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Neutral kitchen ideas

  • Kitchen Design
May 08, 2022
Neutral kitchen design to enhance your kitchen into a new lavish one - Beautiful Homes

Kitchens are arguably the most active part of our homes. Read on to discover how you can invoke a sense of calm and create timeless kitchen designs with neutral interiors

Kitchens, in most homes, see a lot of frantic activities. In such cases, well-planned interiors can make a ton of difference in how we operate and feel in a space. Of course, modular kitchen designs offer great solutions in terms of functionality. But more aesthetic elements such as the lighting, the colour, the materials, etc., help create the ambience you desire. Neutral kitchens are generally uncomplicated and less busy, thus creating a space that evokes a sense of calm and feels welcoming.


But if you think neutral coloured kitchens are boring, you’re in for a surprise. Muted kitchen colours, obviously, make for an excellent canvas for various aspects of kitchen designUnlike the more trendy colours, neutrals are timeless and versatile. With neutral coloured kitchens, you’re set for a long time. Consider it an investment— you won’t have to redo your kitchen whenever there’s a new trend around the block.


Read on to discover chic neutral kitchen ideas and how you can incorporate them into your kitchen.


Classic Neutral Kitchen Ideas you Will Love Forever

1. Set the Scene in a Neutral Kitchen

What we mean is that the kitchen design should be purposeful. When it comes to neutral paint colours for kitchen, you must pay attention to the undertones and hues. And since colour may not be the focal point, you have to play around with texture and patterns to create a specific ambience.


Use a combination of materials- stone, wood, metals, textiles, etc., to create visual intrigue. Mirroring details helps create an intentional and unified look. For example, consider drawer pulls in the same colour if you have black pendant lights. If you have white counters with grey striations, opt for a grey colour for kitchen cabinets.

Add creative visuals by using different finishes for your neutral kitchen interior - Beautiful Homes
Add modern kitchen appliances to your modern neutral kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

2. Shake Up the Shine

A creative way to add visual interest to a neutral colour kitchen is to incorporate different finishes in the design. Do this by mixing materials with other finishes in your design, or choose paints with various sheen levels. Glossy backsplash tiles make for a good contrast against matte cabinets. Complement concrete countertops with cast iron lighting fixtures.


Upholstery, accessories such as jars, vases, canisters, etc., and hardware are a few ways to introduce different materials in your design. Warm neutral kitchen wall colours make an excellent backdrop for natural wood tones and warmer metals such as brass, copper and gold. Silver, steel, cast iron, and rose gold are some metals that gel with cool neutrals.

3. Modern Neutral Kitchen

Look for kitchen colour combinations that can smoothly assimilate modern kitchen appliances. A grey and white kitchen would work well if your devices have a classic stainless steel finish. Consider a black and white glam kitchen aesthetic if you prefer contrasting schemes. To maintain the modern aesthetic, choose sleek elements— recessed lighting, pendant lights, bar stools, handleless/ soft push cabinets, etc.

Luxurious neutral modern kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes
Spruce up your modern kitchen by adding green color to its design - Beautiful Homes

4. Neutral Kitchen Ideas, But Make it Green

Due to their earthiness and versatility, soft greens work well as neutral paint colours for the kitchen. Smoky sage, a cool jade, and muted teals are some excellent options for kitchen walls, cabinets and island base.


In a contemporary kitchen, anchor the design with a subtle grey-green for the bottom cabinets and the island base. Brighten it with white countertops, open shelves, and stainless steel appliances. For a soft boho or vintage look, choose brass or oxidised gold fixtures- lighting, cabinet pulls, faucet etc. You can even add inlays to your cabinets for that extra detail.

5. Monochromatic Neutral Kitchens

Monochromatic schemes work superbly in a neutral colour kitchen for many reasons. It gives any room an air of minimalist sophistication, and you don’t have to worry about constantly matching colours to pick the best colour for the kitchen.


Using various tints and shades of a hue can help create an illusion of depth and expansiveness. In terms of the best neutral kitchen cabinet colours, the rule of thumb is to use darker shades for the bottom ones and tints for the top ones. Use a shade different from the wall colour for door and window frames.


To add visual interest, play around with patterns and textures. Start with something simple such as stone countertops with striations or hardwood with a pronounced grain. For top cabinetry, opt for mesh, rattan or frosted glass doors. If the cabinets have see-through doors, add a textured backing such as fluted panels. A patterned layout for backsplash tiles will add an accent feature to a monochromatic kitchen.


