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Moroccan kitchen tiles

  • Kitchen Design
Apr 10, 2022
Modern kitchen tiles design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Moroccan tiles make a stunning addition to any interior style. Read on to find out how you can incorporate this beautiful element into your kitchen design

Moroccan décor is derived from Morocco's Moorish art and architecture. It is a bold and vibrant style that has made a place for itself in the interior design world, not just as a trend but as a classic. Moroccan textiles, earthenware, tableware and rugs are a few décor elements. But the standout is the stunning handcrafted Moroccan tiles.

Any Moroccan-inspired interior design is incomplete without these intricate handmade elements. When you hear Moroccan tiles (Zellige), you probably picture the kaleidoscopic tiles with intricate arabesque patterns. Though, These are not the only type.

The handmade Zellige tiles also come in solid colours. These have a slightly undulating surface and have slight chromatic variations. So when the light hits a Zellige tile wall, it creates a rippling effect. With Moroccan tiles, there's something for everyone.

Different Ways you can Incorporate Moroccan Tiles in the Kitchen

The look of designer tiles for the kitchen is unparalleled. When you select the right one, it can completely transform your space. Whether you want to make a statement or just add accents to your kitchen design, Moroccan kitchen tiles are the way to go. Pick a leaf from the ideas we've collated.

1. Moroccan Style Tiles in the Trendy All-black Kitchen

The all-black matte is a popular kitchen trend in interiors this year. Add a distinct charm to this striking look with glazed Moroccan wall tiles for the backsplash. Since Moroccan tiles come in various shapes, you can opt for a trellis-like shape or a polygon to break up the straight lines in a contemporary kitchen. Directional layouts such as the chevron or herringbone using rectangular tiles will enhance the clean lines and the dimensions of this very sleek kitchen. Lighten up the interiors with metallic accents.

2. Moroccan Style Tiles in Light and Rustic Farmhouse-esque Kitchen

The variety of patterns and colours available make it easy to incorporate Moroccan tiles in almost any design style. Add a pop of colour to a white, rustic farmhouse kitchen with these beautifully patterned tiles. If you prefer a toned-down look, you can choose ones in neutral hues or tones of white. To create a unified look, mirror the colours in the tile with other elements such as the textiles, countertops or even the door and window trims. Pick pieces such as beadboard cabinets, metal cookware, wooden island top, etc., to maintain the rustic look and create some contrast.


3. Moroccan Style Kitchen Tiles for a Monochromatic Kitchen

Black and white interiors are classic and hence still a fan favorite. If you want to spice it up a bit, using floor tiles in a Moroccan pattern is an excellent way to do it without diverging from the colour scheme. Alternatively, you can install them as kitchen wall tiles. Opt for a repeat pattern for a more traditional look. Or you can create a mosaic with different designs to introduce subtle contrast.


For a cohesive look, pick patterns that complement the shapes and lines in the room. For example, if the rest of the kitchen has clean straight lines, look for geometric patterns with the same element.

Moroccan tiles ideas for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

If there are curved elements in the kitchen, incorporate tiles with softer floral motifs. For a picture-perfect kitchen, get appliances and cookware that match the décor and the colour scheme.

Patterned moroccan wall tiles for your all white kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

4. Create an Accent Wall with Moroccan Patterned Tiles

Create a stunning accent wall in the kitchen with Moroccan wall tiles. Backsplashes and other walls above the counter are the obvious choices for an accent wall in the kitchen. But if you have any other empathy walls, there are many ways you can deck them up with Moroccan tiles.

Design a panel in the center, one-third of the wall and highlight it by painting the darker hue in the colour scheme on either side. Take it up a notch by continuing the same panel down the wall to the floor. 

Colourful radial patterned tiles will make for a great pop of colour in neutral and monochromatic schemes.


Wainscoting along the wall covered in striking polychromatic Moroccan tiles will make it look like an impressive mural. If you prefer a more minimalist effect, choose solid-coloured tiles in the preferred hue. The variation in surface and tonality itself creates a stunning rippling effect.

5. The Classic Blue Kitchen Moroccan Wall Tiles

Often the first thing we think of when we hear kitchen Moroccan wall tiles are the brilliant turquoise and cerulean patterned tiles. These would fit perfectly in white or soft neutral kitchens and add hints of colour. Choose multi-tiled patterns for flooring and smaller ones for the backsplash.

