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10 benefits of modular wardrobes that will help you get better organised

  • Wardrobe Design
Jun 27, 2022
White modular wardrobe to help you organize better - Beautiful Homes

If you desire customizability that no other traditional wardrobe can provide you with, a modular wardrobe is the answer. Read on to find out the 10 benefits of modular wardrobe

We all have dreamt of owning trendy and stylish wardrobes.The most used furniture piece in your room, after the bed of course, is your wardrobe. It stores your favourite knitted sweaters, high-end shoes, ripped jeans, and statement handbags. Picking a suitable wardrobe design can make your life simple with convenient storage options. You can select a wardrobe design according to your modern bedroom size, storage requirements, and design specifications.


A Modular Wardrobe Design

A modular wardrobe can be assembled or disassembled wherever and whenever one wishes to. All you need to do is book one and it will get delivered to your place and can be assembled in a few hours.


While the idea of modular furniture has been around for quite a while, the modular closet organiser is fresh and novel. It is very easy to design a modular wardrobe for your bedroom, particularly tailored to your preferences and needs without compromising on the design that you love. As space is becoming more of a premium than ever before, we take a look at how modular wardrobes work and how they can provide amazingly creative storage solutions for any size of bedroom.


The Limitations of Non-modular Wardrobes

  1. Non-modular wardrobes are not personalised as per your needs, your bedroom design, your belongings, and your style of storing your stuff in them.
  2.  They do not have ample space for storage. So you cannot organise your clothes and accessories conveniently.
  3. The process is time-consuming and you will have to wait for a long time to get your wardrobe ready.
  4. There is always the inconvenience of upkeep as there are recurrent issues of dust, dirt, and grime.

A Modern Alternative: A Modular Bedroom Wardrobe


1. Modular Wardrobes Save Space

Modular wardrobes utilise space efficiently and smartly. A space saving wardrobe is built to fit seamlessly into the room without being too big or too small, and they appear effortless within the whole space. Traditional freestanding wardrobes can either be too gigantic and look unduly awkward or too small leaving substantial unused space within a room. Regardless, modular wardrobe sliding doors eradicates vacant spaces by setting in the exact size for the price.


2. Modular Wardrobes Save Time

A modular wardrobe commits to saving a lot of time for you. All you have to do is book an appointment with a design professional like Beautiful Homes and it will be delivered to your home to be installed. You save a lot of time because you do not have to coordinate with different dealers. Just one appointment with your design expert and voila, your dream modular wardrobe sliding doors is ready to use.


3. Modular Wardrobes Save Money

Once you get into the world of modular low-cost wardrobe, there is no going back. Since you do not have to deal with multiple vendors, you save a lot of money and effort. Additionally, as a modular wardrobe price is a one time investment, you do not have to spend again and again on different wardrobes.

Open modular closet organizer tips for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

4. Modular Wardrobes can be Personalised as per Room Space

When you pick a modular space saving wardrobe, you don’t have to face the inconvenience of fitting it in your bedroom space since the dimensions of the wardrobe are already designed as per available space. Unlike the traditional wardrobe organiser, a modular almirah can be custom-made to smartly fit into any space. These wardrobes can fit into L-shaped corners or around the windows to make the best use of space in the room. In this route, you can use your nooks and unused corners that remain out of action and incorporate your modular almirah with the existing room décor.


5. Modular Wardrobes can be Personalised as per Your Needs

One advantage of a modular wardrobe organiser is the proficiency to personalise the internal configuration and storage accessories to meet your needs and requirements. If your outfit collection is mostly formals, for instance, you can have modular wardrobe sliding doors with more hanger space, trouser racks, and storage bins for accessories. If you and your partner share a room,  a sliding wardrobe is an ideal choice. You can customise each section of the wardrobe to meet your precise requirements.

White modular wardrobe for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
Modern bedroom modular wardrobe with shoe racks - Beautiful Homes

6. Modular Wardrobes can be Personalised as per Your Décor Style

The central benefit of modular wardrobe designs is that they look visually awesome. A modular wardrobe gives you the option to personalise it based on your décor and style. A traditional wardrobe or almirah may or may not go completely with your interior. But with modular wardrobes, you can match the texture, colour, and styling in the room. It introduces a modern and sleek look to your interiors.


7. A Modular Closet Organiser can be Personalised as per Your Storage Style

Neat, clean and organised storage is the key to any wardrobe butunfortunately, with a ready-made wardrobe, you are always left with storage solutions you don’t use or missing ones you really wanted for yourself. One of the major perks of modular wardrobe storage is that they give you the flexibility and freedom to design your storage solutions with the elements you want and omit the ones you don’t. Modular closet organiser and wardrobes consist of different sections, pull-out drawers, hanging rods and compartments that help in storing your outfits and other accessories well-organised and managed. You can also position the height of the internal shelves such that they are easily accessible.


8. Modular Wardrobes Maximise your Space

Often, after buying a wardrobe, people face an inconvenient feeling when they do not find the correct size for the room. All these issues lead to a depressing-looking room with space being too small or too much. All these issues are efficiently cracked by a modular wardrobe. You can design it in the way you like with the perfect size, and shape and hence maximise your space. This style of modular closet organiser integrates with your décor making it more spacious and welcoming.

Open wardrobe design in a walk-in closet - Beautiful Homes

9. Modular Wardrobes are Ideal for Keeping your Space Decluttered

As with any low cost wardrobe or luxury one, traditional or modular, organising your stuff gets very easy and efficient. Modular wardrobes help you to organise your clothes, accessories and footwear without any hassle. They enable you to stay clutter-free and organised. Since it takes time to organise the stuff in your racks, shelves, and drawers, once organised and arranged it will be sorted. It won’t declutter and waste your time and efforts.

10. Modular Wardrobes can be Personalised as Per Ideal Material

One major advantage of preferring to design a modular closet organiser is that you can pick the colour, material and facade of the wardrobe storage cabinet to go with the rest of your room décor, hence ensuring your modular bedroom wardrobe works with the bedroom design instead of against it. You can customise the exteriors and interior finishes, the handles, the hardware, and intricate details like lights in dark corners or glass fronts for daily use pull drawers. It can be designed completely to match your personal aesthetics and room décor.

End Your Wardrobe Clutter with Beautiful Homes

When you make a decision to make your house much more comfortable than before, then you have to pay attention to your wardrobe as well. Investing in a space-saving wardrobe that is modular will not only provide you with a beautiful piece of furniture but will also aid you in saving more money in the long-run.


Having the correct modular sliding wardrobe can help you organise & store all your belongings. So as you scroll over wardrobe ideas and modular wardrobe prices and decide to upgrade your old wardrobe to a new modular one, it’s pivotal to have an expert on your side. The design experts at Asian Paints Beautiful homes navigate you through thousands of modular wardrobe ideas to help you select the best fit for your house. From a modular wardrobe with a dressing table to modular wardrobe sliding doors, we have got you covered.


What We Design:

  • Modular Kitchens: Expect a Sleek-made modular kitchen interior design that blends function with elegance.
  • Furniture: Get completely personalised furniture to complement the aesthetic of your space.
  • Furnishings and Décor Accessories: From the right furnishings, modular wardrobe ideas and fabrics in diverse colours to a variety of house interior décor items.
  • Lighting: Choose from a wide range of lights— elaborate chandeliers, and beautiful floor lamps.
  • Painting and Wallpaper: Get Signature Walls that express your true personal style. From interesting shades.
  • Wardrobe Designs: Find the right size, the perfect low cost wardrobe with dressing table price and a chic design for a signature sliding wardrobe.


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