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Open terrace design ideas

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Nov 23, 2022
Open terrace design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Make the most of your open terrace with our compilation of chic and sophisticated open terrace garden ideas

In the past few years, we’ve come to appreciate the outdoor spaces in our homes. With the right design, you could transform these areas into lovely gateways— a space where you could wake up with the sun, or wind down after a long day. In this article we focus on terraces. Read on to find out how you could make the most of this much coveted space.


 1. Terrace Design Ideas: Open Terrace Designs with Vines

Plants add a touch of colour and greenery to any space, livening it up. And you could use them creatively to create an ambience. Depending on the kind of plants you choose for your space, it could be rustic, minimal, modern and so on. If you’re looking to turn your rooftop design into a romantic spot, there’s no better way to do it than adding vines to your décor.


You can train vines to go ground up towards the terrace and then wrap all the way around the parapet. Vines draped around the doors, walls or an outdoor structure like an arbour creates a stunning focal point. Vines are quite malleable, leaving much room for experimentation for open terrace decoration ideas.

2. Open Terrace Ideas: Tent on a Terrace

A rooftop terrace with a view is hard to come by, especially in urban areas. But when you have easy access to the great outdoors, you must make the most of it. A great way to do it is by turning it into a fun camping moment with a couple of tents and a tiny fire pit. WIth little ones in the house, this is a great way to spend summer evenings outdoors without actually having to venture outside your home.

Open terrace tent design for your home - Beautiful Homes
Open terrace design with pool for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Open Terrace Ideas: Open Terrace Designs with a Pool

Nothing seems quite as posh as having a water feature as a part of your modern rooftop design. While a pool will stand out no matter what; but if you want it to be the focal point of the space, opt for distinctive tiling such as zellige and add some underwater recessed lighting. Bring the design together by maintaining the colour scheme with the furniture and adding some lamps and sconces for additional lighting.

4. Terrace Design Ideas: Pergola Design for an Open Terrace

Outdoor living spaces are the trend of the season. A great way to add them to your home interior design is by incorporating protective structures such as a pergola to your terrace garden design. There are many different ways you could decorate this otherwise simple structure.


Turn it into a chic dining area with an area rug, a large enough dining table and some overhead pendant lights and floor lamps. Or you could use it as an extended living room with a comfy couch, a couple of armchairs and a diwan. Don’t forget to add pouffes for extra seating and a coffee table for game nights.

Pergola open terrace design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

If you want to be able to use this space year-round, ensure that you get weatherproof furniture and have a protective layer covering the pergola. Even otherwise, some curtains, a canopy and vines draped over the beams will prevent direct exposure to the elements while giving the space a whimsical look.

Lazy hammocks for your open terrace design - Beautiful Homes

5. Simple Rooftop Design Ideas: Lazy Hammocks on an Open Terrace

Looking for relaxed roof terrace ideas? All you have to do is keep it simple by adding a hammock or two. Use it as a nap spot or a reading space all year round by covering the spot. You could cover the terrace in translucent or see-through glass to allow natural light in. Or you could cover it with a thatched roof for a beachy vibe. A small two or four seater dining table or floor seating with a centre table is a great way to make the space functional while maintaining the laid back vibe.

6. Open Terrace Ideas: An Open Terrace Design with Textile Roof

A fun and effective open terrace decoration idea to create shade is to opt for textile roofs. Give your outdoor living space a whimsical touch with a canopy like roof. Add a splash of colour with a kaleidoscopic fabric, or use sheer white or pastel ones for a romantic look. With a lever system or an awning-like structure, you can easily take down a textile roof. There's also the added benefit that you can easily wash it and re-use it. Additionally, given its flexibility, you could invest in a couple different textile roof options and change it up according to the season or occasion.

7. Spacious Open Terrace Designs

Many bungalows and villa style homes are blessed with ample terrace space making it easier to extend the indoor living spaces and create the perfect indoor-outdoor space. With the right open terrace decoration ideas, you could turn this space into a green haven. Multi-level flower beds, a lawn, trellis along the parapet, a fountain, a stone pathway and maybe even an arbour— there is space for all of it.

Spacious open terrace design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

8. Luxury Modern Roof Garden Design

Do you love hosting and entertaining? Being surrounded by your loved ones? With a rooftop terrace, you have the chance to design a complete outdoor living area. You can incorporate a kitchenette, a seating area and a dining room space. Depending on what you want, there are multiple iterations of this setting that you could consider. With the right layout, this could be a chic yet simple terrace design. If game nights are the norm for you, opt for a circular table or floor seating. If you like to host bashes, then a bar area is a must. Make your design cosy by incorporating textiles, warm lighting and textures into the design.


9. Open Terrace Garden Ideas- A Lush Oasis

Turn your terrace into a lush, vibrant space that you can escape to with these terrace garden ideas. A mixture of tall plants, beds, hanging pots, shrubs and vines will create a sense of movement in the space, keeping things interesting. Ensure that the plants you choose are a combination of seasonal and perennials so that your garden is always in bloom.

Raised beds, trellis, a wall of bamboo, etc., are some ways you could create a privacy screen without compromising the green space. Don’t forget to incorporate lighting to turn it into a magical garden in the evenings. Bollard lights, spotlights, string lights and lamps are a few basics you could start with.



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