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10 perfect wall colour design ideas to paint your bedroom

  • Bedroom Design
Dec 29, 2020
Contrasting wall painting designs for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

The key here, is to pick the primary shade of your choice for the walls and build around it using complementing or contrasting structures. Here are some wall colour designs for you to..

We all struggle a bit while trying to choose the ideal wall painting designs for bedrooms. The key here is to pick the primary shade of your choice for the walls and build around it using complementing or contrasting structures. If you're looking for a romantic and feminine touch, consider a matching pink two-colour combination for your bedroom walls. This delicate and soft shade can create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for a relaxing retreat.


Every subtle detail, right from pillowcases to linens and rugs, essentially adds to your modern bedroom design on a whole. So be sure to consider all elements of your space when selecting a wall colour. With the right combination of shades and accents, you can create a cohesive and stylish bedroom that reflects your personal style and taste.


Here are our top ten inspiring bedroom wall colour design ideas you can bookmark right away!

1. I Wood!

This beautiful wood-themed bedroom is just perfect for anyone who loves a little country-side vibe. Bedroom design trends often incorporate beige as a neutral base colour, but it can also be used to add depth and warmth to a space. Add to it a touch of contrast here and a complementing shade there, and you’ve got yourself a Pinterest-worthy bedroom! While known for lending a slightly rustic look to the decor, wooden flooring and panels add to the elegance of this spacious room. 

Wooden interiors bedroom wall colour ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KDND Studio

Blue vintage & luxurious wall interior design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

2. Bold & Bluetiful

Blue may not be your first choice for your bedroom walls, but with the right balance of colours, you can design yourself a masterpiece. Packing vintage and luxurious vibes into an inspiring decor theme, this bold-painted bedroom exudes opulence. The deep aegean blue of the walls makes for a cool bedroom colour palette, while the classic marble flooring, coupled with the florals in the couch and the pillows, offer a stunning contrast to the room. Notice the reflection of the pecan brown and floral motifs of the rug in the bedside table. It makes for a lovely optical illusion. 

You can also add a pop of colours without running the risk of overstepping the boundaries by way of a little flower pot –  a perfect complement to the delicate floral motifs all around the room. 

3. Colour Me Cosy

Introverts, unite. We found you the perfect bedroom to curl up with your favourite book in! If you love cosy wall painting designs for bedrooms, this one might just be the inspiration you’re looking for. Like navy blue, green is yet another bold colour choice that makes the room look surprisingly calming. While the olive-green of the walls lends the room a sombre touch, the splash of colours in the pillows, throw, linen, and the bedside lamp makes the room come alive. Not to mention, the classic wooden flooring sporting the geometric-design rug adds to the warmth of the room.

Cosy wall painting design ideas for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Homesense

Bedroom wall decor interiors with tropical summer vibes & floral designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

4. A Tropical State of Mind

If someone asks you whether you’re a beach person or a mountain person, your bedroom could be the perfect answer! This bedroom is all about tropical summer vibes and floral designs. The use of baby-pink in the walls, along with the pink rug, lends a comforting, homely vibe to the room. We also love the geometric patterns on the wall, lending it a cool contemporary look.


The warmth of pink tones is beautifully contrasted by the cool blue in the pillows and the comforter. The tasselled wall-hanging above the bed adds a touch of bohemian vibes to the room, augmented by the wood-designed headboard. It’s not a tropical theme if it has no houseplants in it!

5. A Tale of Contrasts

If you prefer contrasting wall painting designs for bedrooms, this one is right up your alley. Before you can even register the contrast-play of the blue and white in the bed, it is the wooden accent wall punctuating the sky-blue of the walls that grabs your attention. The baby-blue curtains subtly complement the walls. The overall soft blue colour scheme, interspersed with contrasting wooden tones in the furniture is a great way to retain the light, cool bedroom design while mixing it up with warm, wooden tones, accented by the lovely houseplant near the curtains. A perfect balance.

Contrasting wall painting designs for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Bold wall colour designs for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amara

6. Indigorgeous

If you’re a sucker for bold wall-colour designs like this lovely deep indigo, you’re in for a treat. It is a widely known fact that blue has a soothing effect on the mood. However, darker shades tend to be slightly overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you, though. Find a contrasting match, preferably lighter shades, and you’re done. In this interior masterpiece, the bold indigo, balanced perfectly by the yellow of the bed linen and pillows, is proof enough that no colour is too bold to be included in your decor. The trick is knowing where to draw a line.


Up the elegance factor of the room with some abstract art, a couple of houseplants, and a minimalistic bedside table for some jazz.

7. Florals in the House

Muted, sophisticated, minimalistic – a few characteristics associated with the colour grey, and extended to this beautifully designed bedroom. The grey walls might suggest slightly monochromatic vibes, but the pink in the cupboard and headboard really brings the room alive. Notice the smart use of blue in the pillows and the ottoman to balance out the warmth of pink. You don’t have to change your wall-colours designs to give your room a makeover. Floral designs are a classic, and for good reason, too. They spruce up the vibes of an otherwise seemingly dull bedroom design. Swap your comforters, rugs, or pillows for floral prints and you’ve just saved a fortune!

Floral design ideas for bedroom wall colours - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

8. Purple Rain

We all know that purple is a colour most commonly associated with royalty and luxury. If you’ve ever wondered why, this room is proof enough! The purple two-colour combination for bedroom walls, with a bit of white lining has grandeur beautifully written all over it. And it’s not just purple, it’s different shades of purple, that make it look so lovely. The touch of soothing lilac in the linen, the purple frame of the mirror, and the warm ceiling lights only complement the grandeur of this bedroom. This one is probably a bedroom design that beats that of your favourite hotel!

9. Take it Neat

You can never have too much blue! While shades of blue have more calming, cool vibes, white is more of a standard décor colour. However, that leaves you free to play around with colours in your furniture and linen. The colour combination of the blue accent wall and the pristine white of the walls, curtains, and the pillows give this bedroom design a refined, classy, and contemporary look. The subtle touch of wood takes the elegance up a notch, while making for a pleasant change in the colour palette. 

Bedroom interiors wall colour design with shades of blue - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Mangesh Lungare

A smart & elegant bedroom wall colour interior design idea with colours teal and pink & a bit of grey - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Scapesmiths, Photography by Studio BluOra

10. Contemporary & Sleek

The quintessential wall-colour design for lovers of everything contemporary! Green is associated with calmness, rejuvenation, and helps refresh and soothe the mind. Dial it up a few shades, and you’ve got a little more refined colour, retaining the same characteristics as green – teal. This elegant bedroom flaunts a striking play of the colours teal and pink, creating a sophisticated and modern two-colour combination for the bedroom walls.


A smart contrast amongst the signature white walls of the room, the geometric-patterned teal wall elegantly overlooks the off-white of the bed linen, and the pink of the bed-frame. 

The warm lights above both the bedside tables is a great way to add a touch of luxury. You can also spot a slight hint of rustic vibes in the adjoining exposed-cement wall by the dresser. We love the delicate play of soft grey in the curtains, the rug, and the cement wall. 


Which of these bedroom designs captured your heart?

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