room that expands into the open kitchen in the background.

Insider’s Eye: If we look at the entire home, there’s a hint of geometric detailing everywhere from the shapes on the floors to the lines on the kitchen walls and even the thin wooden slats on the ceiling. Subtle décor accents, such as the sides tables and the tripod-styled floor lamps also help enhance this aesthetic.

3.     Compliment The Detailing In A Room With A Modern Wooden Sofa

In almost every corner of the globe, in every country, the idea of high-quality solid wood is always considered a tasteful statement of luxury and, sometimes, even opulence—be it as an option for your floors, the beams on your ceiling, and even the panels on your walls. And, to compliment this, you can pair your modern couch or modern sofa set with the wood detailing in its room. In this modern living room, both the arm chairs and centre coffee table are finished in the same wood and stain as the panelling in the TV unit and air conditioner ducts.

Modern Wooden Sofa Set Design Paired With Modern Couch For Living Room With Arm Chairs & Centre Coffee Table - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Contemporary Sectional Sofa Design With Storage Underneath - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, AT Design Studio

4.    A Sectional Is The Latest Contemporary Sofa Design For Modern Home

These days, we’ve become quite accustomed to a one-stop shop or single solution for a requirement—and this extends across all our living habits, even our furniture. With pieces that multitask to serve many functions (such as ottomans with storage underneath, modern sofas that double as beds, and more) even your modern sofa design can do more than just be a place to kick back and relax.


Living room furniture designs  are an important consideration for open plan homes, as they can help to create sections and dictate the usage of each room.  A sectional, such as this one, works as the perfect contemporary sofa in a living room, as it takes away the hassle of multiple furniture pieces while also cordoning off a section of the room for seating. This is a clever idea for open plan homes that require the furniture pieces to create sections and dictate the usage of each room.

5.    Love Colour? Incorporate It In Your Modern Couch

While there are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to liking colourful décor, this room can serve as inspiration for anyone who would likes to go all out and style their home in their favourite hues. What we love most about this place is the eclectic pairing and colour blocking of bright shades with bold prints. While the idea of it might sound too busy or messy, when we look at this modern sitting room, the whole space ties together quite neatly

Style Tip: When working with colour, especially bolder hues, while there are no strict rules to follow, per se, always remember the purpose of the room you’re styling and think how you’d feel living in it with all its shades, and the effect it may have on moods and occasions.

Colourful & Bright Shade Modern Sofa Design For Living Room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Modern Sofa Set Design in Muted Grey Colour For Brutalist Style Homes - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

6.    How To Pick A Modern Sofa For A Brutalist-styled Home?

When we think brutalist-styled homes, we think solid blocks of concrete spanning across the breadths of the walls, muted grey tones across the house…an overall aesthetic and feeling of minimalism and zen. But if you’re someone who appreciates this style but doesn’t want to commit to it a 100 per cent in your home, you can break the monotony of a monochrome palette by adding prints or details of colour in a space. The easiest place to begin is with the furnishings on a modern sofa style and then working from there on your drapes and other décor pieces.

Insider’s Eye: We love how the red slats on the grey wall mimic the geometry on the wall opposite it. Not only does it add colour to the room, but also allows the modern sofa set’s furnishings to seamlessly pair with it.

7.    Play With Curves And Shapes In Your Modern Sofa Set

The idea behind a modern sofa set is redefining any form of conventional design that we may be visually accustomed to till now. Playing with shapes, ergonomics and sizes have become the new norm in pushing the envelope with modern sofa designs. And, these shapes aren’t always constricted to linear straight geometric lines. A modern sofa may provide seating in sinuous swirls and curves, such as the sofa in this living cum bedroom space, which ties the two areas in the room together with its unfurling design. While the two areas in the room are sectioned off with a divider, the curvaceous modern couch creates an opening into each space. 

Swirled & Curved Sofa For Modern Living Cum Bedroom Space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Bold Colours & Bold Prints Contemporary Sofa Design For Living Room With Rug & Centre Table  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

8.    The Art Of Pairing Patterns And Prints With A Contemporary Sofa

You may like bold colours and bold prints, but how do you pair them together…or take it a step further and compliment prints with more prints? The solution is more straightforward than you’d expect. When pairing prints, either find similar colours in both that could work together or pick patterns in a colour scheme from the same hue.


Style Tip: Another unique idea is pairing a bold solid colour on one half of a modern sofa with a print from a similar hue, similar to these innovative armchairs in this living room.


9.    Break The Rules With Your Contemporary Sofa Design


At the end of the day, when you’re choosing an entire modern sofa set or even a single statement modern couch, you have to remember that there are no rules to follow. If you still prefer a more traditional piece but would like to update it with its choice of upholstery, go ahead! If you want to colour block your modern sofas to create a space that looks effortless and not too stuffy and over planned, that works as well. The key here is to find the right balance and a way to echo your own personal style—and what you’re comfortable living in everyday—in your interiors. The choice is yours! 

Modern Sofa Set & Modern Couch Design With Black Centre Table & Cream Colour Rug - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

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