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Music room décor ideas

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Oct 03, 2023

Tune into the best music room ideas that boost creativity and musical inspiration

Music has the power to touch our souls and elevate our spirits. For those passionate about music, a dedicated music room at home can be a dream come true. Whether you're a musician or simply an avid music lover, creating a harmonious and inspiring space is essential. From avant-garde accents to eccentric instruments on display, there is a huge list of creative concepts that will turn your music room into a resplendent crescendo of self-expression. It's time to dive into the rhythm of imagination and discover how to orchestrate an extraordinary space where music and quirkiness harmonise like never before!


Take your music room décor on a wild and whimsical journey and make it as cool and inviting as the tunes you play in it. In this article, we'll explore seven music room décor ideas that will transform any ordinary room into a symphony of style and comfort alongside striking the right chord with your artistic sensibilities. Whether you’re into vintage vibes or modern minimalism, there’s something here for everyone.


7 Music Room Designs for a Harmonious Home

Home music rooms can take many forms. Determine how you intend to use the area before you begin putting it together. Consider how you plan to spend most of your time, be it practising an instrument, training others, listening to music, or even recording music. Then, accordingly pick furniture, storage, décor, and other components to complete the space. Though here are some décor ideas that could spruce up the space and give it some more character and rhythm.

1. Get Creative with Wall Art

Embrace your love for music by adorning the walls of your music room with captivating musical-themed art that will inspire your creativity every time you walk in. Consider framing vintage music sheets, album covers, posters of your favourite artists or the lyrics from your favourite songs. For a more personalised touch, showcase your own sheet music compositions or song lyrics. Vinyl records can also double as wall décor, creating a unique and nostalgic ambiance. Inspirational quotes from renowned musicians or music-related sayings can serve as daily motivation in your music room. Frame and hang these quotes strategically throughout the room to remind you of the power of music and the joy it brings to your life.

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Pro tip: Try using frames of different shapes and sizes to create an interesting gallery wall!


2. Colour Me Happy

What better way to make a room come alive than with some vibrant hues? Paint your walls a funky colour, like bright orange or electric blue. Or, you can use wallpapers to add texture and interesting patterns. Your music room can be given a colourful boost by adding bright elements like throw cushions, curtains, or carpets. This will make the space feel more vibrant and lively. Pick hues that give a touch of personality while enhancing the overall theme of your area.

Image courtesy, Pexels

3. Let there be Sound

You won’t be able to create any good tunes without the right equipment! Invest in good quality speakers, amps, microphones, and other tools so that you can get the best sound possible from your compositions. Celebrate your musical journey by displaying your beloved instruments in an organised and artistic manner. Wall-mounted guitar racks, shelves for keyboards, or stands for wind instruments not only keep your instruments safe but also become eye-catching focal points. By showcasing your instruments, you'll infuse the room with an undeniable musical vibe.

In the harmonious symphony of life, music plays an enchanting melody that resonates in our hearts and souls. A music room should be a sanctuary that reflects your passion and love for music. For passionate music enthusiasts, a dedicated music room at home is akin to composing a personal sanctuary where melodies come to life, and creativity knows no bounds. Beyond the conventional notions of interior design, the true magic lies in infusing the space with a unique, quirky touch that reflects your love for music.

4. Keep it Comfy, Aesthetic and Organised

If you’re going to be spending time here creating music or just listening, make sure the space is comfortable by adding throws and cushions in soft fabrics and colours. Introduce music-themed furniture to enhance the room's aesthetic and functionality. Look for chairs or couches with musical note patterns, tables with piano keyboard designs, or storage cabinets shaped like musical instruments.


No one likes searching around for hours trying to find their instrument! Make sure your music room is organised by getting the right storage solutions. Buy some bookshelves and baskets to store all of your music-related items like sheet music, headphones, and CDs. These additions will not only showcase your passion for music but also contribute to the overall theme of the room.

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

5. Don’t Let the Sound Out

A crucial aspect of any music room is soundproofing. To ensure that you can practise and play without disturbing the rest of the house, invest in acoustic panels or foam that can be strategically placed on the walls. Additionally, heavy curtains for soundproofing wallpaper can further minimise sound leakage, creating echo-free jam sessions and a better listening experience. for both you and others in the house.

Image courtesy, Pexels

6. Get Professional and Cosy at the Same Time

Make it look like you mean business with a sleek studio desk and chair set up. You can even get a custom desk made that fits the size of your music room perfectly. Incorporate a cosy reading nook into your music room where you can relax with books about music, biographies of musicians, or simply enjoy sheet music. Add a comfortable armchair or bean bags, along with soft blankets and pillows. This corner will not only be a perfect spot for reading but can also inspire you during your practice sessions.

7. Vibe Check

Set the right mood for your music room with carefully selected lighting. Consider installing dimmable lights to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere when you want to unwind and listen to your favourite tunes. You can also incorporate LED strips behind shelves or instrument displays to add a touch of vibrant colour, giving the room a modern and dynamic look. Invest in some fun lighting fixtures that will create an inviting atmosphere like disco balls, string lights, or chandeliers for a party-like vibe!

Image courtesy, Pexels

By incorporating these seven music room décor ideas, you can transform your space into an inspiring and harmonious haven. With the right combination of colours, furniture, and accessories, you’ll have a creative space that you won’t want to leave! From musical wall art to cosy reading nooks, each element plays a crucial role in creating a space that resonates with your musical soul. Whether you're a musician or a music enthusiast, these décor ideas will surely strike a chord in your heart and elevate your home to a symphony of style. So what are you waiting for? Get decorating today! Happy music-making!


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