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Modern TV showcase designs for stunning interiors

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Dec 18, 2021
TV showcase designs to enhance your TV unit - Beautiful Homes

Take inspiration from various TV showcase designs listed out that could best suit your interiors

A TV Showcase is one of the key elements and a must buy for your house, here’s a guide to ease out the process.

TV Showcases (especially a TV Showcase design for hall or TV showcase design in wall) are arguably one of the prominent elements of a living area, where TVs are placed along with ample storage options to suit your style.TV showcases usually come in an array of designs and styles that add character to your living room. It's essential to design it to meet your requirement of space and functionality. Going with the trend, the sleek contemporary styles, having clean and distinct lines with meticulously designed storage structure are the ruling TV showcase design format. Read on to discover some TV Showcase designs that’ll appeal to the aesthetics lover in you.


TV Showcase: The Wall-mounted TV

A wall-mounted TV is a brilliant idea for a minimalistic and classy feel in your living room. In which case, the go-to options would be as follows: 

1. Wood TV Showcase Design

One of the most classy and elegant ways to do this, is a wood TV showcase design (or a wood TV showcase design in wall), with a hue that goes well with your wall paint colour. Cabinets can complement the flooring or the wall colour as you so choose. Since the TV is wall-mounted, the TV showcase can either enclose your TV or the TV could just float above the TV cabinet.


You could also choose what type of storage you’d want based on the kind of stuff you want around your TV. You could opt for an open design for your stacks of books or show pieces, or a bunch of drawers and cabinets if you’re using the bottom rack as heavy storage. A beautiful blend of splashy colours could also be an option. The more vibrant the environment, the more colour-complementary you can make your wood TV showcase design.


2. Ceramic TV Showcase Design

Ceramic TV showcase is perfect for a minimalist yet elegant look. Ceramics are usually in white, but you could opt for a layer of paint to complement your flooring/back wall. A TV showcase that’s compact but functional is a great pick for a small living room.

Wall-mounted TV showcase design - Beautiful Homes

Ceramic TV showcase interior design models can be custom-built or purchased as a set-piece. As usual, the kind of TV showcase interior design you require depends on a variety of factors like the storage, the structure and design, and the texture of the showcase cabinet.


3. Floating TV Showcase Model

If you have a large bare wall where your TV is being mounted, then you can always have floating shelves which are open mounted right next to it. The base unit could be pull-out drawers and the shelves could be splattered to the left of the TV, right of the TV, or on both sides of the TV mount. This could be a great idea for hall TV showcase designs interior as a concept.


4. Glass Concealed TV Showcase Design

This one is very useful if you have toddlers at home. This case has multiple doors and cabinets which are made of glass for quick visibility and yet protect items you store from elements such as dust while keeping things out of reach for the young kids at home. You can customize with drawers at the base or add some floating shelves, in case it feels emptier against a large wall. This could be an incredible idea for a new model TV showcase. Another great TV showcase design in wall idea for your wall mounted TVs.


TV Showcase: The Tabletop TV

If you have a compact space, take a simple route. The tabletop TV Showcase design is one of the most elegant things to do for your living room or bedroom. If chosen right, a compact TV showcase interior design can be a great addition to the furniture and aesthetic of your room.

Tabletop TV showcase design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

1. TV Cabinet with Floating Storage and Office Space

An office space TV showcase design could include a tabletop TV and a bunch of stationery and books alongside it. Make sure to complement the hues of the cabinet with the flooring or back panel. You can always add some wallpaper or accents to ensure that the colour combination is on point. This would also be a good idea for a LED TV showcase design.

2. TV Showcase Model With Industrial TV Stand

This TV showcase interior design ensures that your tabletop TV does not fall off and is securely in place. You can always use this as a bookshelf or personal material storage as well.


3. Dual-tone TV Showcase with Extra Storage

This design provides ample storage with a hybrid of floating and stationary storage options. The shelves can be mounted on either side of the TV spot.


TV Showcase: The Corner Table TV

If you are using a corner table as the resting place for your television unit, then making sure that your TV is surrounded by things that complement the look and feel of the room is important. You can always place wooden photo frames or books as props to enhance the look. This could add a pop of vibrant colours to finish the look. The corner TV showcase is a rustic but elegant concept. TV showcase furniture is important to consider while going for a tabletop corner TV.

1. Symmetrical Stands

You could use a TV showcase that can make complete use of the wall, while not compromising on storage. It involves stands on both ends for speakers or woofers, or soundbars, while drawers on the bottom for bulky storage.

TV table design to enhance your home interior - Beautiful Homes
TV cabinet design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

2. Gallery TV Showcase Model

You could always use a clever design to complement what is required in a compact room, to make your new model of corner TV showcase a showstopper. It could feature a blend of all types of secondary accessories around the TV. This could include a bookshelf, angular open stands as display shelves on both sides and a slew of pull-out drawers at the bottom. They’d all come together framing the TV in the center to make the entire TV showcase design feel complete and replete with amenities. This would also be a good idea for a LED TV showcase design.


Things to Remember

  • Is your TV in the living room or the bedroom? Your decision to design or purchase a TV Showcase will depend on this location heavily.

  • Is it a mounted TV, or one you’ll place on the TV showcase/ cabinet?

  • Make sure that the TV height from the floor is properly aligned for comfortable viewing.

  • If you live in a small home that already has furniture, a large TV showcase model will not go well. Think of surrounding furniture and the kind of space you have available.

  • What kind of stuff do you want to be placed around your TV except for remote controls? This could be books, video game consoles, decorations like a vase etc. This will greatly impact the overall vibe in the room and the type of storage you require.

  • Choosing a TV showcase model that brings your home décor and design elements together is not as tiresome as you think. Remember to choose a showcase that is functional, eye-catching and gorgeous!


At Beautiful Homes Service Advantage for modern & functional home interiors (services, products & shops), we can help you make better choices for your TV showcase interior design needs. If you need any assistance with home décor or interiors, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to help!

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