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Open bathroom design ideas for your master bedroom

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Apr 15, 2020
Semi-Open Bathroom Design with Glass-Paned Window for Doors, Black & White Tiled Floor, Golden Features - Beautiful Homes

One of the bolder—and at times, controversial—interior design concepts is the open bathroom. It may seem a little far-fetched to have a bathtub by your bed—or a Jacuzzi within arm’s reach of your writing desk—but if done right, an open concept bathroom can be a great way to maximize visual space, create a dynamic interior choreography, and simply make your bedroom design more interesting.


The open bathroom began as a trend in hotels and spas—as a way of signifying luxury, the seamless movement between two private spaces. Bringing this concept into your home could be as easy as placing a claw-foot bathtub in the bedroom or might require a complete overhaul of the structure of the space. If you happen to have a large bathroom area, you might even want to consider subverting the open bathroom idea, by taking pieces of furniture inside, rather than bringing bath elements out. Although the open bathroom needs to be meticulously thought-through to feel right—there are still a variety of design ideas with which you can make it work for your space. 


Here are some tips on how to implement an open bathroom in your private space.

Bring elegant open bathroom features in the bedroom
If your master bedroom has some space left over, but you don’t want to break down the bathroom barrier, you can start small with a visually striking bath feature—a claw-foot tub or a Jacuzzi. Make sure you invest in a visually striking feature that adds aesthetic value to the space even when it is not in use. Don’t hold back on creating a full-fledged tableau either: use tiles to visually enhance the area, warm up the space with soothing light fixtures, and set out some bath linen to soften the space.

Open Bathroom Design with Luxurious Marble Jacuzzi in Master Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Alila Fort Bishangarh

Large Open Bathroom for Master Bedroom with Walk-In Closet Space, Sofa, & Dark Classic Furniture with Golden Handles - Beautiful Homes

Rampart Street - Sea View Room Bathroom.

Contrast the open bathroom with furniture and décor
Open bathrooms also work well for bathroom areas that are especially large. You can turn one section into a walk-in closet space—preferably closer to the shower or bath areas—and even opt to bring in some chairs or a sofa. Set up a bookcase by the bathtub so you have some reading material close at hand when you take a bath—it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a mini-bar cart either. Décor accents like potted plants or lamps make the bathroom feel a lot more like a living space.

Layer private and semi-private spaces
Transition from bedroom to bathroom in a series of staggered bath areas—a bathtub in the bedroom leads to a closet and shower area, which in turn eventually leads to a walled-off toilet stall—make your open concept bathroom more interesting. Layering your space allows you to separate the spaces you’d like to keep completely private from the more accessible open bathroom elements. Layered spaces also allow you to experiment with gradient lighting and texture—use wall and floor tiles, accent pieces and mood lighting to maximize the transition from one space to the next. 

Open Bathroom For Mater Bedroom with Layered Semi-Private Spaces, Gradient Lighting & Black & White Floor Tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Leeu House

Bright Open Bathroom Design For Master Bedroom With Tree As Visual Barrier, Glass Door, Stone & Glass Sink, Wooden Floor  - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, Singita Sweni

Open bathroom reaching to the outdoors
If your Bathroom Design happens to have its own terrace or balcony, you could use the outdoor space for a rain shower, bathtub or Jacuzzi so you can bathe under the stars. You can create a visual barrier with foliage—trees or large potted plants and creepers can also bring a sense of contrast to the plain porcelain bath-ware. Dress the area with lights and modern accent pieces—stone or concrete finish floor tiles work as a visual link to the environment, rooting your open bathroom even further in the great outdoors.

Use a door-less walkway in your open bathroom
If you’d like an open concept bathroom that is strongly separated from the bedroom space, a corridor or walkway could work as a decompression-space between the two areas. The walkway could even be a walk-in closet or alcove for a sink—so you’re still maximizing your use of space. In the interest of decompression, it’s best to use muted colours—a textured wallpaper in earth tones—to line the wall, though a quirky light fixture or line of coloured wall tiles will help relieve the space and create a sense of movement towards the inside space.

Open Bathroom Design with Door-Less Walkway in Muted & Earthy Colours, Marble & Livelier Colours - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, The Time

Semi-Open Bathroom Design with Glass-Paned Window for Doors, Black & White Tiled Floor, Golden Features - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Haymarket by Scandic

Fit glass-front doors for a semi-open bathroom
Finally, to make the best of both worlds, replace the walls of your bathroom with glass-paned windows. The closed doors allow you to keep the steam from hot showers out of your bedroom –and you can use window shades or blinds when you need some privacy. Enclosing the bathroom in a visible, but separate, area brings the best of both—an open concept bathroom that can turn private as needed.  

Make the most of floor and wall tiles
Tiles work like a charm when it comes to designating an open bathroom interior design. Create subtle visual differences between bed and bath area, private and semi-private by experimenting with coloured and textured tiles. This could mean bringing glossy, ceramic bathroom tiles into some areas of the bedroom, or bringing wood-finish or concrete tiles to the bathroom. Tiles also give you the opportunity to use colour as a strong transition element from one space to the next—this can be as muted or as bold as you choose to make it. 

Open Bathroom Design with Glossy Ceramic Tiles & Wooden Furniture, Concrete Floor & Door Giving To the Outdoor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara

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