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Modular kitchen design mistakes you must avoid

  • Modular Kitchen
Dec 15, 2021
Monochromatic modular kitchen design with kitchen island & bright kitchen lighting - Beautiful Homes

Modular kitchens are a big investment and you need to make sure that the end product is exactly what you need. Here are some common modular kitchen design mistakes to avoid

kitchens have become increasingly popular, but not everyone is a pro at designing them. Though they can be intimidating to set up, modular kitchens save you both time and money in the long run.


Quite often, people get into a project with a vague idea of what they want and try to wing it. This could end up costing a ridiculous amount of money for a design that is inefficient and hard to work with. This disappointment can be avoided by taking time to do research into all the components that will go into a modular design and incorporating only what is necessary and what works for you.


One excellent way to avoid some deadly modular kitchen mistakes would be to take reference from the standard kitchen size guide while planning it. Anyway, here are some more common mistakes to avoid when planning and designing the different elements of a modular kitchen.


1. Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle which was developed in the early twentieth century, includes the kitchen's three main work areas, specifically, the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. But times have changed and you need to consider if the kitchen triangle rule works for you. Do not make the mistake of trying to incorporate the kitchen triangle rule in a small kitchen space if it is unnecessary.

Kitchen Layout

Kitchens are no longer raditional spaces where only cooking is done. These days, kitchens have become multi-purpose rooms with multiple cooks and your layout should take that into account. When choosing a modular kitchen size and modular kitchen layout, it is important to consider what will be the best fit for the space that is available. Trying to squeeze an island into a tiny kitchen space or wasting kitchen space by going in for an L-shaped kitchen design are mistakes that can be avoided.

Grey & white modular kitchen layout with kitchen island - Beautiful Homes
Install kitchen windows for bringing in natural light & for kitchen ventilation - Beautiful Homes

Kitchen Windows and Ventilation

Kitchen ventilation is an important part of kitchen design as food preparation produces smoke, steam and odours that can compromise the quality of indoor air if not properly ventilated. Though kitchen exhaust fans and a modular kitchen chimney are simple options for ventilation, a kitchen window can not only help ventilate your kitchen but can bring light in.

Modular Kitchen Lighting

Most people do not realize how much importance light plays in enhancing a space. You can avoid common modular kitchen lighting mistakes by keeping existing windows for natural light, installing cabinet lights and using direct light for the main working areas of the kitchen and soft, ambient light for the rest. 

Modular kitchen lighting with pendant lights & task lights in the kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Wooden modular kitchen corner unit for smart kitchen storage purposes - Beautiful Homes

Kitchen Corner Units

There has been a lot of debate over the modular kitchen corner unit for a while now. While a corner cabinet provides more storage space, it is a trifle difficult to design and maintain. One of the common mistakes that people make when choosing a modular kitchen corner cabinet is not considering its purpose. With a well thought out Modern Kitchen Design, one can find a way to efficiently manage the corner space and make it work.

2. Modular Kitchen Pantry Unit

When designing a modular kitchen pantry unit, avoid the mistake of adding too many unnecessary and hard to access shelves. A modular kitchen pantry should be designed keeping in mind the cooking style of the home, the number of people it caters to, the amount and kind of provisions stocked and how often it would need to be accessed.


3. Modular Kitchen Height

It may not seem like people would make a mistake when it comes to measurements and height when designing a modular kitchen but they often do. This mistake will cost dearly if the countertop and hob is either too high or too low or if cabinet shelves are unreachable.  When approving the kitchen plan, it is important to check that the modular kitchen height suits the family’s needs.


4. Kitchen Island

One mistake that people make when installing a modular kitchen island is not giving themselves enough clearance space around it. An open kitchen with an island should have at least 42 inches of clearance on each side of the island, especially if the kitchen island countertop is the main work area.


5. Modular Kitchen Chimney

A modular kitchen chimney is a must in any kitchen as it absorbs all the smoke and odours and leaves your kitchen odour and grease free, thus increasing the life of your kitchen cabinets and floors. A common mistake made when choosing a kitchen chimney is not checking if it is the best fit for your kitchen.

6. Modular Kitchen Storage

Modular kitchens storage racks are all about providing storage solutions to make cooking easier and the kitchen more effective. Some common modular kitchen storage cabinet mistakes that sneak into a design are shelves that are too deep and unreachable, and corner cabinets that serve no purpose. To plan a kitchen with the right functionalities, you must take a look at these kitchen organization ideas that’ll also help you in making it a beautiful place to enjoy an evening with friends and family.

Wooden modular kitchen storage racks & cabinets for storing & organizing - Beautiful Homes
Designer & functional modular kitchen countertop & backsplash tiles - Beautiful Homes

7. Modular Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen countertops and kitchen backsplash should be functional while looking good. Choosing looks over functionality is a mistake that people often make. Choosing a good-looking modular kitchen countertop that may not be long-lasting is a bad idea. It may be more feasible to go in for a less expensive and more durable countertop and kitchen backsplash tile that can take a lot of beating.


8. Modular Kitchen Materials

There are a wide variety of modular kitchen materials available for any kind of budget. Unfortunately, a common mistake that people make is going in for a cheap solution. This may seem like a good idea when you are paying for it, but in the long run, it may end up costing more because it isn’t hard-wearing. It may be wiser to pay a little extra and choose kitchen features that last longer.  


9. Hiring a Modular Kitchen Designer

Avoid a plethora of mistakes when designing your modular kitchen designer by hiring a modular kitchen designer. The modular kitchen designer will give you ample options to choose from. They will be able to guide and help you make wise choices and avoid possible pitfalls.

Design a chic modular kitchen with the help of expert modular kitchen designers - Beautiful Homes

Having an expert designer at your side will ensure that you get the perfect layout for your kitchen. This can help save money on remodelling costs, material, and time.


How Beautiful Homes can Help?

The designers at Beautiful Homes help make your modular kitchen transformation an exciting experience. They will endeavour to create a stress-free experience for you. They will effectively utilize resources in terms of location, equipment, cost, and a variety of other factors.


Your experience with the Beautiful Homes team will start with a meeting with the customer experience specialist and a sleek modular kitchen designer. After assessing your specific kitchen needs and structural requirements, they will give you modular kitchen size and modular kitchen layout options.


The Beautiful Homes store helps create a home or space that reflects style and taste. Whether it is just a few décor updates or an entire renovation, the Beautiful Homes store provides a wide variety of choices from furnishings to home automation solutions. Shop online at the Beautiful Homes website or visit the store to find the perfect pieces to complete your home.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your interior design, home décor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


We’re currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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