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Pooja room ceiling design ideas

  • Pooja Room Design
Oct 27, 2022
Pooja Room Ceiling Design Ideas - Beautiful Homes

In a Hindu home, the puja room design has special significance and a beautifully crafted puja room ceiling will provide that final stunning touch to your spiritual space. Here are some lovely puja room ceiling design ideas

Introduction to Ceiling Design

For years, the ceiling has been an overlooked, and under-appreciated part of every room. But ceilings are now coming into their own with homeowners using the fifth wall to make a stylish statement. And in no other room can a resplendent ceiling look more eye-catching and make maximum impact than in the puja room.


Pooja Room Ceiling Design

Hindu homes are very particular about the puja room and great care is taken in its decoration. From beautiful idols, to large wooden mandirs, jalli backdrops and exquisite doors, the design of the puja room is always spectacular. Creating a decorative ceiling design for the puja room can provide a divine aura to the spiritual experience that one seeks in the puja room.


Here are gorgeous puja room ceiling designs to inspire you.


1. Traditional Embossed Puja Room Ceiling

If your home has an entire room dedicated to spiritual activities, you can go the whole hog and create a divine space with the most elaborate designs. Incorporate mouldings, cornices and embossed floral designs to create an ornate ceiling that takes over the room and sets a lavish tone. A large temple bell hung from the center will add to the aura of the room.


2. Simple and Sophisticated Modern Ceiling Design for Puja Room

With home trends moving towards more modern living spaces, giving your god room ceiling design a modern touch will help bring the contemporary theme together cohesively. Use geometric shapes, like squares and rectangles, or simple swirls or a wave pattern, and install recessed lighting along the edge of the shapes to add a surreal effect to the space.


3. Dress Up your Pooja Room False Ceiling Design with a Grand Chandelier

Elaborate ceiling designs are common in temple architecture. Add a temple vibe to your home with an ornate pooja room ceiling design in pastel colours that is reminiscent of temple ceilings. Pair with wooden columns and marble flooring to accentuate the effect. A beautiful crystal chandelier will be the perfect addition to enhance the splendour of the room.

4. Dazzling Glass Ceiling Design for Pooja Room

Glass ceilings or a false ceiling with a skylight can add a dazzle and a sparkle to a small, drab puja room that has no windows. Use beautiful stained-glass skylights that allow rays of vivid colours to dance gorgeously on your puja room’s marble floor.


5. Trendy Puja Room POP Design Ceiling

Shades of white in a layered pattern forming tiers in the ceiling, with recessed lighting for each tier, can provide a simple and effective puja room design ceiling in a minimalist home. Continue with the subdued colours for the flooring, walls and woodwork for a striking and elegant puja room décor.

Dazzling Glass Pooja Room False Ceiling Design - Beautiful Homes
Mandir Ceiling Design Ideas - Beautiful Homes

6. Stylish Wood and Jalli Panel for Small Pooja Room False Ceiling Design

In a small, traditional home with wood accents, install a decorative wooden jalli panel to create an attractive pooja room ceiling design. Add spotlights behind the panel to showcase the beauty of the jalli screen and continue the wood theme for the doors, cabinets, mandir fixtures and floor to create a delightful space.


7. Pooja Room False Ceiling for an Open Plan Design Home

An open plan design usually has the puja room in some part of the living or dining area. A false ceiling is a great way to delineate spaces. Create a pooja room pop design ceiling to help separate the puja area from the rest of the living space and create a quiet corner for meditation.


8. Vibrant and Colourful POP Design for Pooja Room Ceiling

Puja rooms are auspicious areas and some of the colours associated with the divine are reds, yellows, oranges, greens and golds. Use these colours as edging for a simple trellis or corn weave pattern to create a ceiling POP design for pooja room that is stunning.

9. Kerala Style Wooden Pooja Room False Ceiling Design

Recreate the majestic Kerala temple dome in your puja room with wood veneer or laminate ceilings. Hang traditional Kerala temple bells and lamps from the ceiling and the walls to add to the ambiance. Granite floors, granite countertop and small wooden mandirs will tie together this aesthetic in a splendid way.

10. Mandir Ceiling Design - Vintage Meets Modern

Blend a simple and modern puja room pop design ceiling in divine shades of white with more daring choices like vintage wallpaper, wood flooring, cabinets in lacquer and a heavy ornate wooden mandir to make a spectacularly unique puja room.


11. Pooja Room False Ceiling with Spotlights

Spotlights are the perfect way to enhance the sparkle and gleam of your idols, lamps and bells. They can be artfully installed into an elegantly patterned false ceiling of the puja room. Rows of metal bells form a perfect backdrop to this contemporary puja room.


12. Contrasting Pooja Room POP Design Ceiling in Living Room

Create a puja corner in your living room with a pooja room ceiling design in a contrasting colour to help it stand out. Paint the corner walls in the same colour and add a simple but stylish jalli screen to create a serene corner for a moment of reverence. 

Pop Design for Pooja Room Ceiling - Beautiful Home


How can Beautiful Homes Help you Design your Home with a Pooja Room Ceiling?

At Beautiful Homes, from Asian Paints, we understand the significance of the Indian puja room and we take into account its spiritual importance in our designs. Whether you are looking for a simple puja room ceiling or an elaborately traditional design, we can create it for you. For beautiful puja room décor and wall mandirs, check out our online store. Contact us for interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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