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Most crucial questions about L-shaped kitchens answered

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Feb 15, 2022
L-shaped kitchen design with wooden finish & breakfast nook - Beautiful Homes

The L-shaped kitchen design is one of the most popular and classic kitchen layouts as it is ergonomically functional. If you are considering an L-shaped kitchen makeover, here are some critical questions answered

Kitchen Design & L-shaped Kitchen Kesign

These days, kitchens are no longer functional spaces used solely for cooking. It has become a place to entertain, study, and work in as well as prepare meals. To ensure that the kitchen meets your daily needs and activities requires more than simply selecting cute cabinets and new appliances. It has to be a safe and accessible space that allows for ease of movement. Kitchen floor plans can be U-shaped, L-shaped or Galley and depending on the open space available, they can include islands.


The L shape modular kitchen design is one of the most popular and classic kitchen layouts. The design is very flexible and lends itself to different sizes of kitchens. It is also a very ergonomically efficient kitchen design as it has the best working triangle. The working triangle is an imaginary line drawn from the centre of the sink, to the centre of the cooktop, to the centre of the refrigerator, and then back to the centre of the sink. With an optimum working triangle, the L- shaped kitchen layout offers a perfect kitchen.


Most Important Questions About L-shaped Modular Kitchen

Indian kitchens, especially in apartments tend to be quite small. An L-shaped layout is a good idea for small and medium sized spaces and when designed well, offers ample countertop space. It also offers enough floor space to incorporate a kitchen island, which is an extremely helpful addition for food preparation and added storage.


Here are some common questions answered that will provide some understanding on how to design the perfect L-shaped kitchen for your home.


1. What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout?

To achieve an organic L-shaped design, the kitchen must be designed from the corner where two walls meet. With the right dimensions, it offers a sensible work triangle. It is a great idea for apartments that have less floor space as it optimizes the use of floor space, provides ample counter space and helps streamline workflow.


2. What are the Pros of Modular Kitchen Design L Shape?

The L-shaped kitchen layout provides several benefits. Here are a few of the pros of L-shaped kitchens: 

A. Ease of Movement

Since the L-shaped kitchen has a two-wall layout, there is ample space for appliances which can be laid out at regular intervals and need not be cramped together. This separation of the appliances provides multiple work zones, and adequate space for food preparation. 


B. Great for an Open Plan Concept

If your home is based on an open plan concept where rooms flow into one another, L-shaped kitchen design ideas are a great option as its shape inherently lends itself to open concept design.

Wooden l-shaped modular kitchen design with built-in appliances - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ThreeDiCube/ shutterstock

For instance, in a larger space, the L shape can run along two walls and a stand-alone narrow island can provide a division between the kitchen and the living spaces while also serving as a breakfast or work space. On the other hand, in a long narrow area, the living spaces can end in an L-shaped kitchen layout making the space appear larger and airier.


C. Ample Space for a Kitchen Island

Since the L-shaped layout leaves the rest of the kitchen area open, it is easy to incorporate a kitchen island in the space. With clever designing, the island kitchen design can be used to provide extra storage, workspace, or seating.


D. Can Increase Home Value

An L-shaped kitchen is a highly desired element as part of an open plan concept interior design as it is ergonomically designed and highly functional. Having an L-shaped kitchen layout can potentially increase the value of your home.


3. How Would a Modern Kitchen Design L-shaped Enhance your Lifestyle?

These days people want their homes to not only look good but be highly functional as well and this goes double for the kitchen. Kitchens are spaces that are used to not only cook food but to eat in, to entertain and may even be used for work and study. 


A great way to make an L-shaped kitchen be optimally functional is by splitting it into work zones. For instance, if the shorter leg of the L is used for washing up, the longer leg can be used for cooking and meal prep. A stand-alone island is a great idea for entertainment and can double up as a breakfast table or workspace.


4. What are the Dimensions of an L-shaped Kitchen Design?

An L-shaped kitchen uses two adjacent walls to create an L-shaped countertop. The two Ls can be in multiple variations of lengths and depths depending on the space available. There should be a minimum clearance aisle of 3’ to 6' in front of the L shape layout, with widths ranging from 4’ to 6’. The linear lengths can range from 8’ to 13’ and shorter lengths between 3’ to 9’. The overall area of the space will vary depending on the size of the kitchen space. 


5. How Many Cooks can Fit in an L-shaped Kitchen Interior Design?

An L-shaped kitchen can accommodate two cooks at a time. The open layout provides floor space and counterspace for two people to work on both legs of the kitchen layout without getting in each other’s way.

An all white l-shaped modular kitchen design with in-built appliances - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, yampi/ shutterstock

6. How to Determine Flow of Traffic in an L Type Kitchen Design?

Your method of cooking, the number of members in your family, and whether you employ a cook are all factors that will help determine the flow of traffic in your L-shaped kitchen. The legs of the L need to be laid to accommodate these factors.


Once the dimensions and functions have been sorted out, you can think of other components of the kitchen, like the optimal work triangle, where the appliances need to be placed, and the design of the cabinetry to come up with a design that best suits your space.


What are the Tips for Enhancing L-shaped Kitchens?

A modern kitchen needs to be functional but it also needs to look pleasing in appearance. Selecting the right materials is very important to enhance your kitchen décor.

Here is a list of elements that go into enhancing kitchen décor:

  • L-shaped Kitchen Ideas for Flooring

    Whether it is tiles, marble or wooden flooring, the right flooring can make a great first impression.


  • L-shaped Kitchen Cabinet Designs

    From wood, to laminate to acrylic, there is a wide range of bases and veneers for L shape kitchen cabinets to choose from to bring together your kitchen décor in a harmonious way.
Mid century inspired white l-shaped kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/ shutterstock

Metallic finish l-shape modular kitchen design with in-built appliances - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ThreeDiCube/ shutterstock

  • Fixtures for L-shaped Counters

    There are myriad options to accessorize your kitchen to make it a more convenient and clutter free space, for instance, a cutlery organiser, partitions for forks, spoons, and knives, tall units, corner solutions, shelves, under sink units and bottle pull outs are all great additions.


  • Appliances for L-shaped Kitchen

    These days kitchen appliances have become a form of kitchen décor by themselves with their sophisticated and streamlined designs.


  • L-shaped Kitchen Furniture Design

    From seating around the island to kitschy stand-alone shelves, there are many kinds of fun, functional furniture that you can add to enhance your kitchen décor.


  • Lighting for L-shaped Kitchen

    From under the cabinet strip light, to hanging lights over the island to cabinet lighting, lighting can add a whole new depth to the kitchen design. 

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Create the Perfect L-shaped Modular Kitchen?

At Beautiful Homes, we create beautiful interiors with a client-driven approach focused on collaboration, innovation and custom details. Our design team finds sophisticated solutions to fit each client’s aesthetic and functional goals. We use the three fundamental elements of design – light, colour, and space planning – to create beautiful and comfortable spaces that you are going to love.


We get things rolling by setting up a meeting with our Customer Experience Specialist and a Sleek Kitchen designer. After understanding your needs and your cooking, storage and structural requirements, we propose modular kitchen design options that will help the smooth functioning of your space. 


We will keep you updated right through the project and once installed our Customer Experience Specialist will give you a walk-through of your kitchen. One of the advantages of a Beautiful Homes Sleek Kitchen is that it comes with a 10-year warranty and a full year of free maintenance, so you can enjoy your cooking while we take care of your modular kitchen’s maintenance and durability.

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