Incorporate the blue and white tiles can in green kitchens to create an analogous colour scheme. For a complementary palette, the blue would pair beautifully with earth tones such as rust, terracotta, browns, etc. For more flashy interiors, tiles with blue and yellow patterns on a white background will be a great addition.

6. Unify the Kitchen and the Dining Area with Kitchen Tiles Moroccan Style

If you have an Open Kitchen Design and dining area, it makes sense to have a cohesive, if not the same, style in both spaces. One way to do it is to have continuous flooring, and what better option than to make a statement with gorgeous Moroccan tiled flooring.

To maintain the visual continuity, keep the colour scheme the same in both areas and choose similar tones for accents. Gorgeous natural wood furniture will perfectly complement the tiles' design. Some colourful upholstery and brass lanterns above the dining table will tie the look together.

Classic blue Moroccan wall tiles for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

7. Moroccan Style Kitchen Tiles with a Twist

Like to experiment? Add some pizzazz to your kitchen interiors by using Moroccan tiles in fun and unexpected ways. Frame the door and windows in the kitchen with patterned tiles for an artsy look. If you have an open doorway to the kitchen, consider an arched shape for it and cover the wall in Moroccan tiles for grand arabesque interiors.

You can use Moroccan kitchen tiles to add subtle highlights to your kitchen design. Window sill, thresholds, step raisers, and bottom edge of the counters are a few ways you can do it. Cover the bases and sides of counters and islands with Moroccan kitchen tiles for more visible accents. Ensure that the colour(s) of the tiles are reflected elsewhere in the interiors for a cohesive look.

8. A Full Moroccan Inspired Kitchen

Moroccan style stucco over the cooktop will add a stunning architectural element to your kitchen. Select repeat radial patterned tiles or mosaic tiles with some deep hues for added depth. A couple of Moroccan brass lamps with stained glass, concrete countertops, a rug and some metal and ceramic accents will give you a contemporary kitchen with Moroccan décor.

Kitchen tiles Moroccan style- Alternatives to authentic Moroccan kitchen tiles

Many afford the intricate handcrafted Moroccan kitchen tiles. But that doesn't mean that you have to give up on it. Here are some DIY alternatives that allow you to bask in the beauty of Moroccan designer tiles for the kitchen at a fraction of the cost.


You can paint beautiful repeat arabesque patterns wherever you want using stencils. To get close to authentic Moroccan tile designs, choose colours typical to these, such as blues, oranges, greens, earth tones and accents of red and gold. 

Upgrade your kitchen with adding alternatives to authentic moroccan wall tiles- Beautiful Homes

Many companies now manufacture photorealistic wallpapers that look like actual Moroccan tiles. Wallpapers are hassle-free and economical alternatives to kitchen tiles.



Pros and Cons of Moroccan Style Kitchen Tiles



  1. You can seamlessly incorporate them into any style. There is plenty of diversity in terms of patterns and colours; you can find something that complements any design style.
  2. They work superbly as accents in home interiors. Use these gorgeous handcrafted tiles to make statements such as backsplashes, floors, shower walls, etc.
  3. Kitchen tiles Moroccan style are classics even though Moroccan inspired décor may seem trendy. It complements natural materials such as wood and stone to create timeless interiors.


  1. For day to day cleaning, simply wiping the tiles may be enough; to ensure longevity, you need to put more effort into maintenance such as periodical sealing and using only specific cleaning products.
  2. Authentic Moroccan tiles and handmade and therefore can be pretty expensive. Additionally, installation too requires expertise and can also be pricey.

How to Care for Moroccan Design Tiles?

  • Unglazed Moroccan tiles are made of tough terracotta. These tiles are thick and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Due to their porosity, they need to be sealed to avoid permanent staining and markings. The first application needs to be before the tiles are installed and thereafter, every few years.

  • Handmade Moroccan tiles often have uneven surfaces and chips. These imperfections are a part of their charm. Ensure that you take extra care in cleaning these bits to avoid the accumulation of grease and dirt.

  • Glazed and sealed unglazed tile can be easily cleaned with warm water and a mop or soft cloth. If you are to use any products, please ensure that they're pH neutral and will not affect the finish of the tiles.

  • Based on the material used for grout, it might also require regular sealing. Please check for maintenance instructions about it.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Choosing the Perfect Tiles for your Kitchen?

At Beautiful Homes, we provide a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design and décor needs. Our design professionals are well-versed in all styles. They will offer personalized solutions based on your taste, requirements and budget. Whether you like contemporary interior, rustic, boho-chic or something else, you are sure to achieve the kitchen of your dreams with our products and services.


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