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Bedroom orange colour combination that suits your interiors

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Oct 14, 2022
Orange two colour combination for bedroom walls - Beautiful Homes

Do you know what’s a fun idea to do with your bedroom when you’re renovating it? Add warmth and excitement to the room by adding some orange

What do you do if your bedroom is pining for a makeover? Do you just get the same colours redone and repainted, or do you dare to be different? If you are one of the latter, then this piece is for you. Orange is a fun colour that adds warmth and elegance to your room. It also has the added benefit of not being too loud. Orange would be the colour that brings in the colours of the tropics to your bedroom. Your bedroom is your most personal space, and demands attention in a very specific way. Moreover, orange is a colour that requires some deftness in touch, and it should be matched with the correct shades to make the bedroom sparkle.


Here is what we think about the best two-tone orange colour combinations when it comes to the orange colour. Your bedroom design ideas should definitely include these.


Gamboge Orange with Beige

Gamboge orange is a shade that is known as a cheery shade. Gamboge orange is paired with a quieter tone of beige, to inspire a vibe that feels like there’s an inner fire glowing in your bedroom. You can always adorn the walls with some artwork to enhance the feel. This is one of the most regal master bedroom design ideas.

Pastel Peach and Dove Grey

Colour combinations which involve pastels are always very soft in tone. Pastels have a pretty soothing vibe. When it comes to this combination, the peach certainly offers a subtle contrast against the grey shades. It would be preferred to have peach on the walls and greys on the bedsheets, linens and covers instead of the other way around. This is one of the most calming orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Best colour combination with orange for master bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
Orange colour combination for bedroom walls with minimalist design - Beautiful Homes

Persimmon Orange with Matte Black

These combinations would give your bedroom a dash of energy like no other. The pink colour combination for the bedroom of fuchsia and coral here would be intense given the furniture matches the colour scheme. A graphic blackboard wall with persimmon gradients would do the trick too.

Cinnamon Spice and Eggshell White

This combination is a Japanese style bedroom décor idea that exudes calm and peace. The eggshell white is a soft colour while the cinnamon adds some grounding to the room’s vibe. This tranquil combination works because of the contrast in the two colours as the cinnamon tone is more towards the earthy hues of orange and the eggshell balances the heat with a calm, balanced vibe. This is one of the most elegant orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Orange bedroom walls with wall shelving - Beautiful Homes

Marmalade with Black

This combination of marmalade and black is one of the more stylish ones out there. Marmalade and inky black add a certain flair to your bedroom if used correctly. A ceiling painted in black would give it a vibe of a movie set, upping the oomph factor by several degrees. With this bedroom ceiling, it becomes one of the most bold variants of orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Orange colour combination bedroom with platform bed - Beautiful Homes

Cantaloupe with Smoke Grey

The confident duo of smoky grey and cantaloupe make for an incredible pairing. The cantaloupe has a playful vibe while the smoky undertones add a feeling of coolness to the room. This combination has a very high contrast ratio and hence gets a very high rating on the elegance scale as well. This is one of the most contrasty orange two colour combination for bedroom walls. One of the more predominant examples of the best colour combination with orange is a contrast with grey.

Tangerine Orange with Prussian Blue

This is an unusual combination that makes the most sense in a rebellious room - like that of your children or teens. It is an unconventional pairing and goes against the norms. Tangerine has a playful and eclectic effervescence, while the deep shade of Prussina Blue adds a layer of depth. This is one of the most rebellious orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Warm Coral and Hunter Green

Both colours here are very bold and hence may need furniture or furnishing that would reduce the intensity a bit. A deep hunter green wall paired with coral textiles and drapes would be a charming yet cheerful combination. This is one of the most interesting orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Orange colour combination for bedroom with wall art - Beautiful Homes
Orange bedroom walls with large window walls - Beautiful Homes

Terracotta with Silver Grey

When it comes to orange, even a tiny sliver of it can uplift the mood of a space. Orange is one of the most elegant and playful colours out there. Terracotta is an earthy tone of orange and adds a warm vibe to the room. Even a single piece of terracotta shaded upholstery may add a whole new dimension to the space. This is one of the most flavourful orange two colour combination for bedroom walls. The best colour combination with orange is a grey undertone with orange bedroom walls.

Bonus Tip:

The purple two colour combination for the bedroom walls creates a regal and luxurious atmosphere in the orange bedroom. The combination of deep plum and soft lilac is a perfect match for the bold and energetic orange hues.



1. What 2 colours go well with orange?

You can use any shades from Blue, Brown, Burgundy, White, these colours set a perfect two colour combination for your bedroom.


2. Is orange color good for bedroom?

This colour represents pride, ambition and communication. It also signifies health and vitality. Young, aspiring people who are yet to achieve their goals in life should use orange shades on the southern wall of their bedroom.


3. Which colour is lucky for bedroom?

The best colours for bedroom walls as per Vastu are the following colours; blue, indigo, green, yellow, purple, pink, red, orange, brown, grey and last but not least white.


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