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Jul 27, 2022
Open house design with floating staircase - Beautiful Homes

Indian households have traditionally consisted of many small, cramped rooms and many families are opting to open up their living spaces with open concept floor plans. Let us take a look at different ways to create an open home design and make it work

Interior design has become an integral part of house design, whether it is a new home, a renovation or a makeover. Indian households have traditionally had small rooms, cramped spaces and inefficient layouts. The main goal was to accommodate as many people as possible, as most Indian households consisted of joint families, had a lot of household help and often played host to house guests.


These days, families have become much smaller and the needs of an Indian household have changed. Many Indian households are revamping their badly laid out interiors into more functional and comfortable spaces. Interior design plays a big part in bringing about this transformation. With good interior open concept floor plans, your cramped spaces can be made more functional, beautiful and comfortable.


What is an Open Floor Plan?

An open plan house, or an open concept, is an interior layout that is achieved by combining two or more rooms together to make one large, open and airy space. It can have different configurations; an open kitchen and dining room; an open dining room and living room; or a large space that encompasses the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Why has Open Home Design become Popular in Indian Homes?

As families became smaller, having many rooms became more of a hindrance than a help.


Some of the reasons why open concept homes became popular are:

  • Ease in moving around the house.
  • New ways of building houses decreased the need for many load-bearing walls.
  • Smaller living spaces that needed to look larger.
  • A more casual and informal lifestyle.
  • Modern amenities.
Open plan house designs for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

How to make Open Plan Designs Work for your Home

One of the goals of an open floor concept is to make everyday living easier. Making the change into an open floor plan may present some extra design challenges as one has to carefully choose layout, colour schemes, and scale to make the design work for you.


Let’s take a look at the various types of open floor plans that can be incorporated into a home and tips on how to make it work.

Open concept house with dining table & sectional sofa - Beautiful Homes

1. A combined living and dining open floor plan

In an open concept plan, when combining two spaces, it is important to also define what each space is being used for. For instance, use a neutral or two-tone colour scheme through the space but lay down a patterned rug to anchor and define the living area and separate it from the dining space. The same colours can be used as accents on the upholstery of the dining room chairs to bring the space together while keeping it apart. 

2. Using dividers in open plan designs

A great way to define areas in open plan designs is to use dividers. These can be low walls, furniture, plants or a decorative screen. For instance, a low sofa with a console behind it, lined with tall vases filled with gorgeous flowers makes a pretty separation between a living and dining area. 

3. Open plan house with combined living, dining and kitchen areas

When combining a living room, dining room and kitchen, one of the essential requirements is a well organised kitchen. The kitchen cannot be a messy space as it can be seen by visitors to the house. A modular kitchen can help streamline the look and make it a neat organised space.


Use a coordinated colour scheme to make the space come together. For instance, using a variety of finishes and materials for the walls can help separate the different spaces in the room while using the same colour scheme throughout can help keep them coordinated.

Open home design for living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

4. Use simple lines for an open concept house

Avoid fussy décor in an open concept house as it can negate the whole point of open planning which is to make a space seem bigger and airy. Choose furniture and accessories that are simple with neat lines. For instance, the use of a straight line tight back sofa, a small round dining set in light wood, flat glass cabinets and a marble counter for the kitchen will make the space look fresh, upscale, and neat. 


5. Unusual open plan house designs

Sometimes the addition of an unusual element can transform a room. For instance, give your kitchen a step up from the dining and living area. This can add some drama and define the spaces. Another unusual way to separate spaces is by having a hanging divider in the form of a wooden shelf on ropes filled with potted plants, or a pull down painted half screen that will be eye-catching and functional.


6. Using colours and patterns to bring together an open home design

The easiest way to separate and combine a space at the same time is by using colours and patterns. For instance, use chequered flooring in contrasting colours, like black and white, throughout the space. Pair it with a low plush white sofa, dining chair upholstery in black and white prints, and black cabinets for the kitchen for a trendy open plan design that makes a striking visual.


7. Open concept narrow house plans that look airy and spacious

Sectionals are a great way to maximise space in narrow homes. Use a neutral-coloured sectional that fits perfectly into the living area and separates it from the dining area. A display cabinet in white for the television and well-chosen pieces of art will make this a great lounge area to entertain friends in. 

Open space in house with stairs & ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

8. Using sliding doors to maximize an open space in house

A neat way to separate areas in an open plan living space is with sliding doors. This way the space is easy to access during high traffic hours and can be closed off when entertaining. It is also a highly efficient way to convert a large space that can accommodate many people into a cosy area for the chosen few. 

9. Small open house designs that work

One of the easiest ways to make a very small open house design work is by making a broad half wall between the kitchen and living room and using that as the dining space. With pretty pendant lamps, cute potted plants and an interesting backsplash, it can become an easy breakfast nook and work area during the day and a lovely space to entertain friends in the evening.


10. An open space house design with staircase

Some open space plans have to accommodate a staircase and the best way to do that is to make the staircase part of the décor. A beautiful decorative, grilled railing decorated with potted plants can be an eye-catching feature. Or a little koi pond right under the staircase, with the reflection of the water dancing off the walls, will look absolutely gorgeous.

Small open house design with panel lights - Beautiful Homes

Advantages of Open Concept Floor Plans

Open floor house plans have become popular because of how lifestyles have changed.  Some benefits of open floor plans include:

  • Expands space – Even a small sized apartment or home can be made to feel much bigger with open floor designs.

  • Eliminates waste of space – Walls take up a lot of space and open floor plans provide more square footage.

  • Ease in arranging furniture - Big or small, most furniture can be accommodated in an open floor design.

  • Brings families together – The open view in these living spaces allows families to converse and spend time together even when doing different activities.

  • Easy to keep an eye on the children – Having uninterrupted sight lines is a big boon for families with young children.

  • Provides additional seating - The dining chairs provide additional seating when necessary.

  • Provides a well-lit space - Without walls, natural light reaches every corner. 

  • Great for entertaining – When entertaining, an open floor plan can help accommodate more people.

  • More functional – Having things within easy reach can cut down on time and effort in day-to-day activities.
Open floor plan for living room & kitchen - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes help you with creating perfect open floor house plans for your home?

Are you looking for an amazing open floor plan that will transform your cramped and drab home into a bright and beautiful space? At Beautiful Homes, our interior designers create exceptional open plan house designs and will flawlessly guide you through the design project, from initial concept to a timely execution. We take pride in creating innovative open concept interiors that are designed specifically for their owners, reflecting who they are and how they live.

Our discerning team will help you pick the best furniture, furnishings and accessories from our beautiful collection at our online store. Some of the cities where we offer our services include Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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