Tips for Choosing the Best Colour for Kitchen

  • Neutrals are significantly affected by light and shadows in any room. So before you finalise a colour for your kitchen, always test it out in natural light and artificial light and lack thereof.
  • Don’t pick highly saturated colours for a neutral kitchen. Even if you want red or blue elements in your neutral kitchen, you will find muted antoned-down hues.
  • In areas with little to no natural light, neutrals with warm undertones are preferred. So look for something with yellow or brown undertones.
  • Cool neutrals work better as modular kitchen colour in modern and contemporary designs. And warm neutrals are favoured for traditional or vintage designs.


The Best Neutral Kitchen Wall Paint Colours for Any Home

Most kitchens do not have bare walls. So when you consider a colour palette for the kitchen, you have to think of the layout and the various elements— appliances, top and bottom cabinets, hardware, counters and more. And anything that takes up wall space can essentially be considered as such. The following are the best colours for the kitchen as far as neutrals are concerned.

1. Grey Kitchen Walls

Greys make for a great base to build on due to the wide range of undertones and shades. Opt for a dark slate or charcoal-like hue for the backsplash to add depth to the kitchen. If you’re looking for something to pair with white, a cool lighter grey will help keep things fresh and bright. If you have many visible steel appliances, opt for cooler tones of grey elsewhere in the kitchen for a cohesive look. Hardwood and stones generally pair well with warm greys.

Enhance your kitchen neutrals by adding grey colour to it - Beautiful Homes
Enhance your kitchen interiors by switching to beige color combination for your kitchen - Beautiful Homes

2. Beige Kitchen Walls

Beige is an excellent warm neutral kitchen wall colour available in a massive range of hues- taupes, greige, coffee, almond-like, etc. In a mid-century modern-inspired kitchen, you can pair it with wood countertops, brown cabinets, and leather stools. Gold details will help maintain the warmth.


You can opt for a beige accent wall that combines various shades and hues to create a watercolour effect. Patterned tiles are another great way to introduce beige tones via kitchen walls. The beige floor and walls are a lovely backdrop for earth tones.

3. White Kitchen Walls

While white kitchens are bright, airy, and spacious, an all-white kitchen can feel sterile. Introduce accents to break up the monotony in an all-white design. Here are a few ways you can do it.


In an all-white kitchen, play around with texture and tones. Warm creamy tones for seating and rugs will make the space inviting. Glazed zellige or subway tiles for backsplash will create a subtle contrast. For more of a pop against neutral kitchen wall colours, use colourful décor in the kitchen. Moroccan tiles are an excellent feature element and can immediately spruce up any décor.


Another great minimal yet bold approach is to add black details to the design. Black and white flooring will work amazingly with white neutral kitchen wall colours. Opt for a rug for something less permanent. Lighting fixtures, window frames, and cabinet pulls are other ways to introduce black into the décor. Metallic elements can help you achieve a vintage-inspired look.


4. Muted Yellow or Green on Kitchen Walls

The keyword here is ‘muted’. Earthy, toned-down versions of most colours, but yellow and green especially, work well as neutral kitchen wall colours. Soft, buttery yellows will give the kitchen a warm glow. Pair it with white for a bright kitchen. Or you can pair it with contrasting blues for a vibrant space.


Greens are great for a modern neutral kitchen as they’re more serene. Pair it with stained natural wood counters or cabinets for a biophilic neutral kitchen. Marble, quartzite and granite backsplashes and countertops will add a touch of sophistication.


Add natural stone or distressed wood elements to the kitchen if you want a rustic or farmhouse-style décor. Ensure that the undertones of other materials match those of the green. Take it up a notch with brick or stone flooring. It’s also a great way to add texture to the overall design.


Neutral Paint Colours for Kitchen- Colour Palette Ideas

  • Black and white
  • Off-white/creams and rust
  • White and sandy wood
  • Brown and beige
  • Green and brown
  • Sage and cool grey
  • White and grey
  • Blue and white
  • Taupe and brown


How can Beautiful Homes Help you Create a Perfect Neutral Kitchen for your Home?

At Beautiful Homes, we understand the need for personalised design solutions. And so our products and interior design services aim to provide just that. Visit our website to check out the various options we offer. You can also browse through projects executed by us so far.


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